Art Cooking: Georgia O’Keeffe | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

Art Cooking: Georgia O’Keeffe | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios


  1. When I was truly on my own and in my first apartment (upper floor in a house) I started making my own bread. When I moved out my landlord told me he was going to miss the smell of the bread baking. I was 23 at the time. When I came home to my parent's house, I would bake on a Sunday my brother and his family always came over for supper and always helped themselves to the fresh baked bread. After a while I gave up on making the bread. Of course if I just changed what day I baked that would have solved the problem. I'm now 66 living in my own house and you know I might just start making my own bread again.

  2. The green chilies, known by those of us who have lived in New Mexico, is a big, big deal…so we want the information to be dispersed accurately. No room for mistakes here. Also, I have been to Abuiqui and Ghost Ranch, NM. I saw a documentary on O'Keefe's life. She may be regarded as peculiar, having to straighten dresser drawers before she would paint. Also, someone stopped by her house once. Georgia met the stranger at the gate who excitedly said, "Oh, I just wanted to see you!" Georgia, obviously miffed and unimpressed by a fan, said (paraphrased), "Now you have. Goodbye." Then Georgia turned away from the woman, walked back into her house, uttering nothing more. I think O'Keefe had a distinct style as an artist and a cantankerous personality. I appreciate some of her works, however, I would NOT have liked to deal with her as a person.

  3. I've only started watching these videos and I didn't know that the host was Sarah Green! So that's why she sounded familiar! Great videos! I'm looking forward to watching more of them~

  4. Glad there was a little bit of roasting in the comments when it came to the use of poblanos… I dont think it would have been hatch chile though. Probably a very similar yet spicer version grown in the Jemez.

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