1. Finally that goddamn Mac n cheese worked, if it’s not stirring in good then just put in the microwave again for like 20 seconds and it should work

  2. Like a wiseman once said: "If your cheese has gone black , you are in cheese trouble. Also, stay fresh cheese bags!"

  3. I tried doing the mac n cheese in a mug I done as he said and when i had to put it in the microwave for 4 minutes I done as said but it was RAW! So he just made this up

  4. These were really gouda hacks,do you have any with Swiss army knives? Youre videos never make me parma-yawn! The puns are very cheesy,but thats practically apart of every cheese hitmans CULTURE!

  5. I have the flu and just threw up and I'm super hungry and this makes me want to get up and make it

    Edit expecily the last one (itailian grilled cheese

  6. How the fuck does one measure in quarter cups? Put a ruler in a cup and fill it until a quarter of the full cups height is reached?
    U americans only have cheese in yo head

  7. Why the hell has noone mentioned the fact that he calls pasta noodles?! In what world are those remotely the same thing? Madness I say, Madness!

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