[4K] Storm Cheese Sauce / Making It Really Easy # 024

Sugar, Sliced ​​Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese, Milk I’ll make it light. Important! 1 cup of milk When it starts to boil 5 sliced ​​cheese Mix it well so it doesn’t stick together uh?? Put mozzarella cheese Just mix it up and it’s easy. 1 spoon of sugar or honey Add pepper ~ If you add a lot of mozzarella cheese, It becomes cheese sauce ~ Taste difference Completion ~ Time to spill cheese on hamburger pastry Wow ~~~~ I want to eat again while editing video Please dip the sauce separately rather than lump The bread and sweets are a little damp But it was so delicious Should we have a hamburger? Too much cheese Sue ~ Today is not the kind of rice Everyone made a favorite cheese sauce ~ too much cheese, there is shave, cola is essential! Feeling like you’re scraping a cheese spilled into a cake Mustard, add honey to your taste Coke essential .. What’s the dessert today? Green tea flavor Taiyaki I really needed ice cream … Thank you for watching the video today. I always love my subscribers ~ Babai ~

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