3ABN: Macaroni And Cheese For Vegetarians

3ABN: Macaroni And Cheese For Vegetarians

00:01 Do you enjoy Macaronian Cheese?
00:03 I know I do. Well you stay tuned we have a great
00:06 Macaronian cheese meal for you today. 00:40 Welcome to Let’s Cook Together,
00:42 my name Angela Lomacang and I’m so glad you’ve
00:45 joined us today. We have a wonderful we have mater of
00:49 fact we have several wonderful recipes 00:51 so sit back get your pen and paper ladies
00:54 as well as men and boys and girls and you are going
00:58 to be in for a wonderful nutritional treat today
01:02 our guest today his name is Robin Swain 01:06 and he is from Faith Made Whole Ministry.
01:10 He is come all away from Georgia thank you
01:13 it’s a wonderful to be here. Again not as you say
01:16 I’m Robin Swain and we would faith made whole
01:18 and what we do Angy we actually go around 01:21 we do seminars we teach people how to
reverse 01:25 Debilitating Lifestyle disease naturally
01:28 and so with that what we’re gonna to do today,
01:31 we’re going to do a Macronian Cheese dinner.
01:34 Often times people will ask do you have a good cheese
01:37 recipe yes you have a good Macronian Cheese recipe
01:40 that seems to be the most requested and one of the
01:42 most requested thing so. We put together a dinner
01:45 something special that we can enjoyed loaded with
01:48 nutritional benefits though. Okay and you know,
01:51 Robin most children what’s their favorite meal
01:54 Macaronian cheese yes. So one that way that make
01:58 is not with cheese is it not no real cheese absolutely
02:01 it’s not real cheese and in fact one of the thing is
02:04 you want to remember and this why we have
02:06 alternatives when you eat the traditional 02:08 Macaronian Cheese you have first of
all the cheese 02:12 which is loaded with a means hypertensive
means such as 02:15 Tyramine histamine these things causes
a high blood 02:19 pressure allergies excellent things
such as that 02:21 and so we’re going to replace that with
whole 02:24 grain as opposed to and enriched grains,
02:26 but also going to used a cheese substitute 02:30 if you will and again all that into
one dish 02:34 and loaded with flavor loaded with health
benefits. 02:37 Alright well let’s get going the ingredients
02:40 we need for the Baked Mac-a-Cheese Casserole are
02:44 1 can coconut milk 1 1/4 c. water 02:50 4 garlic cloves � c. raw cashew pieces
02:55 1 to 2 tsp. of sea salt 1 tsp. Natural raw sugar
03:00 1 jar pimentos 1 tsp of onion powder 03:05 3 tbsp. lemon juice 1/4 c. cornstarch
03:10 1 � c. frozen green peas 1 c. sliced olives
03:18 8 oz. tofu diced in small cubes 03:22 6 to 7 whole grain macaroni.
03:27 Okay, whole grain macaroni whole grain very,
03:30 very important. We want to encourage everyone to always
03:35 as much as possible go away from the enriched products,
03:38 enriched whole grains okay and move to the
03:40 whole grains. Why do I said they yes Angy the reason
03:43 why when we eat the whole grains we find that
03:45 three parts to any grain you have the brand,
03:48 you have the germ, you have the Endosperm 03:50 when you eat whole grains what happens
is the brain 03:54 wraps itself around the endosperm and
then 03:56 what happens when you eat the let’s
say the 03:59 whole grain eat the meal yes the sugar’s
are converted 04:03 into glucose at a slower rate so instead
of enriched 04:07 products they go into the system the
blood sugar 04:10 goes up crushes and goes back down horrible
for 04:13 diabetics but when you eat the whole
grain 04:16 it’s the fiber is release very because
of the fiber 04:19 it’s release slowly, slowly yeah so
instead of those 04:22 sky rocket effect what we have is the
well like at the 04:25 aero plane effect and so we’ll take
off an then is 04:28 also gonna to help you to stay longer
as far as 04:31 getting hungry you know sometimes we
eat things 04:34 let’s say white rice and white Macaroni
yes your 04:37 hungry within a couple of hours that’s
true the 04:39 whole grains keep you longer. So you
definitely 04:41 want to go with the whole grain pasta
so we’re gonna 04:44 to cook 6 to 7 cups of that as you be
cooked 04:47 when you’ve done okay we’re going with
that 04:49 we have that and then now we’re gonna
to go right into 04:50 the cheese. Let’s start off with our
coconut milk yes 04:58 and what we’re going to do here like
I said we want to 05:02 move away from the traditional Macaronian
05:04 cheese and so we have we are using coconut milk
05:08 now this coconut milk is it the is it the canned
05:12 coconut milk. Yes we used to canned coconut milk
05:14 this time you could also want if you want to
05:16 substitute you know you can make the whole coconut milk
05:18 yes. Sometimes we save times and sometimes we go
05:21 for the optimist so optimist to take the coconut make
05:25 your own coconut milk yes you can do that well
05:27 we use to do that. My mom use to do that in years ago.
05:29 Also we’re gonna to go with the cashews we trading
05:33 cholesterol if you will we trading our cholesterol
05:37 and animal products and high fat of the macaroni cheese
05:41 with some of these natural fats is that raw cashew raw
05:44 cashes nuts they are high in B1, B2, wow, also
05:47 magnesium and for at those who are not aware
05:50 Magnesium believe it or not magnesium helps with things
05:53 such as nervousness, irritability, depression, 05:57 excellent for magnesium, magnesium yes
okay if you 06:00 irritable folks yes you want to eat
more cashews 06:05 then we have here or pimentos which
are very 06:08 high in vitamin C, yes we’re gonna to
add everything 06:12 else. Now except for couple of things
we don’t want to 06:15 add the tofu because we’re gonna to
add mix these at 06:18 the end. Okay. Okay the garlic. And
I noticed you 06:23 just, you didn’t mashed the garlic,
I didn’t mashed 06:25 them because this particular blender
06:27 is going to do all that for me, that’s true,
06:28 it does it very well okay. We have our lemon juice
06:35 and as I smell the moment go past my nose,
06:38 yes I do, I can almost taste before we even get started
06:41 here final the last two ingredients we have the salt
06:45 little sugar and is that the sea salt this is the sea
06:48 salt you definitely in current sea salt. 06:50 You know I like a salt called real salt
I don’t 06:53 know if you familiar with that no I’m
not real salt 06:55 it has minerals trace minerals over
50 trace 06:58 minerals and so I like, Really? Yes.
And what kind 07:02 of salt is that again? It’s called Real
Salt. 07:04 Yes. In one way you can know it, it
is, 07:07 has a peak texture to it. We didn’t
use that today. 07:10 We just used regular sea salt, but when
I have the 07:12 opportunity, when I have the option
I like to use the 07:15 real salt because it gives you over
50 trace minerals 07:18 that helps with the facilitation of
vitamins 07:20 and help the body just runs smoother
and so. 07:22 Where can you get that salt? Most of
you health food 07:26 stores do carry that. Okay. It’s called
Real Salt. 07:29 Real Salt! And so, but if not sea salt
is also very 07:33 excellent as well. Okay, alright. Okay,
so simply 07:36 from there we’re going to just, yes,
blend, blend it 07:40 all together now here we go.
08:09 That’s probably been blended enough yeah let’s go ahead
08:11 and next thing we wanted to do let’s go ahead
08:14 and add our noodles right are cooked these are cooked
08:20 there you go so you boiled it in water cooked noodles
08:21 and broad and wide and it just dram them in pretty
08:24 much we just step you with fall the directions on the
08:26 box yes. We have our Tofu and what kind of tofu is
08:32 that is that firm extra firm we use the firm tofu okay
08:36 and I’ve mention it before in seminars but do you
08:39 know that tofu Angy on the parallel basis has more iron
08:45 and more protein than meat tofu yes on a per weight
08:49 basis now tofu is light we just have better if you go
08:51 just wow pound for pound ounce for ounce it has more
08:54 iron and even more protein than meat not only that
08:58 it has more calcium per weight than milk it has more
09:02 B1, B2 and B6 then eggs oh mine, but without,
09:08 without the cholesterol. So, you can have a healthy
09:11 vegetarian diet absolutely without the Cow without
09:14 the Cow save the Cows yes we’re gonna to mixing the
09:17 olives all as are also like you said this macaroni
09:21 cheese cashew is packed with a very benefits olives
09:24 are very good for the digestive track. 09:27 Also they help olives are yes it constipation
09:30 and things like that so and then we have green peas
09:34 which are very high in fiber green are they also have
09:38 vitamin C. You know a lot of people think Angy that
09:40 the only source of vitamin C is from the what the
09:44 orange that’s typical they are many other sources
09:48 I didn’t mentioned but those Pimentos that we added to
09:50 that yes those are come from red peppers which are the
09:54 second leading source of vitamin C that we have
09:58 really yes. Over second secondly source the number
10:01 one source this is a fun fact Acerola Cherry 1000
10:05 what kind of cherry is that Acerola some little small
10:08 red Cherry mostly there native I believe to
10:11 the Caribbean area okay area is that there.
10:13 They are very high tort and make is it yeah
10:16 they you’ve taste when they will make your mouth just
10:18 almost like a lemon but 1600 mg of vitamin C,
10:21 oh mine and there is second and it’s a little yes
10:24 oh I mean for the serving not for the one but for us
10:26 to right, right just serving of. Can be a second as
10:28 the red pepper with the 190 and then believe it or not
10:32 orange juice all the way down at what 53 mg oh mine
10:36 and so I believe them Broccoli and Strawberries 10:40 are in the same areas for us in fact
Strawberry’s have 10:42 no vitamin C so. Oh mine then orange
many source yes 10:45 many source of vitamin C so you see
what we have here 10:48 we have the but just we needs the mixed
everything 10:51 together yes and now simply what we’re
gonna to do 10:53 we’re gonna to add our cheese. Now there
is a 10:55 couple of way you can actually do this
I should 10:57 mention what we’re gonna to do today
we’re gonna to 10:59 cheese mix this all together and you’ll
notice 11:03 I intentionally left out a little bit
of noodles 11:07 that’s right because I wanted to make
sure we have 11:10 enough cheese to go though and usually
it’s fine 11:12 but that’s what I says 6-7 cups yeah
in the recipe 11:17 because I read the have enough cheese
yeah. 11:22 You know yeah I have done it before
but you know when 11:24 I have the stop to making more cheese
so you want to 11:26 cheesy everyone want with if you have
Macaronian cheese 11:29 you want cheese that’s right. Of course
you want to 11:31 know this everything girls that so we
most children 11:34 want cheese and macaroni they’ll like
cheese yes. 11:37 Now, this looks really good yes what
is gonna to happen 11:40 because we have corn starch in here
oh well this firm 11:43 is going to it’s going to solidified
very nicely 11:47 and I cured at this point I cured if
I wanted to add 11:50 the rest of it, but I would even bake
it just like 11:53 this you have little to spear yes. And
we would place 11:57 in the Oven okay like so we would heat
it 12:01 and we would bake it until probably
for 30 12:04 I want to say 40 to 45 50 minutes okay
on about 350 12:08 degrees yes and then is going to firm
up and you 12:11 will see that the cheese yes to stop
bubble and start 12:13 to get little nice and smoothie form
color and then 12:17 even your taste but would tell you how
in the smell 12:20 and we’ll show the towards the end of
this 12:22 you’re getting an opportunity to see
that 12:24 as well. And we have some more things
that we’re going 12:26 to share with you. So go with our Macaronian
cheese 12:30 dinner or Macaronian Cheese Cashew Roll
to include 12:34 our Macaronian cheese dinner and the
second item 12:37 we’re gonna to do the kale greens now
the kale greens 12:40 consist of 2 large bunches of Kale
12:43 3 tbsp. garlic, chopped 1 tbsp. garlic powder
12:49 1 tbsp basil 1 tbsp lemon juice 12:53 1 tbsp. Tahini 1 tsp salt
12:57 2-3 tbsp Bragg’s liquid Aminos 13:01 1/4 c. nutritional yeast flakes � tsp.
marjoram 13:06 1 c. fresh cilantro � c. coconut milk
13:11 1 medium onion and finally 2-3 c. water. 13:17 Okay now we have Kale Greens yes what
is kale greens 13:22 and tell us the nutritional value of
Kale Greens? 13:25 Kale greens is a type of Green its in
the green 13:28 family so such as you know everyone
is familiar mostly 13:30 with the turning green and the must
of the calig green 13:35 kale is one of the greens that is unique
in fact 13:38 it’s very high I mean nutritional stand
point 13:41 and in fact compare to almost even to
broccoli 13:43 as far as oh really rate. Let me tell
you something 13:46 unique about the greens as well greens
believe it 13:49 or not greens for a green if you will
for a green 13:52 fruit hasn’t exceptional amount of fiber
in it fiber 13:56 yes for green and usually there is fiber
and different 14:00 things but you don’t think of green
item with fiber 14:02 so no. it does have a amount of fiber
and you say 14:04 something that was traditional known
but now 14:06 we would also find not as we study more
into the greens 14:09 would there also yes finding out that
it also contains 14:12 significant amounts of vitamin C, there
you go 14:16 folic acid, calcium, and not only calcium
a very 14:19 absorbable Calcium so the calcium really
yes the 14:22 calcium it is very absorbable and something
14:24 called I should mention manganese, manganese 14:27 actually helps the bodies Antioxidants
defend system 14:32 and when it helps the fight against
free radicals. 14:34 So many things about the Kale Greens
also it contains 14:38 Carotenoids it was actually help they
protect the eyes 14:40 from you be raised oh really which protect
against 14:42 things like cataract so. There is lot
going on with 14:46 this little green here so. You definitely
want to 14:49 include this and today’s program yes
and we’ve 14:52 talking about buy the way you talking
about program 14:54 we teach something called the Life Program
in Seminar 14:57 when we go to different churches when
we go to 15:00 different organizations okay part of
that involves 15:03 how to live a healthy lifestyle yes
how to become 15:06 closure to god as well in addition to
showing them 15:09 how to prepare so. Exactly, the cooking
is part of 15:13 what we do as well okay and this is
the kale so 15:16 what we’re gonna to do with it this
is kale. 15:17 Well we simply gonna to do we’re going
to place the 15:19 Kale into the pot and we’re gonna to
put all the 15:22 ingredients in there and gonna to make
some so 15:24 let’s go ahead and let start to tribute
this seems 15:28 like a lot of kale lot of kale interesting
thing about 15:31 you start off with a lot yeah end up
with less 15:33 and that’s right. But I like to think
of it as 15:36 nutrients compacted down yes. So every
bite is even 15:40 more nutritious. I ‘m gonna to go out
and get me some 15:44 kale, kale there is something that you
I did go 15:46 and had all that wonderful ingredient
want got away 15:49 to them yeah there so you got to putting
the pot 15:54 we’re gonna to putting the pot and after
this it gets 15:56 really simple yeah but what I usually
do and so all 15:59 washed all washed and by the way the
hands are clean 16:02 so we’re want to have clean hands yes.
We’re gonna to 16:04 add cilantro too this is a mix loves
a lot too give set 16:07 excellent and you want this ever had
some cilantro 16:10 or know that it’s definitely is a flavor
in hands yes 16:14 it is. We’re gonna to add everything
yes we have 16:15 salt and the things like the Bragg’s
Aminos with 16:21 different spices in herbs here. Boy
show smells good 16:25 once it oh yeah we can smell from here.
16:27 That herbs stuff wonderful and this is there is like
16:30 Tahini, Tahini yeah and what does that do oh Tahini
16:38 everyone is to have it very high in iron in iron ladies
16:43 that’s good to know ladies every almost every almost
16:46 everyone yeah that you can felt with and we do health
16:48 concentration specially, I almost always suggest to
16:51 them. To include this and make this a part of the
16:54 daily diet Tahini yes we’re gonna to go ahead
16:57 and add the garlic and I’m gonna to talk about the
17:00 guard a little later on many Tahini here types of
17:03 Garlic ah from there we can add the onions let’s go.
17:09 Okay and then we have coconut milk again there is
17:13 that Coconut Milk another. You know Coconut Milk is
17:18 something that Caribbean Island people West Indians
17:23 like such as myself we use that in almost everything
17:27 yes. Coconut is yes definitely excellent for the
17:30 flavor and believer it or not coconut yeah contrary
17:33 to what was once believe it does not have people think
17:37 to people think to Coconut has cholesterol 17:39 because it has fat and does not cholesterol.
17:41 Coconut is not have cholesterol no cholesterol 17:44 no cholesterol in fact it’s good to
know the only thing 17:46 is that have cholesterol we have to
look at things 17:49 that are primarily come from a liver
because 17:52 cholesterol is made in the body yes
it’s made in the 17:56 liver okay, so if it has a liver or
comes from 17:59 something that has a liver for maybe
the mother of the 18:02 liver or related to that of a Liver
yeah, yeah it 18:05 propbably has cholesterol for the most
18:07 part of that’s right. There are few exception but
18:09 cholesterol is not in it has fat but it does not have
18:13 and it’s the fat it does not determine or harmful to
18:16 the body it’s a good fat. Next what we’re gonna to do
18:18 we’re gonna to use our hands we’re gonna to in
18:20 and we’re gonna to mix all this together because
18:23 what this gonna to do is gonna to help the shrubby
18:26 greens. Now you’ll notice we put about two to three
18:29 cups in here yes and you saved that wasn’t water oh
18:33 wasn’t lot of water. Well, and looks like it’s not
18:36 but what’s gonna to happen is these greens are gonna
18:38 to cook down yes and you gonna to find Angy that it
18:43 will be plenty of water and it’s gonna to shrink yes
18:46 and the less water we have the more and nutrients the
18:48 Key okay. And so in less water but it also the water
18:52 we do the liquid have we if I such you don’t through
18:55 it out but no, no there is out nutrients so we keep
18:58 those and we and soon those as well for you them one
19:02 nutrients and so we just mix it very well and from here
19:06 it’s a simple process so once you have everything
19:09 fairly mixed and yes I like to go to the bottom
19:13 and make sure everything is there yeah. 19:15 Now, when you continue to cook it yes
it’s gonna to 19:17 cook down continue start because it’s
gonna also 19:21 definitely continue to make in these
flavor I gonna to 19:25 do what I called mingo with each others
yes so. 19:27 We’re gonna to cut this for 20 maybe
25 minutes 19:31 or so got long yeah or desire tenino
is because 19:34 sometimes the more you cook the more
nutrients are 19:38 falling to the water so. I usually say
20 to 25 yes 19:41 because we find Angy the different people
have 19:43 different ways they like get drinks,
I definitely 19:46 advise against cooking them as you say
cooking them to 19:48 death, but so we say cooked for though
no for cook up 19:51 yes or average 20 to 25 minutes is about
the average 19:54 tolerance and cook to simply cook to
your own desire 19:59 tenino as yes, but from there just put
them on 20:02 put a lid on and then we go just put
it on the stove 20:06 and we forgot this don’t want to forget
that oh 20:08 what is that these are yeast flakes
that’s the yeast 20:11 flakes every high in B vitamins very
high in B 20:13 vitamins. We did not put that, but don’t
worry 20:17 it won’t go without us yes we’ll make
sure have that 20:20 and this will take down. So we just
mixed that little 20:21 better and we are on our way and then
yeast flakes 20:27 are going to give a you know yeast flakes
although 20:29 as well as high in B vitamins yes they
give a 20:34 cheesy type of texture to oh really
to all taste to 20:38 anything you put it with so. You’re
gonna to get B 20:40 vitamins and you’re gonna to get a nice
little delicate 20:44 flavor to go with that yes almost like
a cheesy kind 20:47 of texture yeah, yeah put that them
in nice aroma. 20:49 You’ll like it I guarantee you you’ll
like it everyone 20:52 who tries it will like it as well so
and at the end of 20:54 this program towards the end of this
program we’ll 20:56 show the finish product of the Kale
yes and 21:00 what we’re gonna to do now we’re gonna
to move into 21:02 our next recipe then we have the Garlic
Bread Spread 21:06 to make the Garlic Bread Spread you
need the 21:09 1 c. olive oil 1 tsp. chicken seasoning
21:13 4-6 cloves garlic, minced, 1 tsp. basil 21:18 1 tbsp. lecithin granules 2 tbsp. yeast
flakes. 21:25 Now we have this wonderful Garlic Spread
Bread for our 21:29 bread yes, yes garlic let me just mention
a few things 21:32 about garlic yeah tell us about garlic
excellent, 21:34 excellent there are so many things I
can mention about 21:36 garlic it’s an antiseptic, antibiotic,
antifungal 21:41 I mean wow it helps lower cholesterol
it brings down 21:45 the LDL which is what we sometimes called
the bad 21:48 cholesterol yes. Cholesterol also garlic
believe it 21:52 or not it helps fighting Tumers that
helps bring 21:55 your Triglycerides down so there are
so many things 21:58 are excellent for the heart high blood
pressure, 22:01 high blood pressure anything to cholesterol
anything 22:04 done with that excellent for so. Well
we can enjoy this 22:08 so let’s do this okay let’s go ahead
and get started 22:11 yes let’s do this we simply go into
blend everything 22:13 we have Olive Oil yes here we go and
add all of the 22:18 Oils or the different types of oils
olive oil is the 22:23 mostly nutritious now tell me do you
use this version 22:27 extra version light extra version I
give you a easy 22:30 way for you to kind of understand the
dark of 22:34 the olive oil the less for example the
lot of the 22:36 Olive Oil yes the less nutritious it
is okay 22:41 they light olive oil is good for things
like yes frying 22:45 or I’m not my say frying, but then you
don’t want to 22:48 taste the change in the dish yes but
just note that 22:51 the more darker it is the extra version
in the coal 22:54 press then the more nutritious is going
to be 22:56 I see. But Olive Oil in general period
is good 23:01 okay this is Lecithin oh yeah this is
also good for 23:05 cholesterol and then we have yeast flakes
23:08 and we just put the other ingredients in as well.
23:12 And all we’re gonna to do from here with simply blend
23:15 so real simple process yeah let’s go to the blender.
23:36 Doesn’t take very long it all this is ready and all
23:39 we do well we’re gonna to pour in here and you take
23:43 some of your favorite whole grain there very important
23:48 and spread that today we have a right whole grain
23:52 right bread and you just take a pastry brush of some
23:56 sort and we just spread it on it and you can bake it
24:00 for 350 to 385 yes for about 15 or so minutes oh mine
24:06 and you just put in the oven and you take it out
24:08 and you have the whole house of aroma of garlic
24:12 and there what you don’t even have before you get it
24:14 oven you just smell there in fact I smell garlic
24:16 I smell it now I can wait to taste it so yes
24:20 but yeah very a very healthy very healthy 24:23 when it comes to garlic bread definitely
alternative 24:26 for butter and things like that yes
it is and saturated 24:29 fats you don’t want that this is the
way to go okay. 24:32 Well we have made wonderful meal today
so 24:35 what we’re gonna to do we’re gonna to
take a short 24:38 break and we when you come back you’ll
see everything 24:41 that we made so far today and you will
be just 24:45 thrilled and you’ll be calling us and
right writing 24:47 us to get that recipe so stay tuned
24:50 we’ll be right back. 24:54 We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s program
with 24:56 Robin Swain. Now let’s take a moment
to review our 24:59 macaroni and cheese recipes. Bake macaroni
25:02 and Cheese Casserole 3 c. soymilk 25:05 1 � yeast flakes 4 cloves of fresh
garlic 25:08 1 tbsp paprika 1 � tsp sea salt
25:13 1 tsp natural raw sugar 1 c. oil 25:17 1 pkg. frozen green peas 1 jar pimentos
8oz. 25:22 tofu cut in � cubes 6-7 c. cooked
whole grain pasta. 25:27 For our Kale Recipe 1 large bunches
of Kale 25:31 3 tbsp. garlic, chopped 1-2 tsbp. Bragg’s
Liquid Aminos 25:36 1/4 c. nutritional yeast flakes � tsp.
marjoram 25:44 1 c. fresh cilantro 1 c. egg plant,
chopped 25:49 1 medium onion and finally 2 to 3 c.
water. 25:54 For our Garlic Bread Spread 1 c. olive
oil 25:58 1 tsp. chicken seasoning 2cloves garlic,
minced 26:03 2 tbsp minced fresh parsley 1 tsp. basil
26:08 1 tbsp. lecithin granules 2 tbsp. yeast flakes.
26:13 If you would like to contact Robin Swain, 26:16 please call 3ABN at 1-800-752-3226 for
more 26:21 information or write us at 3ABN PO Box
220 26:27 West Frankfort, IL 62896 that phone
number again 26:33 is 1-800-752-3226.
26:37 Now let’s look at our finish recipes with Robin Swain.
26:56 Welcome back now Robin you’ve mentioned 26:59 Chicken Seasoning Mac is it chicken
ingredients 27:03 or chicken seasonings in the recipe.
27:05 Yes I mentioned chicken seasoning and simply a
27:07 combination of urgent spices used to make a chicken
27:11 flavor imitation chicken flavor and they have many
27:14 of the market and many recipes if you contact us
27:17 we can give a recipe as well. 27:19 Okay, now let’s show what we just made
today 27:21 we started off with a healthy our Macaronian
27:24 cheese this is Macaronian cheese casserole healthy
27:27 style from there we made a Kale Greens here
27:31 and loaded with nutrition loaded with flavors well
27:34 we then went to the Garlic Spread 27:38 and from there we took the garlic spread
27:40 and we went a simply made garlic bread. 27:44 Well folks I hope you enjoy the recipes
that we shared 27:48 with you today. I would like you to
try it at home 27:51 and try it your church family also.
27:54 Robin I want to thank you for sharing recipes with us
27:57 thank you and may God continue to bless you.
27:59 Until next time bye, bye.

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