18 Unusual Foods That The English Love

18 Unusual Foods That The English Love

18 unusual foods that the English love
English food is unusual to many people who are not from England Britons may
mock Americans for their super-sized portions but that’s all tough talk
coming from a country with food names like chip buddy where the five pence
increase in the price of a frog themed chocolate bar had the nation rioting and
a jello is somehow acceptable to pair with ice cream
long story short British food can be confusing to the rest of the world
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plain old weird number 18 stargaze eat I the corniche pie recipe features eggs
and potatoes but the most distinctive part of the dish is the sardine heads
peering skyway through the crust they’re placed upright to allow the oils from
the cooking to lead back down into the pie the most baffling part of the dish
is why the British food trust insists on describing it as fun as well as amusing
to children number 17 ice cream and jelly
okay I understand dishes like jelly fluff a combo of evaporated milk and
jello came out of World War 2 era rationing and poverty but there’s no
such excuse for serving ice cream and jell-o jell-o is literally the worst
thing to become popular during the American 1950s including McCarthyism and
the threat of nuclear war and it’s distressing to see it flourishing across
the world number 16 mince pies mince pies are filled with mince meat
which doesn’t always involve meat while the traditional mince pies often had
meat and suet animal fat in them today’s mince pies are just as likely to
be vegetarian containing only dried fruit and spices again tasty concept
utterly confusing name number 15 pudding is pudding but that doesn’t mean
it’s pudding there is no standardized meaning for
what pudding actually is so you can have the typical pudding which is baked
steamed or boiled dessert generally involving flour or eggs then you’ve got
your york shire pudding which is a savory bread ii confection and then
you’ve got your black pudding which is definitely not a dessert and is in fact
made of blood more on that later number fourteen chips with gravy in Britain
this dish is called chips with gravy in Canada this dish with the addition of
fresh cheese curds is called poutine and emerged from the 1950s
kibbeh quoi culinary tradition in every other part of the world
this dish is known as a mistake or perhaps a coronary
can you guess what type of sandwich English people eat that is most unusual
of all well stick around until the end and find out number thirteen time for
tea what’s a day in England without a cup of tea afternoon tea also known as
just tea is a light special occasion meal like North American brunch taken
between 3:00 and 5:00 in the afternoon but high tea also known as just tea is
what you can call the meal eaten between five and seven in the north of England
Wales and working-class areas of Ireland
number 12 deep-fried Mars bars believed to have originated from Scotland’s Haven
ship bar the deep-fried Mars bar is a mars bar frozen wrapped in frying batter
and then fried the dubious delicacy has gained worldwide notoriety since its
introduction in 1994 including a hilarious condemnation from Mars Inc who
said that deep-frying one of our products would go against our commitment
to promoting healthy active lifestyles number 11 spotted dick this delightful
treat is a pudding British speak for dessert made with suet and dried fruit
the spotted part of the name naturally comes from the fact that it’s studded
with raisins and currants the other part of the name well we just don’t know and
we prefer to keep it that way number 10 TV pick up this UK phenom
happens when enough Britons are watching the same show that them dashing off
during a commercial break to make tea actually creates a strain on the
National Electric System I can’t think of anything more
quintessentially English than causing an enormous national inconvenience by
making tea number nine Scotch eggs these Scotch eggs aren’t exactly what you
think they are like many British Foods in England this popular pub fare is not
what it seems or not what it’s named it neither involves Scotch in their cooking
nor originates from Scotland instead Scotch eggs are eggs wrapped in
sausage coated in breadcrumbs and fried until golden like a matryoshka doll of
cholesterol number 8 black pudding this definitely not a desert sausage
made out of beef suet pork blood and oatmeal was named a superfood last year
for its high concentrations of potassium calcium and magnesium even though it’s
one of the best elements of English cooking it’s often called disgusting or
strange by North Americans too weak to Google what actually goes into a hot dog
it’s good you cowards number seven variety is the spice of
life or not Britain’s reputation for bland dishes is tied to a whole bunch of
different factors but perhaps the funniest one is taste elitism when
europeans started colonizing india and the americas spice got a whole lot
cheaper for the average european this aristocracy was not thrilled that blebs
were now eating the same food as them and decided the unseasoned food was the
way to go gotta love England’s logic number six
chips and curry despite 200 years of competition the
invention of chips and curry is somehow still among the least understood spins
that Britons have taken on Indian culture number five haggis making fun of
Hagi’s is too easy to bother with almost as easy as hunting the mythical wild
Hagi’s itself the creature is native to the Scottish Highlands and it has
mismatched leg lengths making it easy to hunt on flat ground just kidding
Aggies is actually made of sheeps innards mixed with onions and oatmeal
inside the sheep’s stomach but the funniest thing about Hagi’s is how many
Scots have fooled unsuspecting tourists with the aforementioned story and by the
way the dish itself is delicious number four mushy peas
Britten’s claim up and down that this dish is delicious which makes me wonder
whether number one they somehow evolved culinary Stockholm Syndrome or number
two as I always suspected Britain is an elaborate piece of performance art aimed
at making non Britons cry number three fish finger sandwiches British cuisine
prostrates itself at the altar of carbohydrates so perhaps it’s
unsurprising that the humbled battered fish finger has found itself a home
within two slices of bread this regional delicacy has sparked a debate about
whether it’s cheating to use fish fancier than budget fish fingers oh well
I suppose it’s still better than fish fingers and custard
number two toad-in-the-hole strange name right well it’s a set of sausages
nestled in Yorkshire pudding which isn’t really pudding yeah it’s complicated
apparently the name comes from the fact that sausages look like they’re little
toads poking their noses out of the holes in the ground which is
understandable if you’ve ever seen a toad now here’s a British sandwich that
tops our list of unique British foods number one chip Cobb also known as chip
sandwich a chip a batch a chip roll a chip muffin piece and chips a chip piece
or chips Arnie the famous British dish is a sandwich
featuring french fries on a buttered white bun in North America it’s known as
the sandwich kids make at family potlucks when their parents aren’t
paying enough attention to stop them what’s the most unusual thing about
British food from this video let us know in the comments section below
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  1. What's the most unusual thing about British food from this video? Let u know in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

  2. ha! loved it!!! being British myself, this video made me feel like an alien somehow ps. frog shaped chocolate 'Freddos' are delicious and good doctor who reference 😂

  3. Our jelly goes back way further than your jello though. Ours goes back to the early 18th century in its current form, and longer than that in other forms. Jelly and ice cream awesome if you have tonsillitis.

    What tf is 'hagees'? And also, learn the difference between England and Scotland. *Waits for a load a really pissed off Scots to arrive. Haggis, not an English thing.

    Nobody in America makes chip butties. You'd have to have chips for that,not rubbish fries.

    And from the nation that gave the world 'Velveeta'…

  4. 1. Don’t mean to be that person but Britain is England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland not just England!

    2. Never heard of number 18

    3. Black Pudding is from Scotland

    4. It’s haggis not “haggie” and it’s no longer commonly made from sheep stomachs etc

    5. We call what Americans call “chips” as “crisps”

  5. I am quite sure you pronounce haggis incorrectly. I am a Canadian with Scottish and English and Italian heritage. We pronounce it hag (as in an old biddy woman) and is, not as in the word is. Other than recording the way we pronounce it, this is the best I can do.

  6. The funniest thing about haggis is the way you pronounced haggis, also, I don't know what was on those chips, but it wasn't curry, looked like ketchup, and lastly, you featured food from Scotland not just England so it should've been called weird UK food, just saying….. 😀

  7. This video is laughable from beginning to end. Let's start with the opening few seconds and the upside down union flag. You constantly switch between English and British and some of your facts are wrong.Maybe you should do a video on unusual American foods and the Brits can laugh at that

  8. I recall my last trip to the states and being asked if we (British) really ate our McDonald's with a knife and fork from a plate. I was happy to confirm that is indeed true. I enjoyed this tongue in cheek vid 👍 and yes, that is the correct pronunciation of "haggis"

  9. Not one of the toad in the hole pictures you showed is actually toad in the hole. Simply putting a sausage in a Yorkshire pudding doesn't make it toad in the hole. You need to place the pre-cooked sausage in the pudding batter and bake the two together.

  10. Just so you know “Spotted Dick” is easily translated you got the “Spotted” part right but the “Dick” part derives from the Old English word “Dich” meaning a type of white pudding, So no you can all stop snickering like a load of kids thinking it’s meaning is dirty.

  11. No 18 I'm British born and bread and never heard of it in my life. And a chip butty is no1 also the bread roll is a cause of conflict in the UK bread rolls have a different name for them by where you live. I love a chip batch loads of butter salt and vinegar. I'm. Surprised you never mentioned custard either

  12. Did the narrator ever visit the U.K., mispronunciations, wrong descriptions and wrong pictures.
    I mean, the toad in the hole showing pictures of sausages in a large Yorkshire pudding, rather than made in the pudding by lightly cooking the sausage and placing them in a large baking dish, pouring in Yorkshire pudding mix and then cooking.
    Jelly and ice cream is a tradition almost everyone had as a kid in the U.K. at young birthday parties sometimes topped with chocolate or 'rainbow' hundreds and thousands (sprinkles).

  13. Pudding is simple, the American have got it mixed up:

    Boudin is French it means sausage, and the is the origin of the word pudding. It is the something cooked in a container, or casing or muslin so that it forms and retains the shape.

    It doen't have to be sweet. It a method or category of cooking.

    If it is not cooked or retaining the shape of the container then it is not pudding. So yoghurt, or fluid chocolate desert or angel delight are not pudding.

    Not complicated to understand.

  14. yo this fucking sick idiot called black pudding one of the best english culinary dishes, yet condemned jello?!

  15. My friend from England doesn’t eat the first one. The second one of ice cream and jello is good. Plus we shouldn’t hate it just because of stuff. Our food is so greasy eating it will get you hooked and eating it too much will make you obese. Obesity is at its worst in America. I’ve become terrified of chocolate and sweets.

  16. I'm British, now let's sort a few things out:

    Wtf is stargazey pie? Never heard of it or seen it served or advertised anywhere in my life. A classic British pie would be the "Cornish pasty", which is filled with meat and veg and folded over in pastry and is delicious. Looks kinda like a calzone.

    WTF IS A TV PICKUP????? Can someone explain cos I have no idea what this American is talking about.

    Jelly and ice cream (not ice cream and jelly, get it right!) Is something you serve at a child's birthday party. No one past the age of 6 would eat that.

    You act like we all sit around and eat chip butty's and crisp sandwiches as part of our weekly routine. Well we don't! This along with chips and gravy/chips and curry is something you'd only eat when you're drunk off your face, or have nothing left in the cupboards so you throw any old shit together. People who eat these things are still considered "weird" over here. And by the way, that's not curry sauce, that's ketchup. And also by the way, we love our chips, and we also love a sauce to dunk them in. It is no different to dunking your chips in ketchup or mustard.

    That's not toad in the hole mate, that's just bangers and mash in an oversized Yorkshire pudding. Toad in the hole is just sausages baked in Yorkshire pudding mix, which technically is just pancake batter.

    Deep fried Mars bars are usually only found in Scotland. It's extremely rare you'd find one anywhere else in Britain. I've had one though, and I assure you its delicious, even if it does rot the hell out of your teeth. And it certainly is NOT considered a "delicacy". Don't be ridiculous!

    Can't say I've ever eaten spotted dick. I know what it is, but it's not a common dish in most households. It's a pudding that derived from the 1800's and people only remember it because of its unfortunate and comical name (which btw I just googled and the word "dick" derived from the word dough. Took me 2 seconds. But according to this guy, "no one knows" apparently.)

    Black pudding is amazing and is only served as part of a fry up (English breakfast). There are some posh restaurants that attempt to use it in other dishes, but its generally only eaten at breakfast time, and only very occasionly. We don't have fry ups on a regular basis (at least most of us dont.)

    High tea is an upper class thing. Only the super rich/posh people refer to it as "high tea", the rest of us just call it "tea".

  17. This video is filled with inaccurate info and the commentary is dire. Super obvious that no primary research was done

  18. Its chip buttie not buddy, this is utter bollocks, never seen sardines sicking out of a pie????? Mince pies won't be for veggies, it has gelatin in it.

  19. Mushy peas beans chips made from homemade potatoes and homemade fish
    And I love walkers cheese and onion sandwiches

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