Arthur Miller: The Crucible: Audience reaction

Arthur Miller: The Crucible:  Audience reaction

It was interesting, because McCarthy was still
alive when I did that play, and the audience was scared. There was a certain hostility
to the play – no question about it. But then he died, and within a year a small group
of young people did it off-Broadway. I think it may have been the first off-Broadway production,
ever, and it became a big success then – in a much worse production than the original
one, but they were passionate, and they really were terrific. They had a great production
in France with Simon Signoret and Yves Montand, I am told that created a real big clamor.
But they’ve done the same things. The French killed a lot more people than we did. By the
way, we killed fewer people. Of course we had fewer people here than they did in Europe.
But fewer of our people were killed in most places. It ended sooner here, because there
wasn’t that strong a government here.

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