AskReddit: 30 Worst Restaurant Experiences (Best of r/AskReddit)

AskReddit: 30 Worst Restaurant Experiences (Best of r/AskReddit)

What is the worst restaurant experience you
ever had? 01
I’ve posted this before, but this is definitely it. Many years ago, I got a job as a line cook
in a Mexican restaurant. The side of the walk-in cooler used for beer
kegs, etc, for the bar served as a wall on the kitchen area. This was a really old cooler. The interior was wood, rather than stainless
steel, and it was in really poor condition from years of beer spills and the like. One night after we had closed, the dishwasher
and I were cleaning the kitchen. As I was scrubbing the line, I looked up,
and noticed a couple of antennae peeking out of a seam in the cooler’s side. The seam was horizontal. About six feet off the ground, an eighth of
an inch thick, and ran the length of the cooler. I pointed out the feelers to the dishwasher. He grabbed a can of Easy Off (oven cleaner)
and told me to stand back. He then proceeded to spray the length of the
seam with the oven cleaner. I still sometimes dream of what I saw next. This was over 30 years ago. Not hundreds, or thousands, but tens of thousands
of cockroaches came flooding out of the crack, pouring down the walls. It was like a dark brown waterfall of bugs. I stood there staring at the seemingly never-ending
torrent of nasty insects fleeing the caustic oven cleaner. It probably continued for 10 or 15 seconds
before the tide even began to lose some of its density. The floor of the kitchen was seething with
scurrying critters. I grabbed my jacket, clocked out, and never
went back. Made them mail my last paycheck. Don’t know how the hell they had ever passed
a health inspection. The restaurant had been there for decades. It was a neighbourhood favourite. They unceremoniously closed a few months later. 02
When I worked at Pizza Hut, there was a woman who insisted on buying a meat lover’s pizza
with no meat. That’s how she said it. And if you offered her a cheese pizza, you’d
better have plugged your butthole because here comes the thunder. Try to explain to her it’s a cheese pizza? Nope. Try to explain to her it’s more expensive
the way she’s ordering it? Nope. Nothing worked. See, I’ve given up on these types since my
stint at McDonald’s. “I’d like a cheeseburger with no cheese.” “Alright, just to clarify, you said a cheeseburger
with no cheese?” “Yes”
“Alrighty then. Anything else?” I just call it one of the many stupid taxes
in the world. Worked in fast food and had a lady who’d come
through every day asking for an iced coffee, with no ice. She was a real [bleep] about it. It was our policy not to serve them without
ice. So right before I quit, I gave her a hot coffee. She threw it at me and I got burned. 03
Went to a place with my boyfriend and sister. The waitress got my order wrong, but it was
no problem. I’m not picky so I was just going to settle
for the burger she gave me. She said, “No, we can cook you a new one. I’ll eat the one you have now.” I said, “No, I’ll eat it,” and not only
that, I already put my hands on it. She grabbed the burger from me anyway. I didn’t want my boyfriend and sister’s food
to get cold so I told them to eat. I waited another 20 minutes for my new burger. Our waitress stood in the kitchen doorway
eating the burger she took from me. By the time my new burger came out, everyone
was done eating and I found a hair in the food. Holy [bleep] this is terrible. Did you talk to the manager? Sounds to me like the woman put your order
in wrong because she just wanted a free burger. I was just so over it. We left. When we paid, she didn’t take the tip. As a server myself, I understand what it’s
like to be hungry and surrounded by food. I just think it was really inappropriate to
tell me she was going to eat it, then proceeded to eat it in front of me. 04
I was very pregnant and my morning sickness phase was literally the whole pregnancy and
not limited to mornings. Because of that, I became a hugely picky eater. Not just taste, but smells were so intense
it could make me queasy what someone else ate for breakfast hours earlier. My husband wanted to go out to eat and I hadn’t
held anything down all day. We go to a chain breakfast place. I order this breakfast bowl thing but I specify
I want scrambled eggs on top, not over easy. Our meals come out and it was over easy. My mom is a huge Karen and I hate sending
stuff back. I’ve literally eaten a completely wrong meal
before to avoid this. I resolve to just eat it. I put the fork through the eggs and yolk just
spread out in way that made me start gagging. This draws our waitress’ attention. I apologise profusely but say I can’t eat
them with runny yolk and she apologises and takes it back. The second order comes out over easy. By this time, my husband had finished his
meal. I am so embarrassed. I cannot send it back again. I try to just pry the eggs off to set them
aside and just eat the rest, but the yolk breaks and I start bawling. I mean loud. The waitress takes one look at my plate and
she starts bawling. I wail, “I can’t eat this!” She wails, “I know! I told them! I told them no runny yolk!” I pull a chair out for her and she falls into
it and we’re both hysterically sobbing and trying to comfort each other. She’s saying between sobs, “You shouldn’t
have to eat runny yolks. You should get whatever you want.” Between my sobs, I’m telling her that I know
it isn’t her fault. My husband is looking like he regrets every
decision he’s ever made that led to this moment. A manager comes out and offers another remake
but I’ve overwrought myself into hiccups and just want to go home. We tipped about 200% on his meal and went
home. 05
Friendly’s. Went to a birthday party when I was maybe
12. One of the kids at the table got a large strawberry
Fribble (shake). About three-quarters of the way through, he
managed to puke it up with the rest of his meal. It covered most of the table. The waitress came over, cleaned it up, then
proceeded to the next table and wiped it down with the same cloth. Gross AF. At the restaurant I work at, anything involving
vomit requires a manager to shut down the surrounding area and using biohazard cleanup
procedures. It’s intense. 06
When I was about 10, my mom, younger brother, and I went to a pizza place around the corner
from our house that we’d never eaten at before. We sat down and right before the food came
out, we noticed a roach on the wall in the booth behind us. My mom was like, “Okay, NOPE,” and gathered
our things to leave. The waitress came out with our food and just
said, “Sorry, they sprayed today,” and then got into a yelling match with my mom over
paying for the food. The whole time, we’re noticing other bugs
in the restaurant on the walls and [bleep]. Lord knows how many bugs were in the [bleep]
kitchen. In the food. GAG. Woman threatened to call the cops. Mom threatened to call the health department. We walked out and drove off. Mom called the health department anyway. The place also delivered. I wonder how many people got roach pizzas
without even knowing it. 07
My parents used to go to a Chinese restaurant quite a lot. It was run by a married couple who got in
a lot of arguments. One day, I guess they got sick of each other
because they went at each other with meat cleavers whilst in the restaurant kitchen. One died, I think. The other lost their hand. The restaurant closed after that. Edit: Doing more research, I misremembered
the story slightly. The husband attacked the wife, and she couldn’t
defend herself. He ended up with injuries, and was later convicted,
but with “diminished responsibility”. 08
This happened when I was around 18. I went with a couple of friends to get some
“completos” downtown. Now, for the people that aren’t familiar with
Chilean cuisine, a “completo Italiano” is a hotdog in a bigger bun laden with tomato,
avocado (mashed) and mayo, the three colours allegedly reminiscent of the Italian flag. Anyway, I ordered a completo Italiano, and
my friends order something else. This was a while ago, I can’t remember every
detail. The food eventually arrives and I look excitedly
at my completo Italiano. I take a huge bite, but I’m led kinda disappointed
at the avocado. It’s not that I don’t like the stringy avocados,
but I’d rather have the non-stringy kind. I say, “Ah, [bleep] it. It’s only a few strands. I’ll just take them out.” I grab one of the strands of avocado fibre
only to horribly find that it wasn’t a strand, it was a leg. Apparently, I almost munched down a fully
grown moth. I’m like, “Yikes, this is gross,” and
I call the waiter. He asks if everything is alright and I relay
the story to him. He asks me, puzzled, “Would you like for
me to bring you a new one?” Me: “…”
Waiter: “…” Me: “…Yes.” They didn’t even compensate my meal. [bleep]. Bigger bun Laden, the next leader of Al Qaeda. Osama got back. My Al Qaeda don’t want none unless you got
buns hun. Al quesadilla. Jihabaneros. 09
I have a prosthetic eye that I’m able to take out. Every once in a while it really bothers me,
and I take it out. One of these days, I just so happened to go
to a restaurant. I put an eyepatch on so that I wouldn’t
get an infection slash and the youngins. So I sat down, had given my order, and was
minding my own business when a mother came up to me, “Why are you wearing an eyepatch? It’s scaring my son.” Keep in mind, the kid was running around the
restaurant screaming and generally being super annoying. But had come over with his mom when she asked. I calmly explained my predicament and the
kid was practically vibrating next to his mother. The kid said he wanted to see and I looked
to his mom for permission and she nodded. I took the eyepatch off and showed him, he
was grossed out. Naturally, it’s pretty gross. But he said he wanted to see the eye. So I took it out of my pocket, (it was in
a container), and showed the kid. He snatched it out of my hand to get a better
look. I was reasonably upset about that. I’d have to clean and disinfect it now. I don’t know where that kid’s hands have
been. I ask for it back and the mother was all like,
“No! My son wants to see it! So he’ll see it!” At that moment, I was thinking, “I always
thought those Reddit EM’s were fake, and yet, here we are.” So I tried asking the kid instead, and he
ran off with my [bleep] eyeball. Like, in his hands. I ended up full on SPRINTING after this child
and taking it from him, to which the mother was like, “[bleep]. GIVE IT BACK.” Obviously, I didn’t. Eyes are expensive as hell and I kinda need
it. The manager of the restaurant came up to us
and asked what was happening and when I explained, the two were kicked out. I got a free dessert. All in all, don’t let strange children touch
your eyeball. 10
This wasn’t the worst but the most unusual. My girlfriend and I went to a Chinese restaurant. We were greeted by our waiter, a red-headed
white guy with a fake Chinese accent. 11
At a Don Pablo’s, the first table we were seated at had chicken strips covered in ants
under the table. We politely ask to be moved to a new table. Drinks come. My sister has a fly inside one of her ice
cubes. We stay just long enough to tell our server. A few months later, some friends of ours go
to a different location, and their son orders milk as his drink. Once he drinks all his milk, he looks in the
bottom of the cup to see ants. 12
My family and I were at a Weinerschnitzel, fast food place specializing in hot dogs,
and witnessed an employee mopping up the floor with a mop he then casually used to mop up
a nearby tabletop without missing a beat. That was 17 years ago. We’ve never eaten at a Weinerschnitzel since. Went to one Weinerschnitzel in my life. The poor employees were forced to wear uniforms
with the following quote emblazoned on them: “I’ve got a Weiner-dude Attitude.” The mind-bending evil of corporate owners
who would do this simply cannot be supported. So I’ve never been back. Not once in over 20 years. Some things aren’t forgivable. 13
Went to a Red Robin with a friend for dinner one night. He orders a root beer float with the appetiser. It gets to the table and he starts to drink
it. [bleep] is flat and tastes like stale syrup,
and the ice cream tasted awful, so he eats half the whipped cream off the top. Waiter stops by our table to bring the app
out and my friend sends his flat back and just orders a shake instead. Tells the guy why he’s sending it back. No fuss, cool. Right up until we see the waiter stop at another
table and drop the same float we just sent back with the same [bleep] straw still inside
onto another table for another customer. Did not even try to spruce it up or even flat
out replace it. Just served it to them as their drink and
said the whipped cream slipped off on the way, like he did not just walk away from our
table with it. We then witnessed another server transferring
fries from one table to another. Again, fries that had been touched and eaten
by a different table. It’s been 2 years and I still haven’t ever
gone back to another Red Robin. Edit to add: Before anyone else gets upset,
we did say something to both tables immediately after each incident. They both promptly got their checks and left. 14
Went to Cracker Barrel. Ordered pancakes. They brought them out and what looked like
a pile of pubes sitting right on top. Not mixed in, just on top. Like someone stuck their hands down their
pants, plucked them, and put them on the pancakes. I have never eaten there since. Did you try telling a waiter or manager about
it? What happened? Did you just leave or…? I did. He said something about making sure everyone
wore hairnets from now on. I had lost my appetite. I have a hair phobia about other people’s
hair. Like being in sinks and drains. It’s the worst thing that could happen to
my food. But these were placed on top perfectly, a
big clump of it. Not mixed in the batter or anything. 15
Late to the party, but the absolute worst time was when my boyfriend and I went to this
little sit down Thai place near our house. I saw they had a seafood pineapple curry and
asked if they could swap the seafood for chicken or beef. The server said they could and everything
seemed to be going great, until the food arrived. They brought me seafood curry and after trying
to not make a fuss and just eat what I’d been brought, I was picking so many parts
out that I wasn’t able to enjoy it at all, so I called the waiter over and politely reminded
her that I had requested chicken. Without speaking, she picked up the dish and
walked away. About 20 minutes later, she returns and places
the original (now cold) dish down and says the cook won’t replace seafood with chicken
and hands me a menu and tells me to pick something else. I do, and it takes about 15 more minutes for
my new dish to come out, during which time the waiter purposefully ignored me, pouring
my boyfriend water, walking away with the full pitcher when my cup was empty, those
sorts of things. The replacement food was fine, but the whole
situation wasn’t great and I don’t think we’ll return. 16
I was once at a fancy Italian restaurant and pretty much all of us ordered pasta. The server came over to offer grated parmesan
and started going around to everyone. He gave me, my mom, my older brother, and
sister all parmesan but skipped over my 6-year-old brother. So my mom said, “Oh, you missed him. He’d love some cheese.” The waiter then informed us that because he
had ordered the seafood pasta, they could not put cheese on it. We asked to speak to a manager and the manager
came over and very rudely informed us that it was insulting to the chef and the cuisine
to put cheese on the seafood pasta. While all this was going on, my brother had
eaten all the shrimps that were on top of the pasta so my mom was like, “Okay, but
there’s no seafood now. It’s just essentially an Alfredo linguini.” But they wouldn’t budge. I think all the time about how much of a pompous
[bleep] hole you have to be to refuse to put a bit of cheese on a little kid’s pasta. Italian here. Not a single, not one, real Italian restaurant
anywhere in the world will EVER let you put cheese on a seafood pasta. That’s gross to us. We don’t care if you want it. You can’t and won’t have it in an Italian
restaurant. It’s completely insulting to insist on this
with an Italian chef. Our cuisine, our culture, our rules. These kind of things don’t only happen with
Italian cuisine. I guess it’s weird to accept for people
who don’t know the “rules”. 17
When I was in High School, my friends and I went to Taco Bell. We ordered and paid and sat down. They called our names and handed us a tray. Sat down and start eating. All the sudden, the manager came over and
looked at my friend and says, “You didn’t pay for that,” while he was in the middle
of taking a bite out of a burrito. He said, “What?” And again she said, “You didn’t pay for that,”
and proceeds to snatch the burrito out of his hands right while he was in the middle
of eating it. She didn’t explain, didn’t ask for a receipt,
didn’t give him the opportunity to pay for it. Just snatched it. My other friend calls Taco Bell corporate
headquarters right there in the store and complained about her. She just sat behind the counter and gave us
her name. No apology or anything. 18
Food poisoning from Burger King. Me, my wife, and two of our three kids. Take out. One bathroom home. 19
I had a waiter at Ruth’s Chris in Boston who told me that I didn’t know how I like my steak
cooked – rare, seared – and told one of my clients that he had terrible taste in wine. We racked up about an $800 tab. I called the manager in and refused to sign
off on the mandatory tip. Paid the $800. Not a penny more. This was around 2006. Haven’t set foot in a single location of their’s
since. 20
My mom went to a restaurant and ordered sweet tea. Took a swig and her mouth and throat were
on fire. Dad sipped to confirm. He’s dumb. Called a waiter over. Mom: “What is this??” Waiter: “Tea probably.” Mom: “No.” Waiter comes back 10 minutes later. Waiter: “Yah, that might have been cleaning
fluid. I don’t know.” When my mom asked to speak to a manager, the
manager told her off for being demanding and said, “Sometimes these things happen. It’s fine.” Parents for some reason finished their meal
and paid. WHAT THE [bleep]. 21
4 of us went to a “high end” steakhouse. The agreement was for the two guys in the
group to pay, and they would be splitting the bill. Bill comes. For some stupid reason, my girlfriend threw
her card in the pile. The guy paying my portion smacked her card
away, but the guy that was supposed to pay for her portion put her card in with his card
for their payment. Restaurant split their part in half. The guy I was with paid the entire tip. Two days later, we find out that the restaurant
charged the tip to my guy AND my friend. We go back to the restaurant. They say they will check into it and fix it. They call her a few days later and say she
paid the tip. No. We have proof they charged the tip twice. Restaurant manager says she will fix it by
recharging everyone correctly. So they charge my friend AGAIN for the whole
amount before refunding her and making it all even. This resulted in her account being overdrawn. The part that made all of this so much more
ridiculous was that we had a crazy couple sitting next to us during dinner that ended
up in some weird argument. The lady ended up throwing bread at my friend,
pointing a knife at her husband, and throwing a wine glass at one of the staff. We laughed it off and didn’t accept any of
their freebies. Only for them to completely screw up the bill. Took well over a week to resolve. 22
Worst: Every time I go out to eat with my dad and he gets in an argument over how the
food should be prepared. Yes, dad, it sucks that they couldn’t figure
out how to make a pizza with no sauce, because you’re a weird mother [bleep] who eats pizza
without sauce, but you’ve sent it back three [bleep] times now. Shut the [bleep] up already. Weirdest: Went to Cracker Barrel and got a
really awful potato. Like solid black inside. Even a single black spot of any size makes
it unsafe to serve, but this thing was completely black. Waitress would not acknowledge that it didn’t
look like a normal potato. We had to get the manager to come out, who
also wouldn’t acknowledge it was bad. But she took it back anyway, then brought
out what was obviously the same potato but with butter on it. Continue arguing. Then we got asked to leave and never come
back. What. Felt like a damn comedy sketch. 23
Dick’s last resort in Chicago lost a rusty bolt in the meat for burgers. When I took a bite of the patty, it just sorta
fell apart and there it was. Wow, you could have broken a few teeth. You got pretty lucky there. 24
Not really a restaurant, but a memorable experience nonetheless. I went to a summer camp for Girl Scouts a
couple of years ago. At the end of the camp, there was a big dinner
to mark the end of the camp. We waited like 30 to 45 minutes for the buffet
to be served, which is not that big of a deal since we were kids. We had phones, we had other people to talk
to. We could wait. While we were waiting, the waitresses served
everyone glasses of water and glasses with a bright red drink. Me and my friends thought it was Kool-Aid
or some type of fruit punch, but it was in fact water with red dye. If you drank enough, you could see the dye
come off on the sides. That was a little disappointing but whatever. There was also weird noises and crashes in
the kitchen before the food was served. So the buffet was served. The menu was chicken tacos, with vegetables
and salsa. When I was at my table and finally got a good
look at my chicken, I realised it was pink. Not just a little pink. It was “the chicken is still clucking” kinda
pink. I decided to just eat some chips and salsa
so I wouldn’t get sick. While I was eating the chips and salsa, there
was an announcement at the front of the room. A lady had informed us to be careful eating
the salsa because someone had accidentally dropped glass into the salsa. Many of us went back to our rooms hungry that
night. 25
If you don’t know what shakshuka is, it’s basically tomato sauce with cooked sunny-side
up in it. You break the eggs into the sauce and they
get cooked inside. I went to a coffee shop with my mom and I
ordered shakshuka. She ordered yoghurt with fruit or whatever. Now, as I mentioned before, the eggs MUST
be COOKED in the sauce. I got raw eggs. Like, transparent raw. You cannot and shouldn’t eat it! I told the waitress to take it back to get
it cooked and after a while, she brings it back slightly cooked. It was still pretty transparent. It’s one of the most common foods in my country
and whoever was in the kitchen couldn’t make it. It’s like getting raw spaghetti. Also, the fruit my mom ordered was obviously
cut yesterday or even before. Nasty! This place is now closed. 26
Went to Maggioanos, which is typically a great Italian place to eat. But this one time, I had a ton of family there. They were bringing out many plates and the
server spilled a lot of hot ravioli sauce on my shoulder. I remained composed and asked if they had
a tide stick or seltzer water and they said yes to both. They never came back with it. When I asked again they said, “No tide stick,”
then brought the water too late. Not 5 minutes later did they also spill red
wine on my food because they poured my neighbour’s glass from really high up. Unfortunate and messy, but I was okay. 27
My friend wanted to take me to a Chinese place. It was about noon when we got there. The restaurant was dark; no lights were on. The hostess – only staff member we saw – seated
us, took our drink and food orders, and disappeared to the kitchen. She came back eventually with our food in
plastic, cafeteria-like plates, which was nothing special. Tasted bland, even. Then she disappeared for a while. Never came back to ask if we needed refills
or anything. When she came back after a while – took forever
and my friend had to wave her down – she just silently dropped off the check. We paid and left. The whole time, she never bothered to turn
on the lights and we were the only customers in there that I saw. We just sat in the dark for the whole time. We stayed because my friend swore up and down
it was good, that she had been there before, but she ended up shocked by the whole thing. Apologized after and I said it was no big
deal. We never went back again, obviously. It was just really bizarre. I believe you call these places “mafia fronts”. Yeah, that’s Chinese Mafia, my dude. 28
I should start this by saying that I was meeting someone at this restaurant for work and could
not just leave. Because reading this, your first thought will
be, “Why didn’t she just turn around and go?” It was a diner. I walked into a dimly-lit smoke-filled room
in a state that doesn’t allow indoor smoking. You could see into the kitchen and a very
skinny chain-smoking woman was at the grill, ashes falling from the end of her cigarette
into the food. She was dressed in a yellowing sweat-stained
wife-beater and didn’t have the number of teeth a person ought to. The other customers had a similarly seedy
look. I found myself at a table in the corner and
used a napkin to wipe off the seat before sitting down. I counted dead flies on the window sill as
I waited for the rest of my party to show. To my surprise, when the others got there,
they actually wanted to order food and insisted that I order something. I thought a cup of coffee and home fries would
be a safe bet, but it turned out they were out of coffee and milk and cream. So I had tea, which turned out to be hot tap
water and a dollar store teabag served in a dirty cup. I didn’t drink the tea. Eventually the food showed up, though they
seem to have forgotten my order, which was fine. I didn’t want it, but other people felt the
need to stand up for my right to have the worst home fries ever, so after about 10 minutes,
they flagged the waitress down and told her they had forgotten me. It turned out, my home fries were accidentally
placed on someone else’s plate. So the waitress took a plate and scraped them
off and handed it to me. 29
Went to the Hard Rock Café in Times Square. My chicken macaroni and cheese seemed fine
until I noticed the chicken wasn’t fully cooked. Everyone else had issues with their food too
and the first time someone said something, the server threw up his hands and immediately
raised his voice with, “I JUST FACILITATE THE ORDERS.” My mom raised her voice back to him and they
argued for a minute. He begrudgingly took a few plates back for
refries and he sarcastically asked me what I needed. I didn’t know at the time how dangerous undercooked
poultry was so I said, “Nevermind, I’ll just eat it.” My family saw that it was undercooked and
nobody told me not to eat it. I thought it was like beef or pork where it
doesn’t need to be fully done. Wrong. I know way better now. He was a [bleep] throughout the entire meal
and the manager only gave a small discount. When he was given a tip, he pushed it back
at us and [bleep] said he didn’t want it. Several hours later, I had food poisoning. I was trapped in our hotel room for the entire
weekend and couldn’t go to the event I had traveled to NYC for in the first place. Complained to corporate and they sent me 50
dollars in gift cards, which I have never used. [bleep] you, Frank and especially [bleep]
the line cooks for not giving a [bleep] about food safety. 30
My wife was high bid at a charity raffle for a weekend getaway for 4. We invited another couple to join us. The resort’s restaurant had a good reputation,
and I was delighted to find they had an actual sommelier on staff. I gave him some guidelines. He proposed a wine that was new to me, although
I know the variety and region fairly well. It was a little pricey at $150, but he caught
my interest and our accommodation was free, so I decided to splurge on the first bottle,
then make a more modest choice for the next one. Bottle arrives, sommelier pours a taste, and
it’s…weird. Not spoiled or wet cardboard, but almost like
it had undergone a malolactic secondary fermentation that washed all the flavour out. I asked the sommelier to try it and give his
opinion, and he was genuinely puzzled but was certain that it’s not supposed to taste
like that, so something is wrong with it. No big deal. Stuff happens. He collects that one and brings another, which
is the same. So, now I appear to have sent back two bottles,
and would be content to choose something else, but he won’t let me. Insisting that it’s a fluke and that the
wine is worth the bother, he opens a third. Then a fourth. Then a fifth. Bearing in mind that it now seems that I’ve
sent back $750 worth of wine, I finally stop him and ask that he serve a much more modest
and reliable Australian shiraz, which arrives, and is at least spoiled in a way that we both
recognise – wet cardboard. The sommelier, by now, looks ready to break
down weeping. Our guests had gone from confusion to bemusement
to a sort of awe that he just wouldn’t stop. Seventh time was the charm, apparently, since
we had a lovely Shiraz over dinner. There may have been a hastily shushed smatter
of applause from one of the other tables, prompting the sommelier to apologise for having
failed to find a good bottle of the wine he himself recommended. They didn’t charge us for anything. Our friends still talk about the time I sent
back six bottles in a row, but honestly, it wasn’t me. The sommelier took them back rather than serve
bad wine. That’s crazy. I wonder what was going on there? Maybe the place they got the wine from had
a temperature problem for a few days or something? Sounds like it was a bad batch. It does happen on occasion, although pretty
rare. That was my initial guess, except the different
brand the sommelier brought out afterwards was also messed up. It sounds to me like a distributor may have
screwed up somewhere down the line, but who knows really. Could be they have an issue with storage themselves
and the wines went bad, especially if they are white wines that were too warm. Thank you for watching this video. Check the description box for a link to the
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