1. When I was 12 I had a dream that my fridge way filled with nothing but lunchables and I was so happy. When I woke up I ran to the fridge and almost cried when there was none.

  2. Literally stopped watching at 3:36. Why even make challenge videos when you clearly have to intention of actually trying to do it. The try guys would have killed this

  3. AT LEAST don't lie in the title.. You could have made the title "Adults Eat Lunchables For A Week" BOOM! Now yall ain't a bunch of liars. Also, quit doing these damn challenges if yall ain't even gonna do them properly!

  4. This video was a complete let down. They’re cheating literally day 1. It was a challenge for a week. Literally couldn’t last a week. Out of all of buzzfeed videos and the other channels, this was the worst video. Dislike 100% honestly hope to never see these guys again.

  5. When I was younger I thought my mom didn’t love me because she wouldn’t let me eat lunchables like the other kids, but now I realize she did that BECAUSE she loved me… thank you for the homemade lunches mom 😭❤️

  6. really?? day one and yall are alreading cheating LMAOOOOO please do not bring this two back and make them participate in a cHalLeNgE.

  7. I’m 33 weeks pregnant and I started watching this video and started craving the pizza lunchables. I paused the video, went to the store, got four pizza lunchables, came home, and continued watching the video while enjoying my lunchables. ❤️

  8. People who don’t eat proper meals feel attacked rn… brb gonna go boil water for my cup noodle soup, I’m hungry. That chocolate bar wasn’t enough.

  9. Neither of these people are particularly likable and they didn't take the challenge seriously. Talented people must no longer want to work for Buzzfeed on camera.

  10. Quick question…Did Sean go to the University of Maryland and did badminton? Sorry not sorry, I'm Maryland born and raised and noticed the jacket he was wearing if he did, UMD representation!

  11. Y’all do know they ate when they got home or off of work!😂😂😂 HAD TOO! It’s no way!😁 cause I damn sure would’ve! Lol

  12. "i waited 13 years for the where i could push a shopping cart filled with lunchables" AHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH EVERY KID'S DREAM LOLOL

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