7 Healthy New Year 2017 Resolution Ideas for the LAZIEST

7 Healthy New Year 2017 Resolution Ideas for the LAZIEST

Hello Friends! Welcome to Fit Tuber. New Year 2017 is around the corner and it
is time for resolutions. Let’s face it, every year we take resolutions
but then we forget them within 5-10 days. May be because we go over the board and expect
too much from ourselves. So, in this video, I am going to share with
you 7 simple Healthy New Year Resolutions that even the laziest of us can stick to. Actually, buy a water bottle specifically
for this purpose. A lot of people might have advised you to
drink more water for weight loss. Then, you may have replied that I try but
somehow I forget it. Now, if you have a water bottle which is always
at your desk you will automatically drink more water. And then when you go outside, keep that water
bottle in your bagpack. It is a very effective way to increase your
daily water intake. Now, when you go out and feel hungry, you
end up eating something unhealthy. And later you regret it. To avoid it, always carry something along
with you. It can be anything. A banana, an apple, roasted peanuts, roasted
chickpeas, sprouts or anything that you can carry easily. Doing this you will not have to starve yourself
or eat anything unhealthy outside. Now, we all know that sugar is nothing but
calories. It is so unhealthy that it decreases your
metabolism, spikes your insulin, make you fat and what not? Instead, use a natural sweetener like raw
honey or stevia. Now stevia is a zero calorie sweetener. it is a naturally sweet plant native of South
America. Buy that. And if you are not able to find stevia near
you, checkout the link in the description. Now, salt is the biggest enemy of weight loss. Moreover, the tablesalt that we use goes through
chemical processing and has a lot of additives. So what to do? Shall we start eating bland food? Absolutely not! Start using Rock salt or black salt. Sendha namak or Kaala namak as they are called
in Hindi respectively are much better options. They do not go through any chemical processing
and moreover, they are loaded with minerals. This will solve the purpose of eating salt
and then you are not eating something which is so unhealthy The harsh reality of today is that we are
so obsessed with our cellphones that from morning to night, we are glued to them. Resolute to yourself this year that you will
not touch your phone, use laptop or watch T.V. half an hour before you sleep. Trust me friends, it will not only help you
sleep easily but also you will fall into a deep slumber. We cannot have soap and water around us always. In those emergency cases, hand sanitizer is
very helpful. Moreover, when we go out to eat the dirtiest
thing that we can touch is the menu card. Also friends, our phones have a lot of bacteria
on them. So, buy a small hand sanitizer and always
keep it in your bagpack. Now, not everybody likes to go to a gym. Trying a new sport will not only help you
stay fit physically. But also when we learn something new, we enhance
ourselves mentally. So you can try anything, badminton, lawn tennis,
squash, table tennis, kickboxing or any other sport which is near to you. Friends, I hope you liked these healthy New
Year resolution ideas. Let me know which one of these are you picking
this year. And if you have some of your own healthy resolution ideas, do share them in the comments below. Remember, sharing is caring. Also, if you wish to buy the products related
to the healthy resolution ideas I have mentioned, the links are in the description box. Friends, if you found this video to be helpful
do gove it a thumbs up. Also, please do remember to subscribe to my
channel. My name is Vivek, thank you so much for watching. Hey! I wish you a very happy and healthy New Year


  1. like your simple but important and effective tweaks to lead a healthy life. . πŸ‘ keep up the good work bro.. wishing you a fantastic 2017

  2. Hi Vivek, found you on Quora. Appreciate the effort you're putting into making videos. Do you work out in the gym? Would appreciate any tips for effective gym workouts. Thanks!

  3. Hello friend, from Quora..Your simple ideas are awesome thanks, keep posting. I just wanted to add Meditation/Prayer (as you covered all physical level things)for at least 10-15 min before you start anything is a good way to control your thoughts.

  4. Read answer about you on quora and visited your channel..!!
    Totally worth it subscribing you buddy!!
    Your channel is really doing something which is really helpful to the people.
    Keep going bro!!

  5. Hey! Great video! I never thought about the water bottle idea though. Great job πŸ™‚
    Also, what would you advise a lazy software engineer who has little access to gym but wants to take care of her body and shed the unecessary weight? Any quick suggestions?

  6. I have started playing basketball. I do carry a water bottle with me πŸ™‚ and I will try to implement #2, #5 and #6. Can't really do #3 and #4 as I stay in a hostel and eat in a mess. BTW great advice. πŸ™‚

  7. Sir please make some videos in Hindi without using English.And speak little slow in those videos.So that it can help my Mom and ladies of her age.
    thank you

  8. You were mentioned on Quora!
    Immediately checked out your videos to see what you had to say, liked whatever I watched.
    Thanks! Good wishes!

  9. This year, the year of 2017 is going to be the year your YouTube channel goes viral. Please upload regularly to make sure my statement turns into reality! πŸ˜‰

  10. Hello Sir…
    Your videos are so amazing and inspiring.
    I'm a lean person and so are my family members.
    So I think it's genetical…
    Can you make some videos on gaining weight??
    Thank you.

  11. hey bro….nice video…heard a lot about you in Quora. Hope get some good things from your videos and implement to reduce weight and improve health!
    My request is that you can translate what you say in hindi to english since i dont know hindi and i feel people without hindi knowledge can benefit.

  12. Great video! One small concearn, regarding the use of hand sanitizer. It is known to kill all germs from our hands but the healthy bacteria is also being ripped from the skin epidermis. Just an FYI.

  13. I came from quora and I have to agree that the work you are doing is amazing.. don't worry you'll get recognition over time. keep up the good work.

  14. hi…
    i seriously need your guidance in losing weight.
    previously i used to quite slim but now i have gained a lot..
    help me. Nothing seems to work.

  15. Good list. But I have one issue fit tuber. Hand sanitizers have been found out to be bad for health. Just do a google search for is hand sanitizer safe

  16. Hi, Bro. I am 33 , vegeteraian 6 ft , 87kg and wish to loose 10 kg atleast . I dont know where to start. My Fat ratio is 23% which is a concern. I am not burger/pizza guy but still for last 2 years have gained weight in waist area.

    please help me loose 10 kg in 6 months with Indian Veg.diet.
    thanks .

  17. Hey here from quora you are doing a great job.. Can you please suggest me some exercises for lower body I want to lose some inches from lower body..

  18. hi bro all ur videos are very useful to me. but I need to lost 20kgs how can I loose it very fast plz suggest me simple dietplan

  19. Am going to do everything.. except taking up a sport πŸ˜€ because i hit gym daily.. thanks so much..

  20. all ur videos are amazing, put a video on doing pull ups, because personally I do most of exercise but never comfortable in doing pull ups. maybe my hand power is low so help me out

  21. 1 Keep water bottle
    2 Carry healthy snacks
    3 avoid sugar ( use honey)
    4 alternative to salt (use rock salt)
    5 stop using electronics half hour before you sleep
    6 keep a hand sanitizer always
    7 try a new sport
    Thank you Vivek!!

  22. Sir pls make a separate video on why we should substitute common salt, sugar with the things you mentioned in this video. πŸ™‚

  23. Wow bro I am Karnataka
    U are doing good job
    Motivating young generation
    Bhai ko tho me peheli baar Hindi bat karte have deka .

  24. Bro soo many people suffering from vericocele scroutem pain.
    Which effects in married life and fertlity can u plz do video on. "How to overcome vericocele pain"
    15/100 men suffering from it.
    Any one can like,comment if u r also supporting this…

  25. Dear brother pls make video on diabetes disease how to cure diabetes by proper diet and exercise? Pls make study based video, there is a Big scam going in India, Doctors are fooling peoples by keeping them on tablet and insulin…. Pls this is hearty request from this sister…

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