1. I am trying very much to get healthy and loose weight (my goal is to loose 240 pounds) I have been looking for healthy recipes that will benefit both my husband (Diabetic that loves his meat), and myself (I can do without the meat, but do enjoy seafood). My husband says he would eat more fruits and veggies if they taste good. I would like to put together a list of vegan & healthy meal staples, and pantry lists. Can you help me with any suggestions.?

  2. I absolutely loved these meal ideas, you just saved me the hassel trying to figure out dinners for the week 🙂

  3. Can I ask for some help to go cheap vegan? I'm all about carbs and fat but I've been told by my doctor that I'm not getting enough calories since going vegan 6 months ago. so what can I eat that's packed with calories as well as nutrition?

  4. Thank you for encouraging people to convert to veganism, and to cook at home. You're helping the animals, the planet, and people.

  5. Omg this is the best I'm trying every recipe! Thanks for making this video. I didn't realize cooking vegan is so easy much easier than making my traditional Caribbean food

  6. I am vegan. But it's funny to me how the vegan cheese hardly melted from 25 minutes in the oven at 420 degrees. Super processed , BUT tasty lol

  7. I hope you can get a chance to answer this question(s), I understand you are busy :).

    What was your calorie intake during the time you were vegan?
    Did you use vegan protein powders to boosts your macros similar to that of you diet is with animal protein?
    Were there any supplements used to get some of the nutrients that are harder to obtain in a vegan diet? Such as b-6 and b12?
    Any drawbacks from eating meat replacement foods such as tempeh, seitan and such?
    How long was this vegan adventure?

    Regardless whether you can answer these questions or not thank you for the great content.

  8. You are so amazing.
    You embrace every style of eating with so much class and informed information.
    You don't just waffle your own opinion.


  9. These look amazing. I've been mostly vegan for almost a year. Recently tried chicken again and it didn't agree with me so back to my vegan lifestyle. Always looking for more variety in my meals!

  10. It would be helpful if you could add closed captions in English too. I'm interested in what you are saying.

  11. Did you create all these recipes yourself? thanks so much. i will attempt to make the cauliflower recipe tomorrow night

  12. Everything looks so good and healthy! Thanks for sharing! I will definitely be making these recipes for me and my husband.

  13. Try adding pomegratine seeds to your pea guacamole…. also try adding tumeric to lots of your dishes for a natural health benefits


  14. Does your app have an option for strictly plant based foods?? And a way to choose low carb and high carb , vegan meals, i would like to meal prep lunch and dinner for a week, but also need to prep high carb and low carb meals ?? thank you for your time, please let me know .

  15. just found your videos looking for meal prep and I love them! Thank you for putting the time into this 🙂

  16. Honestly I'm just eating vegetables because it's cheaper than meat just throwing it out there that's the only reason I'm doing this.

  17. I’ve done vegan before for like 7 months ….I haven’t come across a single vegan cheese that I like lol… but there are sooooo many things in vegans diet that are similar to other diets ..

  18. This is the best video I've seen since I have decided to start practicing veganism. THE BEST! And I have watched numerous vegan recipe videos!!! So easy and there are only 3-4 ingredients in each dish! This will help me so much on this journey!!! Thank you. 😍😘

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