Adults Try To Guess 5 Foreign Foods | People Vs. Food

Adults Try To Guess 5 Foreign Foods | People Vs. Food

– I see tentacles. – Where the hell is this
thing from? – Oh my gosh.
I’m gonna kick your ass right now.
I’m sorry. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So as you may
have guessed by your knife, fork, spoon, and blackboard,
we have a slightly different kind of food challenge today.
We’ll be testing both your taste buds and your knowledge
of foreign foods. – Ooh.
– Ooh, I don’t know. I have no experience with
things that aren’t cheeseburgers. – I try a lot of different foods,
even ones that I don’t think I’m gonna like
and I have traveled. – Yeah, same here.
I would try anything, especially ’cause I travel
a lot, too. I used to live back in Italy,
so any foreign foods, anything like that,
I’ll gladly try it. – (FBE) Our amazing chef
has whipped up several delicious signature dishes
from other countries. We won’t tell you what
these dishes are, but we will let you
eat them with no consequences. – Fun, that’s a first.
– That’s always good. – (FBE) Then, it’ll be up to you
to tell us where the food is from and if you can,
what’s in it, for a total of four
possible points per round. – I don’t even know if
I know five countries. – I think I’d be okay–
pretty good at this. I think so.
– I think I’m gonna be good. – (FBE) So, here’s your
first foreign dish. – Okay. – That is a lot of vegetables.
– It’s a lot of noodles. Is this seafood?
– Well, there’s a shrimp. This guy has a face. – It looks very Asian cuisine to me.
Is that a– – Yeah, it is.
– It’s a little baby shrimp. – Amateur.
– I don’t like it. – I know what it–
this is my favorite thing to get. – Okay well, I couldn’t.
It was too, a certain flavor. I was like, ah. – Kinda reminds me of spaghetti
squash. – It tastes very vinegary to me.
I don’t know. – Obviously some type
of Pacific island. – It’s neither spicy or sweet.
I believe this is a peanut, which gives me a hint
that it might be Asian or Thai. – That’s good.
– This is not my thing. It’s very savory
and a little bitter. – Really, you think it’s savory?
– Yeah, a bit. – A little sweet. – (FBE) Now that you’ve
tasted it, go ahead and write down three
ingredients you think are in it and the country
you think it’s from. – All right. – Oh my gosh,
I’m gonna kick your ass right now.
I’m sorry. – I’m ready.
Four points right here on the board. – (FBE) Three, two, one. Som tam is Thailand’s most
famous salad. Garlic and chilies are pounded
with a mortar and pestle and then tossed with
tamarind juice, fish sauce, peanuts, dried shrimp,
tomatoes, lime juice, sugar cane paste, string beans,
and a handful of grated green papaya.
– Why didn’t I say Thai? This actually is such
a Thai thing. – Oh, you said it.
Ha ha. – I almost put Thailand.
I’m mad at myself. – Som tam.
I have to write that down so I can order it. – I’ve had a green papaya
salad before. This one looks different
than the ones I’ve had before, so I was second guessing myself
literally as soon as it was put down.
I was like, “This does not usually have that in it.
Or it doesn’t have that in it.” – (FBE) All right, here is
your second dish. – Oh.
– This looks good. – It does look good.
– Hello. – Well, it’s a pastry.
I mean, it looks like a pastry or it looks like a mix between
a latka and a donut. – I don’t know if it’s
a fried green tomato. Oh no, yours looks weird.
– I thought it was a pastry. I thought it might be French
like a crepe or something with different berry type
of dressing on top. – Nana needs a knife.
Oh my God, that’s super dense.
– That’s delicious. – Is this cheese?
– Is this chicken? – Is this cheese in there? It’s like a donut
with jelly on top. – That was good.
– That’s really good. The jam is making me so happy. – It’s a lot more stiff
than I thought it would be. It was also the consistency
of a potato. – I thought it would be
something kinda like a croissant. – Tastes like a flattened donut
that didn’t get the chance to rise and it has a tanginess
from the cranberry. – Yeah, it’s really good.
– Yeah, it’s really nice. – (FBE) Go ahead and write down
three ingredients you think are in it and the country
that you think it’s from. – Three ingredients.
This is obviously a berry, but which? – I’m just really not sure
about this country right now. The way we were talking
about it sounds like one way to me and then it sounds like it could
be something completely different now that I’m thinking about it. – (FBE) Okay, go ahead
and show me your answers. – What’d you say? – (FBE) This is syrniki
with varenye, a fried cheesecake from Russia.
These simple sweets are made from quark cheese,
eggs, sugar, flour, and vanilla and are generally topped
with berry preserves called varenye.
– I wouldn’t have guessed Russia. When I think of Russia,
I would have thought of an animal based product,
not an egg. – Well, they have sweet
stuff, too. – I don’t wanna restrict
the people of Russia, but when I think of pastries,
my first instinct isn’t, “Oh, Russia.” – I’ve literally been to Latvia
and not even thought of that as a possibility. – I thought there might be
cheese in it, but it’s so congealed inside
that you can’t really tell. – I’m mad I didn’t say cheese,
’cause I knew when I was having this, it’s not just dough.
– If I’m still eating something, it has cheese in it. I should have known that.
– Touche. – (FBE) This is your third dish.
– Oh, [bleep] that. I see tentacles.
– Where’s your sense of adventure? – America. – It’s looking like there’s
quite a few fishy ingredients. It smells pretty good though,
to be fair. It smells really rich and nice.
It smells like a good stew. – Oh my God.
– Okay, the broth is really nice. – I should probably use a spoon. – It’s just very shrimpy.
It’s very oceany, but it’s not bad. – Broth is good.
– It’s nice and subtle and it’s not super fishy,
which I enjoy. You can tell the fish is fresh. – It’s very light.
The broth, you think is gonna be– – Thick, yeah.
– And funky, but– – It’s not. – It’s savory, it’s fishy,
in a good way, fishy. It sucks because I have
guesses on what it is, like traditional blah blah blah
or this. – I need a world map.
– Yeah, this would be a lot easier with a map. – Where the hell is
this thing from? It could be from anywhere. – (FBE) Three, two, one. This was bouillabaisse,
a seafood stew that originated in France in the 19th Century.
It’s made of various fish, shellfish, tomatoes, mustard,
and egg yolks. It’s seasoned with saffron,
fennel seeds, and orange zest and is generally served with bread,
potatoes, or both. – That’s why I thought
it was Spanish because I felt like the saffron
was a very Spanish thing and there’s something like this
in Spain as well. – I knew it was too seasoned
to be Mexican, ’cause Mexican food’s like,
“We make it good, but we don’t add all that
extra stuff. We’ll–
one season in there.” – At first glance, I thought
it was supposed to be a paella. – I was immediately thinking
seafood gumbo and then I thought clam chowder,
original clam chowder. – I haven’t had bouillabaisse
in a really long time and it felt too light, I guess,
so I was like, ‘No, this has to be an Italian
seafood dish.” – (FBE) Vanessa, you nailed this.
That’s exactly what this dish is. – Wow, and the country?
God dang. – I would like to thank
my best friends who cook for me all the time.
They’ve very cultured and I like to eat their food. – (FBE) Here is your fourth
dish. – Ooh.
– Oh my gosh. – This looks savory. – It smells like bread.
Kinda like a sope. – What’s the center?
– This is– – Ooh.
– This is porky goodness. Get in my face.
– You gotta bite into it. You can’t use a fork for this.
– Oh no, I needed to taste the awesomeness before
it was covered up with anything else.
This is good. – Oh my God.
Oh my God, I’ll eat this whole thing.
– I want a beer or– – This is really [bleep] good.
– Jarritos, the soda. – Kinda has a barbecuey
sort of feel. It’s very juicy, succulent
sort of meat. – I don’t know if it’s barbacoa
or could be that. – My question is why did you
guys it in a sandwich? That’s where I realized
it’s not from Mexico. – It tastes like so many things
that I know. – Very Spanish.
– Interesting, thanks. Thank you for that.
– Oh [bleep]. – I’m gonna go for
the safe answers. – There you go.
Yeah, that’s why you do it to win, ’cause I’m winning.
– I’d like to see you do that. Oh, you cheater.
– I did not cheat. – (FBE) Three, two, one. – You [bleep].
I didn’t cheat. – Check the tape. – (slowed down) ‘Cause I’m winning. – (FBE) These were Venezuelan
pork arepas. This cornmeal bread
is stuffed with pork, cilantro, onions, and topped
with lime. – Well done, Venezuela.
– I could see this being sold in a food cart. – I knew it was Hispanic
because growing up in a Hispanic country,
I’ve seen that everywhere, but it’s just different countries
make them differently. – It’s so weird how similar
different world foods are. A little tweak to it
will make it completely from a different country
and a different origin and a completely different story. – He shouldn’t have cheated,
’cause then– – Guess what,
I’m still winning. – Are we just gonna tie
this whole time, every single time?
– We have one more. – Gotta bring the fire
for this one. – (FBE) All right, here’s your
final dish. – All right.
Oh, it’s beautiful. – It looks sweet.
– It looks savory to me. – Really?
– Yeah. – Looks like it might be
brownie and frosting. – Dessert.
– And it jiggles. – Ooh, watch it wiggle.
– It’s like a brownie pudding. I wanna know is it solid or liquid.
– Wait. – What?
– Doesn’t smell like chocolate. – That did not taste
how I expected. – [Bleep].
Oh [bleep]. – That is not chocolate. – That [bleep] is gross.
I’m so sorry. – I’m so sorry.
If this is from your country, we don’t mean any offense.
We’re just not used to it. – How am I ever gonna
figure out what’s in here? Tastes really bland.
– Oh wait. I got an aftertaste
of what I think it might be. – Who would decorate
just normal dinner this well? I’ve never gone to Outback
and they were like, “Let me put a picture
on your steak.” – It’s hard because it
looks like just one thing with one thing on top
and how is there supposed to be three ingredients
in one thing that looks just all like
one thing? – I have so little clue
about any part of this right now. This is so crazy.
– Yeah, it’s very– they make it look like
it’s just two ingredients. – I mean, there’s more
than two things. – I am shooting for the moon
with these guesses. – (FBE) Three, two, one. This is huitlacoche soup
from Mexico. Huitlacoche, also sometimes
called Mexican truffles or corn smut
is a mushroom-like fungus that grows on corn.
It is combined with mushrooms, olive oil, garlic, sour cream,
and cilantro in this creamy, delicious soup.
– That’s [bleep] rad. That’s super rad.
– It should stay there. – I was just watching Final Table
and they talked about this and I should have known.
– There are no beans? – I said cream cheese.
I should have said sour cream. God damn it, Austin. – What the [bleep]?
– I’m betrayed. I am betrayed.
Dude, our people. – Can we leave?
They’re gonna kill us. – You’re still laughing
at corn smut? – So, we’re essentially eating
a moldy, gross, mushroomy type of growth that grows
on corn, but not corn. – It’s not inspiring. – That was so hard.
There’s so many different ingredients in the world
that you just don’t think of when you put in the food
and then when you put them together,
you don’t expect them to make a certain thing
or look a certain way. – You think you know what’s
in stuff, but when you’re actually challenged,
it’s a lot harder. – Finally I win something.
I never win anything. I laugh at everything,
I get mad at everything, I can’t guess all the kid movies,
and I win– it figures I’d win
a food challenge. I like to eat.
I would like to thank everyone who makes food
and I would like to thank all my friends who serve
me food. Thank you. – Thanks for watching us
guess foreign foods on the React Channel. – Subscribe for new shows
every day. – If this made you hungry,
hit that Like button. – Which country’s food
should we try next? Let us know in the comments. – Bye. – Hey guys, React producer
Mary here. Head over to
to check out all the latest merch. Thanks for watching.
Bye, guys.


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  2. It's nice to see you introducing food from my country, thank you! 😊 But arepas don't look like that. Maybe the chef was trying harder than he/she actually had? It's not so complex and you don't make a cup out of the corn flour dough. And a more iconic filling would have been carne mechada, or the reina pepiada one. You should try and look for the recipes on the internet! They are delicious and easy to make.

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