1. Thank you for a very interesting, clever and entertaining video.
    Would you consider doing a piece on Frank Lloyd Wright and his influence on food? There was an article written a few years ago about his influence on farming. http://archive.jsonline.com/news/wisconsin/63205277.html/

  2. This is my favorite channel on youtube and your content is seriously doing so much and I adore it but it was odd to hear you use the word “prostitute” while talking about les demoisselles, that term is outdated and considered dehumanizing (or even a slur) to many people. The term used now is “sex worker” and if it is absolutely necessary to disclose the extent of what specifically they do (it usually is not) and they are physically having penetrative sex for money the term is “full service sex worker”. But again, fucking amazing series, can't get enough.

  3. I love food and how it intersects with artists lives i haven't missed a single episode yet, so of course i loved this video as well, since we get Picasso drilled into us since a very young age in Spain. I also wanted to point out a small mistake, the second painting you show that Picasso made when he was a child is not Dusk over the port of Malaga, it's actually a painting of Torre de Hercules, which is in Coruña (i recognised the scenery because its my hometown so i checked and it is actually that ). Also fun fact, did you know the current Spain Tourism is still the logo designed by Picasso?

  4. I was surprised how entertaining this video would be. Really the bumbling cooking efforts was just plain fun to watch. Now i'm off to binge watch the whole dang channel.

  5. I LOVE these videos!!! I am incorporating them in my High School Art classes as we study different artists from around the world and their culture each month. Any chance you could do Hokusai before November? 🙂 We're also covering Degas, DaVinci, Klimt and Prymanchenko this year…

  6. Really interesting, you used such an interesting mix of historic photos, shots of his work, cooking footage, and the more esoteric imagery, like the watercolors to depict periods.

  7. I KNOW this is sarah just being diplomatic and i do really appreciate that she mentions that he's not a good person every time she mentions him, but downplaying picasso's actual abuse of his partners and like, actual pedophillia doesn't sit too well with me

  8. Hey was wondering how that fish tasted?? Curious bc it looks pretty but wondering if those ingredients meshed well? Also: this series is my favorite thing

  9. I would prefer that you make this beautiful and amazing series of videos without using meat (because, you know, sometimes it sounds disgusting and unpleasant). :3

  10. This is the way one should approach the cultural importance of art and artist while clearly separating and announcing the maleficent actions of said artist. I find it important that these types of explanations are supported because it does laud the greatness of the work and talent while contextualizing the unfavorable character traits of the artists.

  11. 😭😭😭😭😭 this channel is so good that I don't deserve it… 😭😭😭😭😭👏👏👏👏👏😭😭😭😭

  12. Hold the microplane in your left hand and keep it fixed. Zest the orange with your right hand. It’s way easier and feels much more natural.

  13. I feel like this episode is good for not shying away from Picasso's problematic views towards women but, it notes them and then completely undemines them by continuing with the narrative of the 'great artist regsrdless' can't we just acknowledge people for what they were even if that means drawing attention to uncomfortable truths?

  14. I feel like non artists take his art for granted. As an artist, its hard to make your own style i feel like he embraced that. Always changing and evolving over time.

  15. 12:27 Aww, that is one cute doggo! I knew that he had a dachsund, I just now know what the good boy looks like.

  16. Roman wine wasn't technically heavily watered down compared to modern wine because it was a much more concentrated wine than we have now so it's technically at least the same as modern wine, most likely still stronger though

  17. Great series!
    You have a nice voice for narration. I love your stove!
    I hope you don't mind a small "constructive criticism"? You do a great job with pronunciations, therefore, I want to point out this small thing.
    Court-bouillon pronounced
    cou(rhymes with you)•bee(obvious)•yawn(soft n)

    Where I am from (Biloxi, MS) we make a redfish court-bouillon that I would have happily served to Picasso!

    I love your series and I hope you continue to make these!
    God Bless!

  18. Was that a trout? French is good. I once went to a Picasso exposition in Bruges and I must say he is a complete artist. He could do it all. I don't like his modern paintings.

  19. Whole wheat or rye bread does not rise as high or as easily as white. The bran breaks up the gluten & makes the rise smaller.

  20. He was also a communist, even painting a portrait of Stalin, but they rejected it because it was far too abstract and made Stalin look like a woman.

  21. my great grandparents were neighbours with him back at antibes, and he loved loved loved to eat cherries and chat with them.

  22. Why would one use Cognac. It's not geography appropriate, and it's the most expensive type of spirit in the world. I highly doubt anybody would buy imported Cognac, only to boil, spice and delude it?

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