4 Foods that INCREASE Inflammation!

4 Foods that INCREASE Inflammation!

– Hi, I’m Dr. Joseph Pergolizzi, and today we’re gonna
talk about a natural way to address joint discomfort. There is a spice that comes mainly out of India and Asia called turmeric, and turmeric has been used
for thousands of years in this region of the world as a daily type of
ingredient or supplement. And what we’re finding
is that including this in your everyday diet
may be a very good idea if you wanna try to control
or decrease inflammation. Turmeric is a spice that you
can actually buy in the store. I suggest if you’re gonna use
it to address joint relief that you look more towards a
supplement type of opportunity so that you know how much you’re getting. But what it tries to achieve is a decrease in the inflammation that
can potentially result in joint discomfort. You do need to take it
with other types of foods. So adding ginger and turmeric
is very commonly done in Asia. A lot of times what we find
is that the ginger will make the turmeric a little more digestible so that people will be able
to add it to their foods. And it also increases flavor
when you have ginger with it I’m Dr. Joe Pergolizzi, and I
wanna thank you for watching. (upbeat music)

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