ANC Veterans Slam Magashule Of Racism

ANC Veterans Slam Magashule Of Racism

In a statement released on Monday 15 April
2019, numerous ANC veterans said, it was unacceptable, that the ANC Secretary-General, Ace Magashule,
had told voters in Cape Town, on Saturday, not to vote for white people. He was in Phillipi, inciting ANC supporters
to exercise their vote in a racist manner, according to the statement, signed by 19 ANC
veterans. “As far as we are concerned, these are the
utterance of an individual, and not by any measure, the position of the ANC. We are proud members of the ANC, a non-racial
and non-sexist, and democratic liberation movement. Our Constitution behoves us to unite all the
people of South Africa, Africans in particular, for the complete liberation of the country,
from all forms of discrimination, and national oppression.” Magashule also raised eyebrows on the campaign
trail when he dished money out to a voter. The DA has complained to the Electoral Commission
of South Africa about Magashule, for the alleged vote buying. Magashule was caught on video, handing out
two 200 rand notes, to a Philippi woman to buy food, during his door-to-door campaign
in the Western Cape at the weekend, which the party said was indicative of how low the
ANC would stoop, to cling to power. Magashule later denied, that he was buying
votes, saying he was trying to help out a struggling family. However, the veterans were more concerned
about Magashule’s alleged racism. “The disgraceful appeal to masses of poor
black people, not to vote for white people, are utterly alien to the core principles,
and character of the ANC, and its mission to build a nation free of prejudice, poverty
and exploitation. “Employing racial tropes at an ANC election
event, is abhorrent, and those who practise this should find no haven in the ANC. Magashule’s behaviour and utterances are
completely at odds with the Freedom Charter, and the constitution of the ANC. “It saddens us to see that his conduct,
makes him indistinguishable from the racial populists, who have emerged during the years
of state capture, those who cruelly exploit the hardships of our people, through racial
scape-goating, to deflect attention from their own misdemeanours, and criminal conduct. “We believe, that we represent the views
of the long-serving veterans, and members of the ANC, who hold fast to the legacies
of Luthuli, Tambo and Mandela, and insist that we cannot stand by, while the office
of the Secretary General, is soiled by gross disregard of the core values, ethos and principles
of the ANC. Magashule’s words, and actions do not represent
us! “We call on the President of the ANC, and
the ANC Integrity Commission, to urgently act to prevent the further befouling of this
high station, once occupied by the likes of Sol Plaatje, Walter Sisulu and Kgalema Motlanthe.” The statement was signed by the following
ANC veterans. Mavuso Msimang, Barbara Masekela, Murphy Morobe,
Popo Molefe, Ilse Fischer, Ata Mkhwanazi, Trish Hanekom, Omry Makgoale, Ivan Pillay,
Laurentia Richer, Cas Coovadia, Sagie Pillay, Peter Richer, Mary Metcalfe, Sheila Sisulu,
Tim Wilson, Catherine Hunter Shubane, Aslam Dasoo and Lentswe Mokgatle. Please check in the description box below,
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