3 Simple Hacks To Eat Egg Whites | Indian Style

Hello Friends. Welcome to Fit Tuber. Egg whites! We know egg whites are a very good source
of protein. But we also know that it’s so hard to eat
egg whites. I eat 14-15 egg whites every day. But I don’t fight with their bland taste. So, in this video I will share with you 3
ways. How you can eat egg whites easily. Stay Tuned. Mix them with egg yolks. Here, I have taken an omelet. It has 1 whole egg and 3 egg whites. It tastes really good. Take 1-2 whole eggs along with 3-5 egg whites
as you may please. It will be high in protein and you need not
compromise on the taste. Now this one is my favorite. We know that egg whites are tasteless. Actually, we can use this fact to our advantage. How? Mix them with curries. Here, I am having black beans curry, 4 egg
whites chopped in small pieces. And I will just mix it. Now, because egg whites are tasteless, I get
a feeling that I am having black beans. Well ya, I am eating black beans but as I
have added 4 egg whites so actually I have added 12 g of protein to it. Similarly, you can also add egg whites to
any curry. The taste of the curry will not change; however,
the protein will increase. If you do not want to add boiled egg whites,
you can add scrambled egg whites. Again, these are black beans, 4 scrambled
egg whites. Mix it well. Pretty good. In this way you can enrich any curry with
protein. Eat egg whites along with a fruit. I am having 8 egg whites and 6 dates. This is my post workout meal. Dates help replenish the glycogen which was
depleted while exercising. How I eat? I eat egg white and then I bite a date. You can add any fruit you like. For e.g. Tomatoes, raisins, grapes etc. It’s very easy and very effective. In no time you can eat 8 egg whites. So, these are the 3 ways/hacks that I use. I hope you will start eating more egg
whites now. If you found this video to be helpful, do
give it thumbs up. My name is Vivek Mittal. Thank you so much for watching.

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