five vivian heads, 5 Vivian heads, five
vivian heads. vivian tries that’s what you’re watching now we were have giant
watermelon I don’t have a baby water balloon today
we are going to make visiting a water melon keg I’m not much of a drinker so
not going to be putting any alcohol but i do have alcohol here but those that
may want to put some alcohol in the watermelon today we’re going to keep it
PG now we’re not look pretty simple it says cut a piece of the watermelon off
dig it out punch a hole in it put the through this cold touch huh the faucet your calling is you look like
that what do you think we’re gonna try I’m
gonna tell you it feels this is vivian tried you like my shirt my online where we said we’re going to keep this
PG instructions say large watermelon this little faucet came with the kit
this little thing this is how you punched this is very professional ok this thing to punch the hole through
the thing then we took a little positive and then it is also came with it and you
just screw it on i also have my bottom makes here which i will take all of the
inside and put them in here and then make juice and I put that juice in here what slow down girl and i also have a
spoon to dig all this stuff out have a large knife to cut the ends we’re going
to go ahead and this is gonna take too long you can also do this with it a pumpkin
taste like pumpkin own cool little party trick you see it the big one that’s very valuable
watermelon we’re gonna turn him over on side two
inches from the bottom where you should put your whole so I’m gonna do it right
here all I will write that in there like that
the inside script really good when you go to screw this here oh my head already twist twist to this point on my side ya’ll guys who are you talking to bear
that is so cool whole oh my god the coolest thing ever it is a little messy but i think is
really totally worth the mess we go why you little way to the top ok it is
full it’s at capacity so we’re going to put back our little lid so cute you kind
that was so freaking easy-peasy little Carolina makes you guys continue haha yeah yo I’m so more we’re about to
find out this is gonna get any given hands then
it worked oh it were oh this is mention however it worked i’m
gonna give it 5 million heads we have another as seen on television product
and weird it looks kind of like I don’t know what it looks like i’ve never seen
anything like this in my life it’s a Stone wave microwave dish
microwave cooker mom it says you can cook chocolate soup play one ready for
that poached egg that’s what i want to make today let’s see if this alright it
is made out of like surrounded so i have to be careful not the bus should open ok oh I see how it is I feel like somebody
just made this like in their house like an art class or something don’t you
think didn’t you make this in our class i
think i made it in our class make dessert 0 cooked to perfection how long do I could get 45 minute
recipes five minutes we love anything that’s five minutes I just want to poach poached egg right
so what is never to do potato egg just a simple leg honey glazed carrot y’all do
baked banana dessert okay bear page one I don’t know why just
went through every damn page place what does to my instructions already sit down gonna be a minute one-fourth teaspoon of water crack the
egg into the cooker salt and pepper to taste place the lid microwave for 20 seconds
here’s the trick wait 20 seconds to let it all set cook again for 20 seconds okay cook it
for 20 seconds let it sit for 20 seconds cook it again for 20 seconds seemed like
a lot let’s do it first let me rinse it off
because it looks me is rinsed now we want to put 14 which is not a lot my
here we go ad video water one-fourth cup of hot cup one-fourth teaspoon of water
here it is 140 spoon la one egg and crack it with one hand I don’t think so
/ try oh the shoulder oh no I did it all the
suck of the doubt me annual phase 10 mm right there ok so top sprinkle sprinkle sprinkle a
little bit of salt that’s it hands clean my hands ok put the lid on in the microwave 20 seconds on time we’re gonna work out while we wait ok
1230 King let it sit for 20 seconds 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 which is working to
make money ready 20 more seconds on the clock then back to our workout 12345678 smells like eggs oh my god you got your peak ready i’m
going to reveal it to you guys first because i love you.that ready one that
we can see it as a ball out ready 123 together by look at it is
perfect it is perfect little poached egg is a nonstick looks like it stopped
dropped thank you both that’s not its fault i’m not deducted
maybe enhance because I’m the dumb take it back up now look it is a perfectly
poached egg this is only kinda dude i would so use
this thing oh this was a good one look at it it’s
perfectly cooked the egg whites are perfect the little yolk inside perfect
not overdone this is brilliant even though it’s like
scrambled now because rocked it like a dumb dome but that’s ok it were you guys
side i have on video a work though I have a mess to clean up here today we
have an egg product and television it’s a fantastic yeah no man’s frying pan cook in under
see I already got you going to be an egg in this little container and less than
one minute all know that but I have eggs here because it says that you can just
scramble you can you cook it poach scrambled egg white or an egg sandwich I don’t know how you do an egg sandwich
but three easy steps crack the egg mix it right in the cooker
place the egg in the microwave enjoy you believe it i don’t believe it I wonder it has to be like one little
egg I wonder if it’s just like one and did you feel this whole thing I’m glad
it’s gonna be ready in wait I don’t drop that oh this is gonna be a disaster it is
made out of like surrounding I thought it was plastic I was totally going to
dump it out Oh minor when I just too much top of the
rinse this okay little stickers tell me to look at the manual to check for
cooking times no no your box says or doesn’t say where did I see that that
makes that shit up no we’re right here scrambled egg in
minutes not whatever i’m gonna go right here cook in under a minute that’s one don’t
tell me to check the manual now to see how many minutes I knew it 1 egg 1 minute 2 eggs 1 minute
20 seconds three eggs and four eggs we’re going to keep this real basis
we’re going to do one egg one minute we’re going to see if you can handle one
egg in one minute you’re avail crack the egg crack yet done to improve her like
Salter something I want to scramble it and I want to get the whole fat my little baby here that a pinch of salt ok so far not complicated I hope it
works oh ok live on fam let’s go put into my boy for one minute
one minute on the time up think it’s ready now for your one-minute that’s the
quickest breakfast in my life where you get things going to work going to work
there I don’t think so come on minute already 500 321 it’s ready to begin today oh my god this
thing is gonna burn my hands all bad and grab it with a napkin oh my god guys whoa that is hot as hell
for real look my hands are red and I had napped protection don’t know how much
that help but okay you guys ready for this ready 123 whoa tell me in the comments
below what you think did it work did not work tell me in the
comments below before i show you waiting put it in the comments it worked it not
work no cheating I’ll tell you after you write it go
coupe was so hard i can’t touch it to show you guys let me grab the masking
again it made scrambled eggs alright yeah I am impressed one minute it’s good that over and you
think is too fucking hot for me watch it though it’s a little bit back
ya gotta cook it’s a fucking up in here we go or maybe we should put some spring know
already oh my god it scrambled eggs doesn’t look
wonderful but did it cook it in one minute and try it out of place it’s hot guddu I’ll never crying on the
sole count the kids it doesn’t come here anything it’s really good guys have a
winner i’m going to give this guy 5 million
okay we’re trying this as seen on television product called the magic tap
automatic drink dispenser no trips no spills easy trigger to pour one hand
what I sound like the infomercial die let me tell you that right off the bat
packaging is looking weak very eighties faded colors come on y’all gotta step up
the game on the packaging because it is not impressive the idea of this product
is this big gallon when you buy these gigantic gallon because in America we
have to buy everything in like these super-sized sizes so when you buy these
gallons in there having to take out your fridge every time and let so heavy you
do is you can buy this little thing and then put it right here and then all you
have to do is go then gotta drink you don’t pull out the whole damn bottle you
got the idea was that all clear it was clear my head okay seems pretty easy i think the rent
this out kids can help themselves that’s what I’m
talking about kids get your own damn milk it says i need back what I mean
battery it is dirty but that’s what it looks
like you better read this off that’s gross where the battery Oh cute i
love it ok the battery’s going there I shouldn’t
you need batteries but have a pump or something let’s rinse this off so that i can use
it and it’s rinse the whole thing I hope I just ruin it like this little part of
here I I got your back I’ll be back here are
my two double-a those red in there boom know right this go ok easy-peasy everything but
it’s got snapped its gotta snap you guys okay okay you’re not here can you hear it hold on let me show you
hear it oh my god there’s like a little motor
down here or something this is so cool okay i don’t know why i’m so excited I
never drink these types of Jesus ok said we’re gonna open this guy up okay you put this I’m not following the
instructions as always you guys know but it looks pretty straightforward ok it in
there like that just like that i’m so excited oh my god okay put it sideways
so you guys can see it let me go get coffee cup ok ready when a role play
mommy I want juice okay go get it yourself so you open the fridge and then
you have this little container just sitting there and they’re going to get
your cup ready supposedly this is really easy you’re
just gonna press on this little thing and it’s just going to come out for him
let’s see where have you been all my life I make these jeans discoveries like
everyday you guys if you’re not watching Vivian tries as seen on television
products you’re missing out you’re living under a rock you’re
welcome because this is breaking look at this you’re welcome moms so you
could get their own damn Frank I love it up is genius I love it no still no drip no lifting no
nothing this product is a winner I’m keeping it
and i’m going to be using it i wonder if i can put it in my soda pop one now I
can’t so I’m gonna give this gadget five Vivian head all right you guys thank you
so much for coming back for another episode of busy and tries if you are
enjoying these types of videos let me know by giving the video a like if
you’re new to the channel i put out several videos every single week around
food taemin entertainment videos is what I produce for you guys i hope that
you’re enjoying them in the comments below let me know if you try this little
gadget or if you have some ideas or have seen a really cool kitchen gadget that
you want me to try let me know that in the comments below I love this thing I think you should go
get it the links down below will take it adds on to go now on you need this in
your life all right you guys thank you so much for
going back i’ll see you in the next one bye


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