8 Tips To Restore Your Metabolism After an Eating Disorder

8 Tips To Restore Your Metabolism After an Eating Disorder

Hello, everybody. It’s Elisa here. So, in today’s video I want to talk about
how you can heal your metabolism after an eating disorder. Your metabolism is not damaged or broken or
doomed to be slow forever, and you can definitely heal or restore your metabolism after an eating
disorder. But what has happened is essentially that
your metabolism has just adapted to all of the eating disorder behaviors, the low calorie
dieting, the purging, the over-exercising, so it’s the protection mechanism of your body
to slow down the metabolism so you won’t lose too much weight. This happens as a protection, and your body
always has your best interest in mind. Your body doesn’t slow down your metabolism
because it wants to gain weight because it hates you or something. No, your body wants to survive. This is the basic biological thrive
of our body, to make you survive, and if your body sees that you are … there is not enough
food like you are in a state of famine, what the dieting essentially is, your body thinks
you’re starving so your body thinks, “Okay, we need to slow down the metabolism so we
can kind of conserve all the energy as much as possible.” So the first thing I already talked about
is that you need to be eating more, or you need to be eating as much as your body basically
asks for. And, yes, you can have the extreme hunger. I had it as well, but over time this will
balance out. And if you don’t know how much calories you
need to be eating or if you find it very hard and you end up restricting, then I generally
recommend the Homeodynamic Recovery Method or the guidelines, and I can link the article
down below. You can read more about this. And I did it for a few months, not to kind
of obsess about the calories or not go over some amounts, but rather making sure I’m eating
enough and my body gets the amount of calories to kind of raise my metabolism and fix my
hunger cues and everything. It really helped me to lose the obsession
about calories and really see that it’s okay to eat this much of calories and this is what
my body needs. So, yeah, you need to be eating enough calories. The next thing is that you need to be eating
regularly. This can mean eating every two or three hours,
eating your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, also snacks in between. What many people do in their eating disorder
is that they try to kind of eat or healthy or follow their eating disorder rules throughout
the day and maybe try to eat healthy, kind of still do restrictive behaviors. But what will happen is that our body can’t
deal with the restriction, and then at nighttime they binge out. So for the recovery and to heal your metabolism,
you need to be eating enough all throughout the day and eating regularly, not skip some
meals, not try to have diet meals, low-calorie meals, but eat until your full and satisfied
at every single meal. The next thing is to eat more
warming foods. And warming foods are the ones that will help
to speed up your metabolism, and warming foods are generally high calorie, more concentrated
source of foods. For example, you don’t want to be eating high
water content foods like high water fruits and vegetables because high water foods are
cooling foods, and they actually, they won’t help you to speed up the metabolism. But you want to eat something very concentrated
sources of calories, something with sugar and starch and high carb, higher fat, and
also something with salt. And generally the more yummy the food is,
the better for your metabolism. For example, like things like cheese with
crackers, or potatoes with some butter on them, or pasta with cheese or some creamy
sauce, or for example ice cream with some peanut butter and chocolate, or … I’m just
making these things up. But, yeah, and actually the more processed,
kind of high calorie foods, what I have already said many times, are good in recovery, and
this why they’re good, because they are the warming foods and they will help to speed
up the metabolism. And you can still eat the salads and fruits
and vegetables, but don’t eat them as the main course of your meals and think of them
more as the side dish or condiment and don’t get your majority of calories from those foods. Another thing is to eat more salt. So I did this low salt dieting in my eating
disorder past, and I would eat very low salt, and my goal was to eat a completely salt-free
diet. And I did it many times as well, but all it
got me was feeling very cold — even at summer time, especially having very cold hands and
feet — and feeling tired, exhausted, and also it made me have so much cravings to the
more salty foods because I was eating this bland-tasting, low calorie, high water salads
and smoothies and stuff like that. So if you feel you have very cold hands and
feet, generally you feel foggy and tired, then actually you can add more salt to your
diet. And you can eat things like salty crackers
or maybe some salty nuts or maybe some potato chips, things like that. So adding salt to your diet is also very warming,
and this will help you to boost your metabolism. And the next thing is to don’t drink too much
water, and this is also one big mistake I made. And even now, if you look for some articles
like how to boost your metabolism, in many times you see them recommend, “Drink more
water to boost your metabolism.” I don’t agree with this, and I think this
can have the opposite effect since the water is very cooling. So generally I was drinking so much water,
like three liters of water a day even though I wasn’t thirsty. I just kind of forced myself to drink this
much. And I used to go to the toilet like three
times a night, and also I was making sure I’m peeing clear because I thought this is
what I have to do. And I had very cold hands and feet, another
sign of slowed-down metabolism. Yeah, so don’t force yourself to drink water. Obviously if you are in the warm climate or
when you have the more active day or something you can drink more water, but your pee can
still be yellow. Don’t obsess about your pee being clear. And if your pee is clear, then it can be a
sign that your metabolism is kind of slow, because you are taking in all this cooling
water, too much water in your body. The next thing is to stop exercising. And yeah, even many recovery experts say that
exercising can be a healthy habit with people with eating disorder because exercising is
healthy, but so many people with eating disorders use exercise as a way to compensate the calories
and they allow themselves to eat more in recovery only when after they go and exercise it off,
and this is very eating disorder behavior. Exercising is healthy, but only for a healthy
person. If you are in recovery … For example, if
you have a broken leg, then you won’t go and just start exercising because exercising is
healthy. No, if you have a broken leg you need to rest
and you don’t want to put anymore pressure to your leg. You want to first repair your leg before you
go out and running. And it’s like, “Just go and do some exercise
because exercising is healthy,” when you’re recovering from a broken leg. In recovery, you have done some organ damage. Maybe you have low bone density. Maybe you have lost your period. You have the metabolism. Your hair is falling out. Your body is overly in a stressed state, so
why you want to go and start exercising to burn all those calories you take in to the
exercise so your body has nothing to restore yourself with? And the next thing is to sleep more. So sleeping, I have done a video about this
as well. While we sleep, it’s the most crucial time
for our bodies to recover and restore itself. If you sleep more in recovery, your body can
put all of the energy towards healing you. It can be good to go to sleep at 10 p.m. approximately
and then sleep at least eight hours. And of course you can sleep even more, and
many people are … One other recovery sign is being very tired, very exhausted, so this
is a sign from your body to sleep more and rest more. Many people need to sleep even throughout
the day in recovery, take naps, just generally relax and rest more and sleep more, and in
return it can help with metabolism as well. And the last thing is to deal with stress. Everybody knows that stress is very bad for
your hormones, and therefore it will affect your metabolism as well. If you do all of the tips I already mentioned,
like stopping all the dieting, restriction, eating more, stopping the exercise, and sleeping
more, you are already reducing so much stress what all the dieting restriction behaviors
have put on your body, so this is like a big stress relief from your body already, but
you can also focus on eliminating everyday stress as well. For example, the work stress or school stress
or stress in the relationship and choose to focus on kind of the self-care practices. I can link an article I did about this down
below. And also focus on the mental recovery and
loving your body as you are. All the things like that, the mental recovery. And if you do all of these things what I just mentioned, you’re gonna see so many big improvements. And I will say that if definitely will take
time, because you didn’t have your eating disorder just a short period of time in most
cases, but maybe you had it for years, so expect that your recovery won’t take only
a few months and give it plenty of time. And most importantly, be consistent with this. And then you’re gonna start seeing all of
the positive improvements and signs that your metabolism is speeding up. One of the things I was night sweats, and
night sweats is a very uncomfortable symptom in recovery, but it can be a good sign that
your metabolism is speeding up. Also, you will a general rise in your metabolism,
more warm hands and feet. Also you’re gonna have more energy, boosted
mood, better concentration, better sex drive, better digestion, and maybe even some people
who have overshoot their weight or maybe they are above their set point weight because of
their eating disorder maybe they’re gonna see a natural weight loss. Maybe they’re gonna see less bloating, less
water retention. So all of these can be signs and symptoms
to look out for that your metabolism is actually speeding up. Generally, you’re gonna just feel so much
better. So yeah, this is what I wanted to say. I hope you really liked this video, and you
can let me know what you think. Thank you so much for watching, and see you
next time. Bye.


  1. All amazing points- didn't even think about the water or the warming/cooling foods!!!
    Keep making videos you are saving lives Elisa you deserve so many more followers!

  2. For a vegan, what warming food might you recommend for someone like me who won't eat processed foods like vegan icecream, bread, vegan cheese, etc?
    Also, I don't eat any salt…

  3. You're amazing Elisa, I'm 14 months into recovery now and your videos have kept me on track throughout. Every time I reach a stumbling block you bring out a video that addresses the exact point I'm worrying about. It's like you read my mind!!!! You've taught me to turn my diet mindset on it's head, I'm learning to view all the new things that are happening to my body as positive and desirable (weight gain, sweating, hot hands and feet) Thank you Elisa from the bottom of my heart. You really are the voice of reason in this diet/appearance obsessed world. I'm happier than I've ever been. Wish I could give you a big hug xxxxx

  4. hi, thanks for your tips! Do you have any video about how to deal with pressure and pushing from other people when recovering. Sometimes my familiy or friends don't understand that I have to take it step by step when eating together otherwise fear will set me off if someone is constantly paying attention to my plate and making comments.

  5. okay I found where u address obese people never find ding their hunger cues…video….will I gain weight if I don't restrict….thanks Elise…your videos are God sent!

  6. Hey I was just wondering could you help me . I am in anorexia recovery and I have gained some weight but still need to gain more. Can I start minnienaud even though I'm half way through recovery xxx

  7. fo you think vegan diet is a way for body recovering from.anorexia as its said to be easily degested?on rhw other hand,it has a lot of fibre so i am fearing whether evwry nutrients can adbsorb….and this complete amino..

  8. why do Ou speak about cheeses,butter and dairy if your own recovery was rather vegan,plant based????????????like i read your articles and brainswasED…

  9. my parents are broke and so we don't have much food. we have ramen, bread, oatmeal, soup, and milk. i'm trying to recover from anorexia. im mid way to having a full anorexia body, and i want to be my chubby self again. it hurts when i lie down, and my knees hurt when i walk. do you know if i'm able to gains weight with the food i have?

  10. I´m trying to recover from bulimia and anorexia but it´s so hard bc I have a lot of digestive problems.. I ate almost 3000kcal at the biggining but now I can´t digest anything and I´m eating around 1500 1700 kcal but I´m still so bloated and during the night I feel like all the food is still in my stomach 🙁 I´m trying to eat more dense foods that are caloric dense but I still have the restricting mentality.. I already gained 15 kilos and I don´t want to gain any more! :((

  11. So I don't know where else to ask this question, so i'll ask it here. Maybe someone can help me…any advice would be appreciated.

    I'm 5'5" and I was 17 when my ED was at it's depths. (I'd had the ED mindest all my life, but only then was I physically participating it) I went from 135lb to 96lb in almost a year. It started off with restriction and over exercising with the occasional purging episode. (I lost my period a long the way, tho it returned when I hit 120lb)

    At the worst of it I was eating 400 – 700 calories a day and exercising for over an hour a day. It wasn't until a year after it all started that I finally caved in and told my family how much I was struggling…I started "recovery" and started eating again. Everything was "okay" at first but as you've mentioned before, I started bingeing and of course that freaked me out. So I turned to bulimia. (My family no longer allowed me to exercise and made sure I ate, so I had no other way to compensate for the bingeing)

    Before, when I restricted, I didn't purge by vomiting very much. Only very rarely. But when the binges started so did the purging. I only stopped because it messed up my electrolytes and blood pressure so badly that I would pass out. I also started having chest pains. Those two things, along with the emotional tole it took on myself and my family, really gave me a wake up call. I stopped purging.

    Anyway, the binges kept happening until I hit the 135lb – 145lb range. But of course, while I was physically recovered, I was not mentally recovered. Especially since most of my clothes no longer fit and I now had the same fat rolls that sent me over the edge in the first place.

    So this is where I am now. I'll be 20 next month and for the past few months i've been restricting and exercising excessively. I have anywhere from 800 – 1,400 calories a day and I do cardio for at least an hour and a half or longer a day.

    Obviously I feel like shit. I was 146lb and I lost down to 139lb until my weight loss stalled. Now i'm not losing at all despite working out excessively and restricting. I guess my question is…I know something is wrong. This isn't normal. But if I do the MM guidelines, i'll definitely gain those 6lbs back that I worked so hard to lose. Not to mention i'm not skinny. I'm very flabby and chubby. I don't need to gain any more weight. I've gone beyond the weight I was pre-ed but I don't know what else to do to fix my metabolism or hunger cues…

    Any advice? from anyone? i'm so confused and defeated.

  12. I have scoliosis and hypermobility so core exercises help me so much with back pain, it is definitely about the mindset. No hit, no cardio, just some some minutes of using your own body weight to help if you have some sort of problem like me or low bone density. Mind you I said a few minutes!

  13. Thanks for the videos. So helpful. I have a too long history of severe restricting and overexercising. I can't even believe I did it for so long and that my body actually survived it. I'm eating now and have stopped exercising, and you're right, I have not gained any weight.

  14. i need your help please ..i have been starving myslef for about 6 months..i got damon braces at the same time i lookl really unhealthy idk why did i do that…my eyes look so big idk what to do ..i have been eating well for one months idk if it is helping…i do not even leave my house anymore idk if i will be ok again can i heal without hospital help


  15. Another great vidoe Elisa. I've alwasy been told my cold hands and feet are due to Reynauds. No one has ever told me to eat more warming foods vs cooling foods. So glad to have found your videos and information.

  16. sorry, but i tried all that you said, didnt work. I also cant drink less than 3.5L of water per day else i get a so bad headache that medicine wont heal, takes 2-3days with it, i cant feel well, i cant process thoughts well, my body naturally demands A LOT of water. I have bad circulation and water retention tho. I gained 60 kg in a few months eating 400kcal a day and doing gym, not budging at night, i started eating better and body seemed to respond but sadly its gotten even worse, now i need to eat 200kcal per day else those 400kcal will put on 1-2kg the next day, I dont have any problems already checkedwithdoc except of extremely rare real low insanely low metabolism. So im worried body will respond worse, i might need to eat only a lettuce per day else i get fat. There was a time id get 1kg fromdrinking 200kcal of light milk only all day. Seriously, and stress i cant get rid of, my family used military torture on me and i cant live far from them because i am brazilian poor as a fucked nearly homeless, i spent from my age 3 and half begging for food and job until my actual age of 32 now, they never give me jobs, i need to survive trying to sell shit on streets. I cant afford to go out and have fun, i dont have friends, i cant do my hobbies else family punishes me but i cant really do most of them because i cant afford to replace my broken rig, i almost died of starvation so many times inmy life since child until now, i tried doctors to try to lose weight and eat like a normal human being but theyonly stole my money. i no longer hae money and i think honestly i wont find a cure. Regardless if i work outor not, eat better or not, eat more warm food or not, body doesnt respond. I think i have a rare level of slow metabolism syndrome and no doctor can help me because the ones in brazil are way too ignorant and corrupt, the ones worldwide want moneythat i cant offer. I believe ill hit 150kg soon being 5`1 eating 200-400kcal per day. Sadly. I will never be happy with my body, due tofamiliar torture and lifetime poverty, i developed a bad skin infection that all dermatologists gave up curing, it wrecks my skin to the point i get scars all over and cut bits, black head even behind my knees for example, i think its 3 skin problems in one, all over nearly my entire body, i also am rare type of stretch all over my body, i have it even on my knees and ankles….i cant dress pretty because theyre bigger than 2 thumbs. etc reallynobody can help me and was thinking of asking guiness book to register my scenario as worst in the world, lowest metabolism and the creepiest skin issue that nobody can find a curefor and for being stretch rarely any skin on. Anyway i wish i could have help for free, but i never got help, humans are shit and will never give a damn, ill die hating humanity and God. I also had so bad ulcers that almost penetrated tru my stomach cuz doc way too ignorant gave me wrong medicine and it got worse, i take now right medicine and eat cabbage all the time to not let it open, but eating 1 lettuce a day to not get fat might reopen my stomach and kill me before hunger does or my metabolism does due to overweight of 150kg which is toomuch for my heighbt, ill die before reaching that. Thanks for thetips, sadly, i think theres no saving for me…

  17. Hi, I hope that you see this and help me. I'm 17 years old. I had anorexia since age 14 to 16, and now I have basically b/p eating disorder. I'm fucked up, I don't know what to do. I don't like how I look and my metabolism is fucked up too, even if a eat little and vegan I gain, and I binge and I purge. I want this to stop, I don't want this anymore. I want to eat healthy, have a good metabolism, and feel good. But I don't want to gain any more weight, I am in a healthy one, but i don't know how to fix my metabolism in my case

  18. I’ve been trying to recover for 5 months, but I only properly started to eat more and gain weight without restriction since Christmas.

    I’ve gained a bit of weight and I’ve only got about 10 lbs to go. I’m not sure about my metabolism??? I think it is getting better, but I still haven’t experienced night sweats. I’m currently quite cold. I experience extreme hunger, but I try not to eat all day… after lunch I have no food until dinner. Then after dinner I eat a bit more.

    wHat dO I dO?????

  19. How do you stop drinking so much water? It’s been difficult for me for years and isn’t helping my eating disorder recovery because it makes me nauseous and I force it. Also, how do you know when you can restart exercise? I do overexercising now but am decreasing it. Scared to go cold turkey since I have been adding more calories. I’m not extremely underweight like I use to be and have gained thirty pounds since then but still not considered healthy body weight by my dietitian. When will I know to restart? Is it when I have less obsession? I don’t even allow myself to sit unless I’m in class, eating with friends, or when it’s 10 or 11 at night.

  20. Thank you so much for making this video! I have been in recovery for a year and a half now and i have been doing a lot of these things such as drinking too much water and exercising, and instead of becoming healthier i gained a lot more weight and my bones feel weak. I learned a lot by watching this video. Im going to stop drinking so much water, stop exercising for a while, and listen to my body about when to stop eating. (I had anorexia and then binge) Please wish me the best of luck so that i can restore my once really quick metabolism. Thank you! ❤️❤️

  21. Should I weight train?please give me advice mines really extreme very puffy can I do 3 meals a day without seconds but snacks in between is this best to do?

  22. Anyone else notice how she doesn't finish the word metabolism when she says it? She stops before finishing the "m" like she's out of breath

  23. Hello it's been 15 years since I have had an eating disorder but my body isn't recovering due to my thyroid. As a a teenager I was very obese but went on a diet when I was 21 and got obsessed with losing too much weight which led to anorexia and bulimia. Fast forward 15 years later I don't have any eating disorders now but the body feels like it's starving even though I eat plenty of food. I take medication for my underactive thyroid but it's not helping. It's been really frustrating for 15 years. I have recovered mentally from my eating disorder but the body keeps going backwards and now my metabolism is out of whack and I'm always hungry. I live in Australia and no doctors understand why I feel like I’m starving all the time.

  24. It is hard to not exercise for me. I walk to school and then when I am going to my next classes, I have to climb a lot of stairs. I do try to take short cuts because they hallways are very long.
    Also we exercise in gym class.

  25. hey want to start recovery, but I have a healthy bmi cause I was relasping so I already gained enough weight. So I am gonna eat 1800cal a day (my plan cause thats already way too much I eat about 400~600 calorie right now)and I am scared to gain weight cause I already gained enough:(

  26. I am currently recovering from bulimia. I do judo which is a sport that requires weight control. Ever since I was 12 years old I was dieting so its been 6 years since I have this mind set of only eating salads and about 1200 calories a day. I gained a lot of weight even though i was purging it and Im just afraid to eat a normal amount of food. I just have that trauma to gain weight. Also, I cant fit in as many food compared to when I was like 11. Can you please please help me. God bless you.

  27. Can you still exercise BUT eat back everything you burn if you are recovering from anorexia? I’m an athlete and okay water polo. I started recovery after a year last week and my season starts in a month. I dont know what to do…

  28. Guys I need help, I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve been depressed for years and I’ve never wanted to be anorexic. I want to eat and I’m really hungry but I just don’t have an appetite. When I try to eat I only eat a little bit. I’m not getting the food I need. I really need help. How can I fix what’s going on?

  29. Mine is quite bad gaining weight on 1400 cal and 12 mile run(weight restored) I can lose but then I gain it again, it often takes 3 hours daily to avoid eight gain negative labs for hyopothyroid. I am quite large, My relationship with family has been affected and I have stopped going out in public as much. I am also mad at the medical team as my weight is solid fat no strength. What is wrong with it. I am now afraid to eat and extremely cold and feeling weak

  30. Hi, thanks for sharing this interesting video! Do you also recommend this method for people who suffered from anorexia nervosa a long time?Because I experience indigestion and other digestion issues since I started recovery what makes it difficult to eat regularly because at the moment I often still feel very full after breakfast. Do you think that this method would be advisable anyway?

  31. I let myself eat whatever i wanted on Saturday and ate 10k calories. Then on Sunday, i ate about 4k and today im at around 2500 so far. It will probably be around 4k again. When can I go back to eating like a normal human? I have my energy back and im no longer cold, but I feel awful about myself when I eat this much

  32. I was also drinking far too much water. I had hypothermia, had diluted the salt in my blood and doctors at the hospital told me I would've caused brain damage if I'd continued to drink so much (around 5 ltrs). I don't comment much but your videos are really inspiring me 🙂 Thank you!

  33. I just want to know: how long do we follow these tips after recovery? Forever? Wouldnt it be harmful to always eat more salt, all processed stuff, not exercise still till forever? Please respond!

  34. I actually gain a lot of weight during recovery and more during pregnancy . Now I’m severely over weight but asking myself how to safely lose weight without triggering anything .

  35. I come from restrictive eating and I'm really short. Now I eat more than 2000 calories a day with only a little excersise and I'm not sure if I really need this amount of calories or if my hunger and fullness signs are damaged:(

  36. I'm recovering from EDNOS and once fasted 10 days, which ruined my metabolism. But can I still intermittent fast? I really enjoy it but will it be bad for my metabolism?

  37. I wanted to lose weight but ended up restricting my calories a lot and now I find it hard to eat more than1200 calories I don’t know what to do with my life it’s been a long time (7months) and now I feel like I’m gaining all the weight back and I’m sooo afraid I don’t wanna go back to being fat

  38. I can't digest anything you are naming to speed up metabolism. Its been decades now I can't digest anything and have trouble eliminating. Thank you for this video

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