7 Ways To Stop Craving Sugar and Carb Foods

7 Ways To Stop Craving Sugar and Carb Foods

Greetings, greetings, greetings. It’s Eric Bakker, New Zealand. Author of Candida Crusher. Thanks for tuning into my video today. Today, I’m going to talk about the seven best
ways to stop craving sugar and carbs. This is going to be quite a useful video for
you, especially if you’re a person who wants to lose a bit of weight, maybe my age, sort
of young guy, put on a little bit of weight, or young girl, who wants to lose a little
bit of weight. Or you could be one of these millennials. You could be a person, 20s, 30s, starting
to get a job, got a good income, getting a bit complacent, not exercising enough, working
your tail off, doing maybe IT work or computer work and not eating properly, not exercising
enough. You could be tired, not sleeping properly,
have a mood disorder. Either way, you might just be a person who
wants to feel amazing and look amazing. Well, this is a key video because we’re going
to show you some ways on how you can stop craving crap in your diet. There’s so much crap out there. I had a good time in the States. I just came back with my wife. We were over there for about 12 days on a
conference. We spent a bit of time with some friends in
Los Angeles and we traveled to Las Vegas. I couldn’t believe how much crap people eat
when I saw it. Uber drivers drinking big cans of Coke and
stuff and people drinking energy drinks. So much alcohol consumption; it’s just unreal. Let’s get into it. Let’s talk about some of the ways on how to
control what you eat. Get enough sleep. Number one. You need to get enough sleep. I’m a baby boomer, but many younger people
like my kids � they’re not kids. My daughter’s 23. Younger people today just don’t get enough
sleep. When I was that age, we had no distractions. No Google. No Facebook. Nothing like that. Google came in what ’98. But before that, there wasn’t really any internet. We relied on video cassette recorders maybe
to watch stuff. There was no Netflix. There were no cell phones. People got to sleep a lot earlier. Young people today just don’t get enough sleep. Poor sleeping habits lead to poor eating habits. Poor sleeping habits mean you’re going to
get tired. And when you get tired, what are you going
grab for? Something with sugar in it. Something with caffeine in it to push you
up. Poor sleep leads to fatigue, stress. That’s going to drive the demand for sugar
to give you a boost or caffeine. Enough sleep gives you more energy and you
feel more rested. You feel way better. That’s habit number one. If you can’t get enough sleep or you’re not
prepared to, stop the video now and then try that before you come to watch the rest of
the video. That’s number one. Number two. You need to eat breakfast. It’s not mandatory, but you really want to
eat something in the morning before lunch time. A good protein meal. It could be eggs. It could be a good cereal, but you need to
have some type of a protein load in the morning. It’s going to set yourself up. It’s going to really help your metabolism
cope with peaks and troughs in energy through the day. A good breakfast in the morning is a great
starting point for really good energy and it will also stop you wanting Coke or a muffin
or fries or crap like that during the day. Three good meals a day make a big difference
toward craving sugar, especially if you eat quality healthy fresh foods. Number three. Don’t fight hunger. If you’re hungry, it’s good to be a little
bit hungry here or there. When people feel a little bit hungry, “Oh,
I’m hungry. I’m hungry. I’ve got to eat something.” They panic. Especially people with anxiety. They straight away want something because
they think that it’s bad to be a little bit hungry. You guys have got no idea what it means to
be hungry. I mean truly hungry. Hungry to the point where you’d eat a pair
of socks. Real hunger is seriously bad and it’s cruel
and many people die of starvation around the world. I can assure you guys. You’re not dying of starvation. Don’t fight hunger. If you’re a little bit hungry, let it be. These funny churning sounds in your gut often
mean that the digestion is working really well. I read some interesting stuff that I found
and it’s really cool. Eating and chewing 10 to 30 times. That’s not why I’m not a big fan of smoothies
with lots of fruit and veggies in them because you’re not chewing anything. And poor chewing leads to poor pooing. Swallowing four to eight seconds, churning
food two to four hours in the gut, so you could’ve eaten a meal and it’s churning away
after three or four hours and “I’m hungry. My stomach’s making a noise.” Of course it is. It’s digesting food. Some people misinterpret that for hunger and
they put more food in the gut on top of the food they’ve got in their tummy. It’s like a cement mixer mixing water and
cement and it’s making a noise and you’re trying to throw more in. You’re going to get overload. Don’t do it. It takes three to five hours to absorb this
into the body. The body’s going to extract what it needs
from the food it’s churned up and then you’ve got compaction, so you’re going to waste product
development. The body extracts everything it wants out
of that food. It starts moving down to the lower part of
the bowel. It’s compacting the wastes and it’s full of
bacteria. Then it can take several days for the compaction
to take place. But if you’re eating a lot of fiber, plenty
of water, you’re going to feel a lot better and move it out pretty quick and then elimination. Hours and hours of time. During that period of one meal being digested,
be careful. Think about it. You must have seen some of those videos on
YouTube about big snakes devouring animals. Do you watch stuff like that or do you just
watch crazy cat videos? Go and look at a YouTube video of an anaconda
devouring an animal. A big snake in the Amazon. It’s not going to eat four or five months
after that because it’s going to devour that animal and digest it slowly and eliminate
it. It’s not going to be eating an antelope one
day and a crocodile the next and the monkey the next. It’s not going to do that. It’s going to eat one big thing and then digest
it, absorb it, and eliminate it. I’m not suggesting that you have 25 happy
meals at McDonald’s and then don’t eat for six months. The point I’m making is, eat a meal and then
take your time. Wait for it to digest before you throw more
food on top. And if you feel a little bit of hunger during
the time when it’s digesting, don’t misinterpret that for hunger because it’s not. Eat meals regularly. Point number four. Try to eat regularly. You don’t have to look at your wristwatch
and say, “It’s 12:06. I’m going to eat now.” You don’t have to do that. But you will feel little drops during the
day when your blood sugar is dropping. When you’re getting a little bit more tired
and you eat some food and you pick up, so be aware of that tiny little bit of tiredness
and that pickup after food and that will give you an indication of when you should be eating. Give yourself a good one hour window roughly
each day for when you normally would eat, so between 12 to 1 and between 5 to 7 p.m. Try to eat regular meals at regular times. Number five. Make crap difficult to get. When you go shopping next and you’re going
to buy the stuff that you get like toilet paper, tissues. Those are the only two things you should buy
from the shop anyway, or soap. The rest is all crap. But if you go shopping, don’t grab stuff like
Coca-Cola or fries or whatever, chips, chocolate bars. If you’ve got stuff in the home, you’re going
to eat it. If it’s difficult to get, it’s much less likely
that you’re going to snack on crappy foods. Make good decisions when you go shopping. Not impulse decisions. For that reason, they always say you should
go shopping when you’re’ had a meal because you’re less likely to buy and eat on impulse. Healthy alternatives. We’ve talked a lot about this in previous
videos. Making good choices when you eat and not making
bad choices. Eating fruit for snacks, for example, away
from meals is good. Green apples, berries, avocados. When your digestion is really good like me,
you can have a wide variety of fruits. I eat a lot of different fruits. I think that’s about it. Eat a variety of foods. Eat a balanced amount of food. Plenty of proteins. Plenty of fats in your diet. You can use fats for cooking. You can put fats on salad or vegetables. Good protein choices. My favorites are salmon. The salmon in New Zealand is so nice. I tried the salmon in Los Angeles. I just wasn’t really impressed with it. It was really bland. I think you need that cold water, especially,
to get really good flavor in fish and it makes a bit of difference. Fish around the tropics is half baked. The water’s so hot. The fish is probably half cooked by the time
you eat it anyway. Warmer water doesn’t tend to make fish taste
very good. But I had some really nice organic chicken
when I was in Los Angeles, so you can get good quality proteins no matter where you
are. And fats, of course, avocados, coconut oil,
butter. There are many different proteins with fat
in them like lamb. Organic lamb is going to have a good fat in
it. They’re quite good things to eat. Nuts will give you some fats as well. You need a variety of these foods in your
diet at regular times. You don’t need special diets to maintain good
health. You need common sense. Basic foods. Lots of sleep. Plenty of water and get rid of people in your
life that annoy you. Those things are going to go a long way to
keeping you up. There’s a couple of tips for you on how to
control the craving for carbs and sugars. If you can control that in your life, you
can control a lot. I hope this was some good information for
you. Take care.


  1. I want to start taking blackstrap molasses for it's nutritional content, but is it bad for candida? Should I avoid it? Thank you in advance.

  2. Im at a point where following the candida diet regimen is making me shrivel up i can see me getting thinner and thinner although i eat quite a bit of food daily during my meal time. Ive always been thin even when i was younger and eating what most would call junk food and bs food that was probably a culprit to my candida and i mean i ate what ever when ever without a thought. so i guess what is the key to maintaining or even gaining a little weight while on a candida diet?

  3. Hi Eric
    My diet is very clean and I've removed the carbs and sugar; however, i am struggling with giving up a glass of red wine (4 nights a week). Any suggestions? I am taking nystatin. Love your videos!

  4. Hi eric i have just been told i have a cellulase deficiency from a digestive test i done . Could this be causing my white tongue and brain fog and i have tryed everything else from candida diet anti fungals ect with no help . Thanks

  5. how do I know if I have BV vs. Yeast? I have NO discharge just itching..no odor…it was treated successful w/ OTC antifungals but now not working. My Dr is trying Flagyl (Metro') but it's not working either (maybe even making my "yeast" worse). TIA

  6. Thank you for your videos. I'm having cravings badly today and I just realized I feel tired today. Definitely a connection I've seen before with myself. Thanks again.. 🙂

  7. I crave sweet fruits, dates, prunes, bananas, but i guess thats also not ideal for my candida problem 🙁 the craving is just so overwhelming

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