Are You Making Progress?

Are You Making Progress?

Hi it’s Elise here and it’s Monday and I’m
in a bouncy, optimistic, pretty happy mood Actually very different place to where I
was yesterday afternoon where I don’t know why, I just unexplainedly is that
word unexplainedly? Well anyway, I fell into a deep dark,
pretty morose mood and it was so unexpected Because we’d had such a lovely
weekend, we’d just come back from a great bike ride, we were having a really nice
time. My husband was confused too where did this suddenly come from? And for a couple of hours I was really ruminating on a couple of things, blowing
them out of proportion, letting my imagination really run riot! I was
getting frustrated, annoyed, upset and I was pretty difficult to be around!
But I was able to pull myself out of it when my husband started
talking to me and he asked me a question he said ‘are you making progress?’ and
that’s a really powerful question and I thought I would pass it on to you today because what I was able to see was that, what I was
getting frustrated was not about the fact I wasn’t making progress – I was
making progress, that was really obvious! But it was the pace at which I was
making progress I was frustrated about and I was able to just take stock and be
grateful for the fact that I was making significant progress. I’m just an impatient person and I want to get there quicker! So I hope that’s useful to you –
reframing some of our frustrations around what really matters is part of
that ability to pull yourself out of a funk! So I hope that question is useful to you. Next time you’re feeling really down ask yourself ‘am I making progress?’ I
hope your answer is yes and if it’s not and you’d like to get in touch then
please do. Maybe I can help you. Have a great week!

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