6/13~Day 50~AT 2019~Stealth Site at 574 to Bland, VA~Mile 574.1 to 591.7~TMH: 600.5

6/13~Day 50~AT 2019~Stealth Site at 574 to Bland, VA~Mile 574.1 to 591.7~TMH: 600.5

Good morning, everyone. It is 8 a.m. And I
stealth camped for the first time by myself last night. Not because I wanted
to be by myself, because I had to. Um… Remember when I said figure out your
normal pain versus not normal pain? I screwed up my left calf muscle to the
point where I couldn’t really hike anymore, but not to the point where I
needed to call SOS. So. And it’s still tight, and not good today. So it’s gonna
be interesting. Goal number one: Get to the next shelter.
I am ok on water, at the moment, as long as I get to the next shelter. Goal number 2: If
I can still hike and not have to take a zero there, I want to make it another
five miles and camp at Laurel something. There’s Laurel campsite or something. If I’m still doing somewhat ok, I want to hike another 7 miles to
Bland, Virginia. And definitely spend the night in hotel there, and maybe zero
there in town. And try to get this healed up. So. But yeah. I’ve been too
ambitious, apparently, doing consecutive twenties back-to-back, at the moment. The way that I’m doing them is not working. So yeah. I need to reevaluate how I’m
hiking, because my ambition is starting to take over. But yeah. The good news is…
Hold on. Good news is, is my bear bag is still there. I didn’t have very many
branches to actually hang on. I tried to hang it up on that branch, and I ended up
breaking it. It’s actually right down there. It didn’t rain too much last night,
which I was kind of worried about, so that’s good. I stealthed in this little
spot on a ridgeline. Not the best place to be when you know there might be a
thunderstorm coming in, but like I said, at that point I’d pushed myself too far
and I could not hike without seriously damaging myself. So yeah. I’m gonna… But I’m gonna go get myself some food, and get myself packed up, and hopefully be
out here by 9:00 ish. And slowly make my way to each checkpoint, but I will talk
to you later. Bye. So the camera can’t quite capture
how beautiful it is this morning. The sun’s come out. And like, this isn’t fog.
This is sunrays down there. It’s so pretty! Oh my gosh. I’ve only gone
like 50 feet from the campsite, and my leg’s okay ish. But yeah. My first goal is
the shelter for today. There’s a nice pretty stream right after
Jenkins shelter. If it was way warmer outside, I’d take a little dip in here.
But it’s too cold today. But yeah. Okay. So update: I made it to Jenkins. I took a long lunch break. Like a good 45 minutes. It’s almost 1 o’clock. And I’m trying to head towards
Bland, Virginia. I originally did not want to stop in town there. But if I can’t
find anywhere to camp near there, then I will head into town tonight. At least
that’s the plan. My next like stop, trying to make to, is Laurel Creek in 4.3.
The leg is, again not 100%, but I definitely can hike on it right now.
Whereas at the end of last night I… that was too dangerous. Not, not dangerous, but that was… I couldn’t push it any further. So. But yeah. Today’s been good. It’s cold,
but it’s sunny outside. And I dunno. I’ve only seen one person. Mojo and her dog,
Stella. That’s it. So I think part of the late April bubble is thinning out or
something. Cause most of people that I know are about, are like ahead of me. So. By at least two days. But that’s ok. You know, just making my way up to Katahdin. And you know, if my body… if I screwed up and went too fast, too soon, then that’s my fault. I need to,
you know, reevaluate. But I will get there for sure. And I’m gonna get going. Bye. So I play video games a teeny bit. I’m
not a huge gamer, but part of me is like: “I wonder what the trail boss is that I have to beat?” But yeah. I guess gamers would only understand that. Anyways. Um. I’m about
five miles out from Bland, Virginia. Still debating on whether or not I’m
going into town. I probably will, I’ll be honest. Spend the money, even though I never planned to stop there at all. Like the whole time
I’m supposed to be staying in shelters and whatnot. But now that my mileage is a little screwed up with my leg, which is feeling okay still, but not a hundred
percent. I can’t go from shelter to shelter. They’re too far apart now, like
from where I need to stop. So. Bland, Virginia will be a 17 ish mile day. So not
bad day. But yeah. So I’m going up this hill to go to the bathroom, and I found a
baby fawn just sitting here. So I’m not going to spook it. I’m just gonna go back
down the trail, and go to the bathroom somewhere else. All right. You guys want to hear
something hilarious? I think I already said that, this in the Dairy Queen. Power’s still
out. It’s like 8:10. But I’m in a room. I asked him to give me a room anyways. Some other hikers are also in a room. Because it’s windy up here, and it’s gonna get
down in the 40s, apparently, tonight. And I rather be in the closed, warm room
without power. And in a bed sleeping, than being out in the cold, if I don’t have to.
So I got water. I’ve got some soda. I’m good to go. I’ve got my food in my food
bag if I get hungry. Um. Technically there’s no toilet running, because the water is
powered by electricity or whatever. I don’t know. I don’t care. I’m still gonna
use the toilet. Don’t tell anyone. But yeah. Um, there are utility people working on it right now.
Um, the power’s been out since 2 p.m. They’ve been trying to get it fixed. But
yeah. Worst case scenario, the dude better discount. I’m not going to
pay the full price for not having power all night, if it doesn’t get fixed in the
next few hours. But, um. But that’s… I mean he’s super nice. He’s like, he’s trying
the best he can. He really is. But anyways. I’m not really gonna complain. I’m in a room.
I’m super, super tired. I’m going to bed. Seriously. Like that’s all I want to do
right now. So. But it’s so interesting. Oh, man. You know, you come into town for certain amenities, and like all of them don’t work right now. Alright. Good night.

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