1. They're making it hard for me to take a life…BooHoo….I can get breast implants easier….Do you know how ridiculous you sound? IT SHOULDN'T BE EASY TO KILL!!

  2. Im sorry that so many womem choose horrible partners or stupid ass men, but dont group us all up in a bunch. Every man isn't like that and both that man and woman need to legally be held accountable..

  3. This abortion Doctor tries to speak for God. He likely has good intentions but his eyes are blinded by scales over them from Satan.

  4. Can someone explain to me why people say that pro-life is all about controlling women's bodies? I am pro-choice, in favour of publicly funded health care, ready and widespread access to abortion (before 3rd trimester except in medical emergencies), pro maternity leave….. but why attribute the pro-life cause to horrible motives when in pro-lifers own words they say they believe abortion is killing a baby?

    Why does it HAVE to be about controlling women's bodies and not just about a scientifically inaccurate view of when a fetus becomes an actual baby? We are hard wired as humans to protect babies. I think pro-lifers are wrong, but I believe what they say about their motives. I dont think it's about controlling women's bodies for them.

  5. Why aren’t these groups protesting at prisons where they still use the death penalty or protesting at the White House for sending troops to kill in other countries. ??

  6. If u dont like abortions, just dont get one. Its that simple, leave people alone, their body their decision, they have a good reason.

  7. How is it that people don’t get jail time for killing babies that are outside of the womb , yet people think women should get jail time for aborting their fetus because of a rightful decision that is their business . How come people do not mind their damn business . These states that are banning abortion aren’t making things better , it will lead to unsafe abortions . I also absolutely love how a lot of the women whom are pro life are already well established, have money , a decent house and most likely have a man . There are so many people in poverty that don’t want to raise a child in that poverty too , they most likely won’t even see that child grow up . They won’t have enough money to get what the baby needs. I love how women say oh so when the baby is out your just going to kill your baby , well it’s too late then isn’t it . You don’t kill a child , people who kill children who have already been born should be the ones in jail .

  8. i wonder if a person can legally eat an aborted fetus in America? will a pro choice mother be upset is she aborts a baby and someone else finds the aborted fetus and eats it?

  9. If women would be more responsible sexually they wouldn't have to worry about getting pregnant! Murder isn't the solution. What if the laws were that if you're irresponsible and get pregnant the woman should be torn limb from limb? I bet women would be super responsible with their sexual escapades!

  10. 90% of women who get abortions are left mentally and/or physically scarred for life.

  11. Makes me ashamed to live in this fucking state or this country as it is. We need separation of church and state as it was meant to be. Religion has always brought nothing but misery to the world.

  12. Nothing better than a bias report from a news agency headquartered where female circumcision still takes place. GO BACK TO QATAR if you dont like it.

  13. Abortion ban will not stop abortions. It will just push women to alternative means. No woman deserve to be shamed for a personal and private choice.

  14. This is a STUPID angle. Abortion should be legal cuz girls'll try it anyway? Bitch could take a bus- gimme a break!

  15. Well I don't know what to say I'm really glad that the voices of the pro-life movement are being heard and hopefully just hopefully for for a long long time and we have to wait for so many years to wait for it to end I know what I pray for these kids every day !

  16. Wow, I love that bald man. I wish I had a dad like him growing up… it breaks my heart how understanding and insightful he is. We need more of him

  17. You people don't seem to understand something: Republicans/Trumpkins ARE aware that women will try abortions at home either medically or surgically and die, especially undocumented women; but that's the point – they want these women to die (and go to Hell in their eyes for it). They hate women. WAKE UP!

  18. I am pro- life. But I am appalled by the videos being shown with comments disabled at the bottom into what should be the comments section. If the pro life activists are going to place people in front of the entrances of planned parenthood or other abortion clinics, then their representatives on these other videos need to re- think their plan. The person approaching the clients were way too nosy and downright disrespectful to the women and their boyfriends- husbands. There is a much kinder way to approach these women at the entrances of clinics. Mind you, once again, I am pro- life, so when I see someone representing pro life outside the clinics, they had better be the best representative for that task. Because what I'm seeing on some of these videos are rude, overly nosy and totally the wrong person to be at those entrances. If you are against abortion, and I am for adoption not abortion, but pro lifers you had better send your best people, not the ones I'm seeing.

  19. Wow, I can’t believe abortion clinics, where women could easily die (especially over the course of the 3-6 days it takes for late-term abortions), were less regulated than my medical spa is!!! Botox, CoolSculpt, lasers, etc. are a LOT safer than abortion. They should be held to very high standards if this barbaric shit is to be legal.

  20. What about the men? The bitch and complain about using a condom is not the same ???!! How about them taking care of themselves too why does it need to be put in the women all the time it’s 2019

  21. @8:36

    Yeah, that's a good use of public resources–making sure people aren't breaking laws that are ALREADY STUPID AND HAVE NO BUSINESS EXISTING TO BEGIN WITH.

  22. @20:17

    …and now that you've made your MONEY, and you're too OLD for abortion to be RELEVANT to YOUR life, FUCK EVERYONE ELSE, am I right?

  23. @20:22

    ALSO–"they only care about money"–AREN'T you part of the SAME "greed is good" party of plutocrat-cock-sucking mother fuckers that call themselves "Republicans/conservatives"?

  24. Why aren't you fighting for child rights after they're born?!!? Mother's that kill their own children… That's more sad than an abortion…

  25. Are we supposed to sympathize with these idiots to have unprotected sex KNOWING FULL WELL THEY CAN GET PREGNANT? I have ZERO sympathy for these females. I'm supposed to be SAD that women can't easily kill their babies? Rot in hell Libs.

  26. It seems most of the stories on abortions centres on always the mothers fault,but where are the fathers in all of this. It’s plain and simple,don’t have sex if you don’t want to have children or at least use protection. I’m not talking about women or children who are raped,I’m talking about selfish women who say their not ready or don’t want a child. Deal with it,don’t think of your self,think of the unborn child

  27. There are thousands of underground abortions, if you think there isn’t, then your surely mistaken. Using the excuse,if you ban legal abortions they’ll be more underground or dangerous ones,then your misinformed people. A child is not a mistake. The nurse should know better

  28. God gives lives. A mother who kills her baby is so horrid, its better to give child to adoption or give child for fosters parents than kill- killing a human being is still against the law so why babies lives shouldnt be protected .
    People who survived 2 nd World War in Poland cherished all life from the moment of conception …
    this video is promoting killing babies from what i ve seen . Polish catholic midwives in German Death Camps in Auschwitz/ Oswiecim refused to drown polish catholic babies or jewish babies in the bucket of water with crazy evil doctor Mengele standing next to them…. Stanislawa Leszczynska – she delivered polish and jewish babies standing up to dr Mengele- he could send her to death chamber for starvation death like saint Maksymilian Kolbe but he looked in her eyes and said ok, you dont have to drown all those new born babies- they were sent to Germany for adoption to German families instead… thats why Poland become catholic even when russian communism took over because people have seen such a horror that they cherish all lives that God gave

  29. God Bless CArol Everett – she s been through the abortion business- the conscience must still hunt her down…. like saint Paul who lived for killing Christ followers until God told him to stop

  30. Minute 20.50 – we should feel sorry for the abortionist ? May Holy Spirit come to him- its better to help woman to keep their baby or give for adoptions. I know woman who wanted abortion but because one of their friends said that they will adopt them- they felt wanted by society, they felt that they have a lofe inside them that someone deeply desire to have for themselves and they kept their babies- quick birth, healthy babies and they Are the most loving and cuddly kids they could dream of. If they had abortion – life would be different- empty, suicide thought, depression, emptiness, trying to find a guy to love them etc

  31. Minute 22 – christians follows his kids? How they know? He drives 5hours away to work so nobody knows him- a gun ? Uterus clean ? Ssuck the baby out he ment. Those babies dont have quick death by a shot… many survived with no limbs.
    God wants life, He knows whats good for us… if i was raped and got pregnant – maybe the pain of cuddling a baby whos father doesnt want to take away from me would be a reward- how many non christian man especially from occultist families or different religion take or try to take away children from their ex wives or ex girlfriends… there are 3 sides of story. Saint John The Baptist mum was old age- God gives live because He has a plan. My friend had a fourth child at the age of 44- a healthy lovely boy

  32. Thank You for sharing.  God is pro-life. God is love. God is a forgiving God. Abortion is not an unforgivable sin. I am a Christian. I personally believe abortion is legalized pre-meditated murder. God never said not to abort babies. He said thou shall not murder. Abortion is legalized pre-meditated murder. Abortion is not self-care or birth control, it is murder. God is the author and giver of life. God is only One that should be able to decide when life ends. You have to realize these clinics make money killing babies. Abortion is an expensive form of “birth control” that keeps their doors (abortion clinics) open. But I find it very hypocritical when someone who is against animal cruelty yet promotes pro-choice at the same time.

  33. Annnd!!!! Do i feel for the murderer of this child who comitted this sin or…feel for the merci of this innocent baby!##

  34. Oh well oh please my supposed to feel sorry for the one who came here illegally and everything else going to fall into place

  35. Aren't women who consider themselves to be poor, aware they can go to any health dept. and be given the (choice) between all different kinds of birth control at no cost to them? Perhaps instead of having all those drag gueens going in elementry schools all over the U.S. for what they are calling story time, they should be bringing people in to those schools to help teach our young about things other than sex that would be a benifit to them & society. Leagalizing (full term) abortions is another step towards normalizing all that's evil.

  36. Birth control, condoms, plan b. If you do none of those than it's your own fault. Don't want a baby? Don't have sex. Don't want a risky abortion? Don't have one, have your baby. Adoption

  37. "Just because a mistake happened you shouldn't be held accountable for it." Foundations of life. You are accountable for your mistakes

  38. According to religious conservatives you can kill a person for trespassing onto land you own, but you can't expel a fetus from your body. You have more right to property than bodily autonomy. Seriously, you want anyone to believe you think "killing is wrong" and "no one has the right to kill" then get rid of the fucking stand your ground murder legalisation doctrine.

  39. Pardon me but I thought America had 'Separation of Church and State'?
    CLEARLY this issue is not the case!!!!!🙄

  40. Roe Vs. Wade – that one step would have been fine, but feminist kept pushing for more time – now in NYC you can abort the child at 9 months. Feminist SHOOK the damn tree so hard that they brought unneeded attention and hurt all. I think abortion should only be available up until 8 weeks, but I am Pro-Life, I just know its best to win in small increments. HINT to girls that CANT AFFORD abortion, be preventative – double up on your birth control or don’t have sex. Your responsibility, your body, then your fault.

  41. Abortion is no birth control. All you women need to us birth control. Stop having sex without protections. Keep your legs closed!!!. Stop the killing of innocent baby's. You are all murderers. Us you head plain ahead. Having a baby is a gift from God. Treat it as such. It's your fault your pregnant. You did the deed.

  42. "You dont outlaw killing of innocent unborn babies..you only outlaw a safe place for killing innocent unborn babies" ..hmmm sounds "EXACTLY" about right..🤔

  43. It's scary when you see how old most of these doctors are. And how few there are. It's a dangerous profession, and these doctors are risking everything, because they BELIEVE in what they're doing. No one does this for MONEY. The closest abortion clinic, to me, charges $400, now. They go to GREAT LENGTHS to keep these prices low.

  44. They're pro BIRTH not pro life. Because when these mother's who had an unplanned pregnancy or a rape or contraceptives fail and they're one of the many below the poverty line the Republicans are the first to complain about having to help support that baby to keep it ALIVE. So call yourself pro-birth because the idea of government support for children in families that are in need are continuously called "socialist" and "evil" ideas by that group.

  45. Rick Perry has signed the death warrant of TWO innocent men on death row. He is a skunk and deserves all the misery he gets.

  46. If they want abortions to stop sexist moms should teach their sons to man up & take care of their babies & teach their daughters & sons how to use condoms. Moms always forget their girls to.

  47. 4 minutes in and im already crying. I feel like we are living in some dystopian hand maidens tale where women arent valued but a non-sentient brainless clump of cells is. Where women are shamed and prosecuted for having power over their well being.

  48. the woman has the right to her body and say NO to sex or take the pill or take the morning after pill- NOT to murder a fuly formed baby (so called fetus) and dont give me the what about rape victims – Realy 40 million rapes???? a year. – Oh i see when MONEY is involved a man can do that. Why not allow him to rent the womb for the rest of the term and pay for the labour time (Hourly rate) and the birth (hourly rate and hand over the baby to him after if she doesnt want it.

  49. Did she seriously just say women shouldn't be held accountable for a mistake they made? Wow… that's exactly what any person needs to do, if you make a mistake you are held accountable and you need to accept that. It doesn't matter if you're inconvenienced by it, that's what happens.

  50. It's not what she HAS to go through, it's what she chooses to go through just like she chose to have sex , she can choose to not do that

  51. Fuck the prolifers. If I found out I was pregnant, I'd get rid of the parasite as soon as possible and never have a second thought.

  52. If any of them put half the effort into prevention than they do yapping about their “ right to murder” this conversation would go away!!
    YOUR MISTAKES are your responsibility!!!!

  53. They drive to get drugs to abort
    They drive to get an abortion
    They maybe drive to go have sex
    They protest for their rights

    Maybe you should just drive to the dr one time and get a birth control prescription!!
    This whole conversation makes me sick!! We will never be civilized as long as abortion MURDER is allowed by law!
    Just remember ALL will face the ultimate judge on judgment day

  54. If every man would wear a condom every time, unless the couple is trying to conceive, of course. Abortions would drop by at least 90%. But they won't because it feels better without one! Talk about selfish!!

  55. Oh gosh women's body women's choice. Most can't afford a child and will be on govt assistance and have harder time keeping a job and resent the child ,may even hate or abuse or neglect the child that the law " forced them into having" it's the rest of a person's life and it's not the law makers or govt raising and struggling to support this child the law forces them to keep . I'm Pro choice. I'm a white Texan upper middle class woman so race isnt a factor….its a matter of capability to afford raise or want that fetus to eventually become a baby upon delivery after full term pregnancy completion

  56. Oh boo hoo you weren't able to put your child up for adoption and you had to kill it here let me play a song on the world's smallest violin

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