31 Days of Learning English – Day 1 – Hi Everybody! It’s time to improve your English – introduction

oh here we go
Oh are you excited are you as excited as I am I hope so welcome to thirty-one
days of English hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in
England how are you today are you ok I hope so
are you happy I really hope so here we are then it is 31 days of October yes we
are here with day 1 and if you are watching list Sunday you will know that
I am doing something very special during the month of October because this month
I will be celebrating my 13th year here on YouTube so I thought why not why not
do something special for the month so I’ve decided to do something that but
for some people might seem a little crazy
in fact one or two people have already said mr. Duncan we think what you are
doing is crazy there is no way you are going to be able to do thirty-one
livestreams but I will try my best anyway that’s all I can do all I can do
for you is try my best first of all the weather outside is terrible there it is
right now a live view outside I’m not sure if you can see anything at the
moment but the rain is falling very heavily it is a horrible day outside for
those who are wondering I am NOT outside today I am in the studio and for 31 days
I will be mostly in the studio except for the weekends of course at the
weekend I will still be outside as long as the weather is ok but there it is
right now looking out the window the rain is falling very heavily it is a
horrible day but here in my studio it is lovely and dry and I hope you are
feeling good today oh you eat are you excited
can I just ask you now how are you really excited so on a scale of one to
ten one being not excited and 10 being very excited
what are you at the moment are you excited or not excited well I’m
pretty excited lots of things coming up on today’s live stream here we are day
one of 31 days of October yes every day for 31 days I will be here live from 2
p.m. UK time that is from Monday to Friday and then of course on Saturday
it’s the normal time 12 p.m. and then on Sunday
once again it’s 2 p.m. I’m sure over the next few days you will get the hang of
it if you get the hang of something it
means that you get used to it or you understand how to do something so
I’m sure over the next few days you will get the hang of my super duper 31 days
of learning English during the month of October but why am I doing this why am I
doing this especially for October I hear you ask well here is the reason why video isn’t exciting
well it’s been another busy week and of course as usual I’ve been in the school
teaching English that’s my job I think one of the most common questions I’m
asked during my time here in China by my students is how can I improve my English there’s one thing I’ve noticed my
fingers have gone dead look my fingers have got a strange ready blue purpley
pink color not very good I think I think if I stay outside much longer I think
they will fall off hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today
are you okay I hope so are you happy I hope so welcome to the very first
episode of my series of English teaching videos you know the world of English is
a fun and exciting place to be I’m so glad you could join us for another
lesson why do we need phonetics the reason why we need a phonetic code is
because some English letters have more than one sound and because some letters
when joined together in a word actually create a new sound of their own also
there is the silent letter that can appear within a word so there is a small clue as to why I am
doing lessons all the way through October yes at the end of this month I
will be celebrating my thirteenth year thirteen years my youtube channel is
almost as old as YouTube itself I’m not joking it is true and we are here on Tuesday
the 1st of October 31 days of English lessons I will be chatting with you all
the way through October every single day but the big question is who has decided
to join me today on the live chat well let’s have a look shall we
oh we have quite a few people already on the livestream chatting to me live hello
there – Olivia hello Olivia guess what Olivia you are first on
today’s live chat and that means you get a round of applause congratulations Olivia you are first on
the first day of October we’ve another 30 still to go by the way if you want to
see the live captions you can look all you have to do is press that now I know
what you’re saying mr. Duncan your piece of paper is upside down well this is
especially for people who are in Australia you see for people who aren’t
in Australia I will have it this way up so there you go press this to get live
captions it’s true you can actually have live captions by pressing C on your
computer screen by the way today is a special day for many reasons first of
all it is International Coffee Day and here in the UK there is a certain brand
of coffee that is available from lots of restaurants called Costa and today they
are giving away free coffee can you believe it I can’t believe it
sadly I can’t go and get my free coffee although I did have one here today would
you like to see my cup of coffee as a way of celebrating International Coffee
Day there it is so this is the actual cup of coffee that I drank earlier and
all there it is and as you know I like my coffee to be lovely and foamy foamy I
like to have a nice layer of foam on top of my coffee so there is my cup of
coffee that is actually the one I had this morning whilst preparing this live
stream I hope you are feeling good today I am very exciting we have something
very unusual coming up soon think very unusual we are going to go
into another room in the house because I have had two deliveries today two
special deliveries so in the next room let’s have a look shall we there it is
you can see two boxes so you can see a large box and also a small box both of
those boxes were delivered today to my house although I haven’t opened
them yet so a little bit later on we are going to have a special live unboxing I
know a lot of people on YouTube like to make unboxing videos so when you unbox
it means you take something or you unpack something from a box and there
you could see two boxes so I will be opening those boxes a little bit later
on so stay tuned for that and the big question is what is in the box
well of course now there are two boxes so I suppose instead we should say what
are in the boxes so what are in the boxes find out a little bit later on
oh very interesting back to the live chat because that is the reason why we
are here today hello to gwyllyn are Grillin are welcome to my live stream on
Tuesday the first of October 2019 thanh thuy is here also actor actor furna or
actor fan I hope I pronounced your name right I have a feeling that might be
Cyrillic so forgive me if I got it wrong also O’Dare is here as well also Andrew
hello Andrew nice to see you here and a Kobe is also on the live chat welcome
Meeker is here now you might notice today that I have made
some of my live chat participants actual they are actually going to be on guard
today looking out for any abuse that may occur so we have some moderators Mika
you are a moderator today also Belarusian is also a moderator and just
in case Pedro appears you can also be a
moderator as well and Luis Mendez is also a moderator today so thank you very
much for your help to be honest with you no one knew that I was going to do that
so I don’t I hope you don’t mind being my moderator today to make sure that
everything is all right on the live chat I must admit this feels very strange for
two reasons first of all I don’t normally do a livestream on a Tuesday
and the other reason is I’m back inside the studio and I must be honest with you
it does feel very strange being back in the studio very strange indeed clay Dare
is here also zu zu zu CCAP hellos a seeker nice to
see you here on the live chat Belarusian says hello mr. Duncan I’m only staying
here for a minute I want to wish you good luck with your new lessons Thank
You Bella rusia that’s very kind of you also Tuan is here as well watching in
Vietnam yes I have a lot of people watching in Vietnam I asked you to judge
whether you are unhappy or happy today one being very unhappy and ten being
very happy and the reason why I hope you are happy today is because I’m doing a
livestream every day in October also Vladimir hello
Vladimir nice to see you here today shouldn’t you be running Russia at the
moment Vladimir Putin now I have a feeling that isn’t really Vladimir Putin
I think so we will see what happens hmm Lewis says what you are doing is
unique I think so I don’t think anyone has ever tried to present a live stream
every single day for one month especially when it comes to teaching
English so so this might be the first time that anyone has ever done this I
don’t know maybe maybe not I’m not trying to be the first person to
do it I just thought it would be a good idea because October is my anniversary
month of course it is also a month we’re here in the UK something is happening
you may have heard about it on the news on the very same day as my anniversary
we will also be leaving the European Union here in the UK so lots of things
happening on the last day of October why are you doing it for 31 days well this
year it is my 13th anniversary so if you reverse the numbers it becomes 31 so
that’s one of the reasons why I am doing this for those who are wondering hello –
morose hello morose watching in Poland thank
you for joining me today live from England and at the moment outside the
weather is terrible the rain is falling it is quite miserable I hope where you
are the weather is better but today it isn’t very good at all I’m afraid also we have Andrew who says good
memories from your video compilation compilation now there’s an interesting
word when we say compilation we mean things that have been put together to
form another thing so maybe a compilation can be a group of things
that have been put together normally to display or to show to other people so
for example there is a compilation of my video clips from all of the lessons or
some of the lessons that I’ve made over the past 13 years I can’t believe it I
must admit I feel a little excited my heart my heart is fluttering at the
moment hello Mika hello I am okay thank you
have you had a busy day oh I think that is actually a message 40s isn’t that
lovely one of the things I always love about doing the live streams is that
everyone joins in together so people will actually chat to each other on the
live chat as well so I love it I love all of that it makes me feel very
happy indeed Maria hello Maria Oh apparently Maria wants to give me a
round of applause for my 13 years teaching on YouTube okay then why not thank you thank you so much for that
round of applause oh isn’t that nice hello Anna are these boxes
mr. Steve mr. Steve’s gifts no they’re not now as you know quite often I will
ask you very nicely to make small donations and the reason why I do that
is so I can carry on making my free lessons so everything I do here I do for
free it doesn’t cost you anything so sometimes you might see the occasional
advertisement but for most of the time everything I do is free so it doesn’t
cost anything so I thought today it would be a good chance for me to show
you what happens to your donations so at the weekend if you remember I was
outside doing my livestream and it was very windy and there was some actual
damage caused to some of my equipment so I have managed to order some
replacements and that is what has arrived today
that’s what’s come today so that’s what we’re going to have a look at in a
little bit in my other room you can see there are two boxes so just to show you
that the donations that I receive do go towards equipment or things that are
bought to replace other things that have been broken and this does happen
sometimes one of the things about having a very busy studio environment
especially when you are moving things around is that sometimes things break
there are breakages and that is one of the reasons why your donations always
come in useful because it allows me to replace things that have broken and
that’s what we’re going to have a look at today just to show you that you
donations are put to very good use so who else is on the livestream
I wonder Abdul Rahman is here as well thank you very much for joining me today
yes I am in the studio today I’m not outside so from Monday to Friday you can
find me right here on YouTube from 2:00 p.m. UK time every day on Saturday 12:00
p.m. and on Sunday 2:00 p.m. as well so during October I am here every single
day unbelievable the big question is will I
survive will I make it all away to the end of October
hi mr. Duncan I am writing a comment for the first time on YouTube live because I
really want to celebrate your 13th year on YouTube with my whole heart sincere
congratulations thank you to kaffir bow kaffir guess what if it’s your first
time here and if it is your first time saying hello on the live chat how about
a round of applause Thank You kaffir and congratulations for
it being your first visit and also the first thing you’ve ever written on the
live chat hello to Cambodia hello EDM music hello also to Zahra SAFF
SAFF VAM I want to speak English well you have come to the right place because
not only can you hear English being spoken you can also see it on the screen
as well all you have to do is press C on your keyboard and then there will be
live captions incredible hello to Mahmood from Pattaya in Thailand it is
the last day of my holiday and I would like to say hello to the best teacher in
the world Thank You Mahmood that’s very kind of you
hello mr. Duncan how are you how is the weather Ramsay Nora the weather today is
not good it is rainy rainy the word rainy means the weather in general is
wet it is raining the weather is rainy outside it is raining it is a rainy day
there is actually a phrase a wonderful phrase that we can use in English you
can save something for a rainy day so if you save something for a rainy day it
means you put something aside in case you need it for some sort of emergency
so quite often we will put some money aside we will put it aside for a rainy
day so I’m going to save this money and I’m going to keep it for a rainy day
just in case there are any emergencies so that is a phrase we often use in
English you save it for a rainy day you save it for a moment when you will
really need it Joel hello Joel nice to see you here today yes I think mr. Duncan’s favorite color
is red and purple right well I always like bright colors and I always think
that red is a nice color because it’s fun it’s exciting it is very vivid
talking of red today is the first of October which is the first of the month
but also in China it is the National Day so this is the day when the People’s
Republic of China was formed and I suppose that is a good excuse for me to
show you a photograph of me in China there I am so there I am way back in I
think this photograph was taken in 2006 during the National Day celebrations
so this photograph was actually taken 13 years ago so there I am in China because
I did spend a few years working as an English teacher in China and there you
can see standing in front of Tiananmen Square the famous photograph of Chairman
Mao and yes today today is the anniversary of the formation of the
People’s Republic of China so just in case you are watching in
China happy national day oh by the way here is something for me to mention as
well today is the International Day of the older person so I think that is
quite suitable for my first live stream in October it is also the anniversary of the independence of Cyprus can you
believe it so happy Independence Day to Cyprus also
to Nigeria as well anyone watching in Nigeria happy Independence Day and also
Palau and a place called Tuvalu Tuvalu formerly known as Ellis
Islands so yes a few independence days being celebrated today as well hello to
cash trailers mr. Duncan I’ve discovered this channel a few moments ago great
Channel Thank You cash trailers for joining in
today yes during the month of October I will be celebrating my 13th anniversary
mica says I am a little bit sentimental today because my granddaughter has gone
my son’s family have moved away after staying with us for a year since before
my granddaughter was born so a slight sad day slightly sad slightly
melancholic even so mica is feeling a little sentimental today so when you
feel sentimental it means you are looking back into the past you are
reflecting on things that have happened you are feeling not necessarily sad but
maybe sometimes when you think of the things that have happened before maybe
sometimes you you might wish for those days to return maybe you feel a little
longing for those days to return anyway mica you are in good company today we
are all here and we are sharing our love of English
Oh dere is here I think mr. Smith is inside the box I have no idea who mr.
Smith is I don’t know so oh hello – India joy tea says hello
from India nice to see you here I know I have a lot of people watching in India I
really do also too – fam watching in Vietnam Wow
I must admit the live chat is so busy I can’t even keep up with it it’s
incredible thank you very much for joining me today
hello Anna hello also too – Pham who says what is
the difference between drop in and drop off if you drop off it means you leave
something in a certain place so maybe you drop off a parcel at your friend’s
house or maybe you take your daughter to the school and you drop her off outside
so to drop off means to go somewhere and leave something or deliver something so
you might drop off a letter to your neighbor you might go round to their
house and give them a letter so you drop off the letter drop off can also mean
fall so you might drop off to mean fall drop in means call round so if you drop
in if you drop in to see someone it means you call round you go to someone’s
house quite often unexpectedly so maybe it is a call that you’re making to a
neighbor so you drop in you go round to their house
you drop in we can also say drop by so drop by or drop in mr. Duncan you make
us cry no mr. Duncan you are a young man sometimes by your behavior I think you
are a teenager well they always say you are only as old as you feel and to be
honest with you I don’t feel as if I’ve aged at all since starting my youtube
channel to be honest maybe doing YouTube keeps you young maybe I have found the
secret of eternal youth during youtube pitbull hello pitbull
hello mr. Duncan thank you for all your videos very nice I’ve learnt a lot thank
you very much as well Sergio is here hello Sergio and everyone also mr.
Duncan thank you very much Sergio nice to see
you back also Zoran Zoran hello Zoran longing if
you are longing or if you longed for something it means you you wish for it
to return you wish for something to come back again you long you feel a great
desire for something to come back or maybe it is a form of missing someone as
well so if you long for your lover you are
missing them you want them to be with you you are missing them very much I
long for my days in China to return something like that hello to Mela Noah
hello mr. Duncan I hope you and all your viewers have a lovely day me too yes it
would be very nice here is a very interesting question mr. Duncan what do
you think about dark matter in space well this is something I’m not an expert
on this by the way but I am interested in those types of subjects I I do like
reading about and listening and also watching TV documentaries about science
so dark matter is the invisible parts of space that you can’t see but apparently
they exist so I’m very intrigued I’m always interested in finding out new
scientific discoveries Wow it’s really been 13 years the time has
passed so quickly yes it’s true it’s true have you ever dropped out of school
me no no I haven’t I’ve never dropped out of school you’ll be pleased to hear
we would love to have this wet and horrible day in Brazil says Turkey Oh or
tercio really now as I understand it there is a lot of hot dry weather
occurring at the moment in Brazil so can I send my best and I will try my best to
send some of this weather because at the moment the rain has been falling all day
it is really wet here in the UK and to make things worse yesterday we actually
had some some wood delivered some some longs for bit for the fire as winter
approaches so can you believe it just as the rain started falling yesterday or
all of these logs all of the firewood was delivered outside the house so I had
to cover it up so it didn’t get wet why do you do your livestream outside why do
I do it outside well it the weekends I always like to go outside to do my live
streams because it’s fun that’s why Belarus ear says Meeker what you are
suffering from is something called empty nest syndrome empty nest syndrome oh yes
I’ve heard of this now this often happens when parents have
to say goodbye to their to their offspring or their children so maybe
their children go off to university or maybe they leave home permanently and
then the parents are left at home on their own and we call this situation the
empty nest syndrome it is a situation where the house is now empty it is only
the mother and father living at home now empty nest
Zorin says you don’t recognize my name I am watching you for the thirteenth year
can you believe it thank you siren you might be one of the
longest viewers of my youtube channel oh my goodness cache trailers says mr.
Duncan what is your favorite movie do you like horror movies I was talking
about this a few days ago I was talking about horror movies because last month
in September the 13th of September was on a Friday Friday the 13th so yes I
like horror films I like science fiction so there are many different types of
films that I like watching to be honest where are you live I am now in my little
studio in a place called Much Wenlock which is in England so I’m broadcasting
live to you now from England as it says right there on the screen
live from England at 2:48 p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon and don’t forget I’m
here tomorrow as well and for the rest of the week and next
weekend and for the whole of October can you believe it so now it is time to do
something very unusual I hope this works we are now going into the living room
because I have to do some box opening so I hope you will bear with me as we go
next door to open some boxes doo doo doo doo – thank you Anna your garden is
amazing and is really beautiful for your live streams thank you Anna I’m now
going into the other room because I want to find out what is in those boxes and
you are more than welcome to join me dude welcome to my living room just in
case you’ve never been in here before this is the room in which I watch
television I normally sit relaxed on the sofa over there and normally I spend
many hours watching television I like to watch all sorts of television shows
including Law & Order Rick and Morty South Park Family Guy and The Simpsons
even though the Simpsons isn’t very good anymore do you agree with me I don’t
think the Simpsons is very funny anymore oh and also the Big Bang Theory as well
you see I am also a fan of the Big Bang Theory some people say that I’m very
similar to Sheldon Cooper I don’t know what they mean by that should I be
offended I don’t know so I hope you can hear me I hope you can hear what I’m
saying so here we have two boxes that have been delivered this morning but I
haven’t opened them yet and I’m going to do that right now so please bear with me
now of course there is something that I’ve forgotten I haven’t got a knife so
I need a knife so I can open the boxes so please excuse me for just one moment
you can talk amongst yourselves do where is my knife dude do I have my
knife this will come in very useful for there it is I have my knife very useful for opening the box so first of all I
will open the small box so this small box was delivered just before I started
today’s livestream in fact this box is responsible for me being late today so
for those who are wondering why my livestream started slightly later than
normal it was supposed to be 2 o’clock but I was late because this was
delivered to my house and that’s the reason why I was late
so let’s open the box I’m sure you are feeling very excited to find out what is
in the box so first the small box apparently a lot
of people on YouTube enjoy making videos where they take things out of boxes
things that they’ve bought or ordered what is in the box oh my goodness in the
Box is another box in fact there are four boxes in this box so now I have to
open another box do you like my knife skills I have some
lovely knife skills so inside this package there are actually four boxes
here you can see there are four boxes in this package but what is inside these
small boxes I hear you ask let’s have a look shall we oh yes now this is
something I was talking about a couple of weeks ago I have some new clips can
you see them so there are some new clips and these are very useful things these
are very useful things they are used for clamping clamping things so if you
happen to have their own studio you will know that these are very useful things
if you have a studio where you have to keep your things secure especially when
you are hanging things up so these are actually some new clips to replace the
ones that were broken on Sunday in the wind
because the wind was very strong on Sunday and unfortunately it did damage
quite a few things quite a few things in my studio or should I say quite a few
pieces of my studio equipment were damaged outside not very good so the big package we are now going to
open the large package what is in the big box is this exciting
are you excited maybe not so I will get my knife once again
do you like my knife it actually matches my hat and t-shirt ok by the way if
there are any children watching don’t do this ok only big people only grown-ups
like mr. Duncan can use one of these so if you are using a knife please be
careful I have to say that so I don’t get sued I love these these are things
that you put in packages to protect them but they feel all they feel all nice
against your skin so there is the packaging but really we’re not
interested in this are we we’re not interested in the packaging however we
are interested in what is inside the box so this is going to replace the thing
that was damaged the other day I’ve actually ordered two of these so
now I’m going to open the box if I can oh okay good it says here what is in the
box so that’s good at least I know that I’ve ordered the right thing now
it is time to see what is inside the box so as I mentioned earlier in the weekend
unfortunately due to the strong winds some of my equipment was damaged
unfortunately so I’ve had to order some replacement equipment some equipment to
replace the damaged equipment and in a moment you will see what is in the box yes if you haven’t already guessed the thing in the box is a new tripod to
replace the one that was broken on Sunday because the wind destroyed part
of my gazebo if you are watching on Sunday you will know that the the wind
was terrible the wind was blowing very strongly so
this is a new tripod which will help to support my gazebo when I’m doing my live
streams outside so that is perfect ah I am so pleased look at that
Wow so that is okay yes that’s exactly what I wanted I wanted a new tripod and
that is exactly what I’ve got so now you know what was in the box and
also this is a way of showing you that your donations are actually used so this
particular piece of equipment this tripod was actually purchased using your
donations so because of your kindness I am able to replace this piece of
equipment and if you would like to make a donation you can also click underneath
this video there is a link under the video where you can make a donation to
my paypal if you want to so that’s it let’s go back into the studio and see
what your comments are I will be a couple of moments please wait did-did-did it did to do and we’re back
we are back in the studio yes I hope you enjoyed that something a little
different so now you know that all of the donations that you send and do
actually go to a good use and as you can see there there is a good example of
that right there I will be going in a moment so I’m only on for one hour every
day during October so just to let you know that I will be going soon hello are
you there I’m just back from work says Palmyra
hello Palmyra nice to see you here today mr. Duncan has ordered some tripods yes
tripods are very useful things if you have a studio they are very useful for
mounting lights also mounting cameras so when you mount something it means you
put one thing on another normally securely so tripods are something that
are very useful in a studio and thank you very much for your lovely donations
because of your donations I was able to repair or should I say replace my
tripods because on Sunday two of them were broken because of the strong wind
mr. Duncan’s mr. Steve will have to clean up the living room after your
unboxing yes maybe maybe he will no not really I will tidy up after the live
stream has finished I see Anna I thought it would be great
to be a friend with you on Facebook so Anna Rita and Mika are now going to join
on Facebook and be friends social media does get a lot of bad publicity but I
think social media is pretty cool to be honest because
without social media we wouldn’t be here today together
hello also to Nadine hi mr. Duncan I’m so excited when I’m watching your
video Thank You Nadine E or Nadine eshop thank you very much
I am going in a moment I hope you’ve enjoyed this I have been with you for
one hour and don’t worry I will be back with you again tomorrow as well and I
think tomorrow we might be going into the kitchen to do something Ana Rita
says I really don’t have any paper on my desk it is very quiet today and
yesterday we had a holiday so everyone looks tired
oh hello to sue Kat I didn’t see you here on the live stream so hello to sue
Kat and apparently it was a special day yesterday so you had a free day
yesterday what did you do on your holiday mm-hmm what did you do I have
two people now at home one is cleaning and the other is fixing a machine and I
was also cleaning my oven so Belarus ear sounds like she has her hands full it
sounds like you have a lot on your plate at the moment Belarusian to be honest
hello Zoran again hello also to cache trailers I would like to dedicate a poem
to all of you box lovers I’ve never heard a poem about a box before to be
honest hi mr. Duncan from Cardiff now you have
your new tripod yes because unfortunately last Sunday some of my
equipment was destroyed in the strong wind yes it’s true I’m not joking it caused quite a lot of damage in fact
hello also 2sl does anyone know how long the livestream will take thank you a
cell I will be with you every day for one hour so I am going in a moment but I
will be back with you tomorrow 2:00 p.m. UK time so tomorrow you will be able to
watch this again and I will be live with you every day during October so today
tomorrow the day after right until the end of October to celebrate my 13th
anniversary here on YouTube and of course the reason why I’m here generally
is to help you improve your English so I know there are many people out there who
are learning English from the beginning or maybe there are people who are
intermediate and of course there are many people who watch whose English is
very good so it’s great to see you all here and
you are more than welcome to join me again tomorrow I am here every single
day 31 days of learning English Thank You pal Mira Thank You Sarang I will see
you tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK time apparently sooo cat didn’t do much
yesterday because I have a pain in my leg oh I’m sorry to hear that what is
the cause of it what why is your leg hurting maybe you should go and see a
doctor bye mr. Duncan I hope we can be here for the whole month yes Eric thank
you very much yes I’m back tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK time Thank You Renan thank you
also Louie Louie oh hello Louie Louie can I say a special
hello to Louie Louie because Louie has been very active on my youtube channel
watching all of my very the YouTube videos so Thank You Louis
it’s great to see you here and I’m very pleased that I have a chance to actually
say hello to you live on YouTube thank you also to Ramsey Nouah thank you very
much thank you also to Meeker Luis Mendez watching in Paris and a Kobe and
I will see you tomorrow I think the rain has actually stopped now oh yes it looks
as if the rain has subsided when something subsides it means it eases off
it starts to go so fortunately the rain has gone and I am going to go as well
this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English on the first day of October
saying thanks for watching I will see you here again tomorrow for day 2 of 31
days of English in October and of course you know what’s coming next
until tomorrow ta ta for now 😎

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