5 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR OATMEAL MORE BALANCED + selecting the right kind of oats

5 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR OATMEAL MORE BALANCED + selecting the right kind of oats

hello hello welcome to the whole happy
life today we are going to talk about oatmeal and how you can choose the right
kind of oatmeal for your health and how you can choose if I kind of toppings to
make it a healthier option before we get into the details I wanted to quickly
share in my story so you understand why I made this video and hopefully you can
relate in my early 20s to love oatmeal it was my go-to breakfast just add some
water to it and you’re good to go it was typically the instant kind the one that
has lots of additives and brown sugar but you know what it was cheap it’s
convenient it did the job and I didn’t really think much of it but I did notice
that every single time I had oatmeal I was hungry within an hour to that
oatmeal did not get me to lunch I had to have a mid-morning snack so it’s just
wasn’t satisfying then let’s fast-forward to my late 20s in way late
20s I went grain free because it just didn’t feel good on the grains it was
mainly because I was eating a lot of processed grain so completely cut out
the grains I felt good but after a while I kind of lost my energy and I have
since been reintroduced grains but I know a lot more about what works for my
body today and I know a lot more about how to eat grain in a healthy way
carbs are not the issue it’s how they’re processed how we eat them what we eat
the with and the portion in which we eat them so now that I’m armed with this
knowledge I do eat oatmeal a regular basis it’s not everyday breakfast maybe
twice or thrice a week max but it is something I enjoy and I want to share
whatever I have learned so let’s begin before we dive in to how to make oatmeal
better let’s talk about the types of oatmeal you can buy and which ones you
should choose for your health so there are basically four kinds of oatmeal
there is instant oatmeal quick cook then rolled oats and then we have steel-cut
in terms of the nutrition they’re not vitamins and
minerals and the amount of fiber and amount of protein all kinds of oatmeal
are more or less the same not that much of a difference but the real big
difference is how they impact your blood sugar foods can be grouped based on how
they impact your blood sugar using something called the glycemic index high
glycemic foods result in a blood sugar rollercoaster and that’s not what you
want but low glycemic foods result in more stable energy levels you can really
see the difference in this graph so the high GI which is the high glycemic index
foods such as instant and quick cook oats result in a big blood sugar spike
but you don’t see the same spike with the rolled oats okay so now you have
selected the healthiest kind of oatmeal traditional rolled oats or the steel-cut
what can you do to make that oatmeal bowl even healthier I’m going to share
my top 5 tips number one portions and proportions so what do I mean by this
let’s tackle the portions first so a lot of people eat big portions of oatmeal
bigger than their body needs because the concept of portion size is a little
skewed especially in North America because we get such a big servings when
we go out restaurants that excute how we view portions now I can tell you what
the exact portion size for you should be because everyone’s a bit different but I
can give you an average so the average portion size for oatmeal is about 1/3
cup dry not cooked 1/3 cup dry when you cook it it kind of varies some people
cook it with more water so it’s gonna be a little bit more in terms of volume
this is an average portion size about 170 calories which gives you enough room
to add those toppings okay so we have tackled portions let’s
move on to proportions so what I mean by proportions well it’s the amount of
oatmeal to other amounts of food it’s a ratio so let’s imagine we take our open
bowl and we convert it to a plate what does your plate look like does it look
like plate a which is mostly oatmeal and very little of anything else or does it
look like B now a is the majority oatmeal just a handful of berries and nuts
not that much but it’s a really big bowl of just oatmeal that is gonna impact
your blood sugar very differently from plate B which is a balanced plate which
has oatmeal it has fiber from the fruit it has healthy fats and protein from the
nuts that is going to have a very different effect on your body than a so
my suggestion is always to eat a balanced plate a balanced bowl next
let’s move on to protein so protein is very important first thing in the
morning actually protein is important all day you want to make sure that you
start your day with a protein-rich breakfast the reason for this it will
help you stay fuller for longer and adding protein to your oatmeal will
blunt that blood sugar spikes it’s not going to be much of a spike it will be a
slow release so a survey of oatmeal that one-third cup I talked about earlier is
about six grams of protein really not enough for breakfast and if you add some
berries and nuts to it are going to be closer to maybe ten no more than that I
recommend that for your breakfast you need to have a bare minimum of at least
15 grams of protein if you’re gonna make it to lunch without snacking in fact I
even think the 15 is a bit too low ideally more than that but the 15 is a
bare minimum I do better what I’m having about 20 to 25 grams of protein my
breakfast but everyone’s a bit different but don’t go lower than the 15 because
you’re gonna feel hungry really really quick so what are your sources are
proteins well if you’re a plant-based eater you can add nuts and seeds you can
add raw nuts or a nut butter but one ounce of nuts
a good starting point you can also add protein powder to I know this sounds a
bit weird but sometimes like a good tasting protein powder can work very
well in oatmeal now for non plant sources you can add eggs you can
actually cook the egg into the oatmeal low and slow so it doesn’t scramble and
this will add a nice amount of creaminess to your oatmeal or if you’re
like me you can occasionally do a savory bowl of oatmeal so you can add the eggs
on top of your oatmeal and add some veggies
if you eat dairy you can also add Greek yogurt that’s a great choice for adding
protein number three add fresh fruit or frozen fruit and ditch the sweeteners
and dried fruit oatmeal is bland it is bland it needs some sweetness it needs
something to kind of punch it up and a lot of us reach out for brown sugar or
maple syrup or coconut sugar probably kicking out the sugar is the oval is
already a carb heavy breakfast and by adding more curbs to it your body has to
process way too many carbs at one given time and the sugar and then having a
nutrition in it so the best choice really is fresh or frozen fruit because
you’re getting fiber and you’re getting vitamin C so next we’re going to talk
about fiber so oatmeal already has fiber in it but if you want to make sure
you’re getting enough fiber throughout the day take every opportunity to add
some fiber to your diet and adding fiber to your oatmeal will help you stay
fuller for longer and it will help lump that blood sugar response so what can
you add for fiber well you can add fruits for example raspberries
raspberries have about 8 grams of fiber per cup or you can add something like
chia seeds or hemp seeds or you can add vegetables you’re doing a savory oatmeal
there are many many choices of fiber number five add some healthy fat so I
don’t fat to your oatmeal will help you stay fuller for longer and it will blunt
that blood sugar spike that we talked about earlier sources of fat can be for
plant-based eaters nuts and seeds coconut milk shredded coconut or you
know avocado if you’re doing a savory oatmeal that’s a wrap folks so I hope
you enjoyed the video and you’ll learn a few things to make your oatmeal taste
better don’t forget to give this video a thumbs
up and don’t forget to subscribe and I will see you in the next video


  1. My mom cooks the egg into my oatmeal! Its one of my favorite way of eating it. She also puts some chopped chicken breast in it as well.

  2. Cooking oatmeal in milk … is it still healthy with low fat milk? I’ve tried to find the answer online but didn’t get an answer really… really hoping you can answer… thanks

  3. I love oatmeal. This video has been great for providing great information about making healthy oatmeal choices👍🏼❤️

  4. I just blended 1/4 cup Scottish oats, 1/4 cup unsweetened coconut, 1 heaping tablespoon cocoa, 1 heaping tablespoon of peanut butter powder, 1 frozen banana, 3 frozen strawberries, 2 pkts stevia, 2 tablespoons chia seeds, cream, and water to blend with. Then, I poured it in a jar and put it in the fridge for tomorrow.

  5. If your bodbuilding ir weight training, you should have 4 servings of 1/3 cup of oats, and 30 to 50 grams of protein. The body COMPLETELY changes in demand NEEDS, when working out hard core!💪😀👍

  6. Let’s just say. If I wanted to eat eggs and porridge but separately, which should I eat first? Does it matter?

  7. Love oatmeal since childhood. However, I will say that over the years the kinds of oatmeal I eat changed. I enjoy rolled and steel cut. I like to add apples and walnuts. But, I also enjoy oat bran. What is the nutritional value to oat bran? Is it as beneficial as rolled or steel cut, or less in nutritional value like instant and quick cook?

  8. 1/3 cup dry???? are you actually kidding… that's starvation……. and your protein recommendations are a bit ridiculous.

  9. I don’t know why you were hungry that fast again. I’m just eating porridge with water or milk/plant milk and it makes me so full for hours due to the carbs. Maybe it’s different for everybody how much fibre they need.

  10. My go to oatmeal recipe is:
    1/2 dry rolled oats
    1/2 plant based milk or water
    1 banana slices or mashed
    1 tablespoons peanut butter
    Sometimes other fruits like berries but if I make it with apple I add cinnamon powder.

  11. I wish you showed some pix in your video, next time maybe 😉
    Also, how about sprouting the oats? Doesn’t that make it healthier? I heard it’s not good to eat oats that aren’t sprouted.

  12. Oh thank you this is so helpful as I eat a lot of oatmeal ! Although never as healthy as you recommended because I thought I was doing good in eating oatmeal 😅

  13. Is it healthy to eat oats(without cooking) with milk like cornflakes? I've found that oats has iron and milk has calcium so my body won't absorb them! Thanks in advance.

  14. The Whole Happy Life I eat rolled oats, with unsweetened soya milk, chia seeds and cinnamon, is this healthy and should I change anything?

  15. Another good video! Just a couple questions, what protein powder do you use? This one is random, What do you think about leaky gut and how do you recommend healing it? Again thank you for your information! – Lindsay

  16. I feel bad now lol…I love instant oatmeal, thought it was a healthier option since I usually add a banana to it :/ but I'll definitely take these ideas into consideration and give them a try, never thought of having an egg in it :O Do you just crack an egg in the oatmeal or??

  17. I also add chia seeds and ground flax for some micronutrients! And a bit of milk kefir (after cooking & cooled down) for probiotics.

  18. You’re the best. So informative and your videos are exactly what I need right now! So glad you came up on my recommendations. I’ve been getting bad breakouts lately so I have to fix my diet

  19. Hi , from the UK , just found your channel, it’s great! Can I ask please- I give my two year old Ready Brek in the morning with peanut butter and some fruit- are rolled oats better for him or is Ready Brek ok? Many thanks

  20. Hi Ria, not sure you will get my message. I am a huge fan of your content. I love your healthy and science based suggestions. I would love more plant based videos. I have learned so much from you. I always eat my piece of dark chocolate with berries. A staple in my kitchen is the roasted peppers sauce. I use it over quinoa and beans. I have hereditary high cholesterol. I try my best to follow a plant-based diet . Thank you 🙏

  21. I thought I knew about oats and how2eat them but this was very informative as per all your vids!! Thanks Ria!!🤗💖🌼

  22. OMG! You taught me something right in the beginning, and I had to do some more research. I feel like a dummy for not knowing that quick cook rolled oats have a higher GI. I feel quite humbled now. Thank you for teaching us!

  23. Hello,
    you say about 45 grams of oats is enough. I agree, but I eat only twice a day and I need to eat so much in one meal, especially for breakfast. Do you think 100 grams of oats and all other things which you mentioned is too much? Or do you think I should remake it somehow? I normally eat like this and Im already used to eat so much, eating two meals a day makes me feel good.
    Great video, thank you. 🙂

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