Apple cider vinegar benefits,uses|Apple cider vinegar for weight loss|ACV for skin and hair

Apple cider vinegar benefits,uses|Apple cider vinegar for weight loss|ACV for skin and hair

today i will share some benefits and side effects of apple cider vinegar and which type of apple cider is best can it help us to reduce weight and how can we use it on our skin and hair our prophet hazrat Mohammad (peace be Upon him)also recommended to use vinegar in our diet then there would be obviously some benefits in the vinegar (using in moderate amount) there is a large variety of vinegar but One of the best vinegar is Apple cider vinegar because apple cider vinegar contains a large amount of Acetic Acid which helps to kill harmful bacteria and infections from the body and also prevents from it it also lower the blood sugar level use of Apple cider vinegar moderately is good but dont increase the use of it . if we use it more then the recommended amount then it will give some side effects specially the ulcer patients ,it is very harmful for stomach ulcers patients ,so please consult your doctor before using it some people say that apple cider is good for weight loss and some people dont agree with that in my opinion for the people to reduce weight is to make a promise with your self that,yes i can do it ,i will get rid of it, if your will power is strong you can do it ,then you can loose your weight definitely use only two to four tbsp of acv in a day,dont exceed from it take luke warm water and put 2 tbsp of ACV in it and mix it if you dont like the taste of this drink then you can add 1 tbsp of honey adding honey in it will make this drink more effective i was drinking it while recording the video and the taste was not so bad:) in ACV the acetic acid blocks the enzymes of food digested in the stomach and the food stays for longer time in the stomach thats why you will not feel much appetite for a longer time in a day taking this drink you must have to avoid bigger portion of meals, eat those food which contain fiber in high amount and use Pure wheat flour instead of refined white flour then see how would not you loose your weight? and one more thing workout on daily basis or if you cant then you can walk for 1 to 2 hours daily,its very important if you want the best result then make sure that you buy the RAW unfiltered apple cider vinegar with Mother you can use ACV for your hair too ,it will make your hair more soft silky and shining it will also prevent the hair scalp from infections and makes dandruff free applying on hair you have to take water in a pot or cup according to your hair length and add 1/2 cup of ACV in it mix it and apply it after your hair with shampoo splatter the diluted Acv on your hair ,leave it for 2 minutes then rinse your hair it will make your hair soft smooth and shining ACV is good for skin too because of its anti bacterial and anti fungal properties it is good for cleaning skin pores deeply you can use it to prevent acne on skin simply you have to mix 1 tbsp of ACV in 2 tbsp of water and apply on your affected areas or can be used for your large open pores it is also best to treat nail fungal infections it occurs in those people whose work area is moist and dirty, those people who dont washes their hands clearly after washing kitchen utensils are likely prone to get nail fungal infections after washing the utensils use the solution of ACV mixed with some water will cure your nails fungus so i hope you would like this informative video, and if you liked it then dont forget to subscribe my channel , also press the like button and share it with your friends and family


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