15 Min Yoga for Heartburn & Indigestion – Yoga Sequence to Relieve Acid Reflux

15 Min Yoga for Heartburn & Indigestion – Yoga Sequence to Relieve Acid Reflux

Hello, I’m Christina in this video I will be showing you a yoga sequence that you can do with your suffering from heartburn And you suffer from Chronic heartburn Maybe acid reflux disease or if you just have a really acidic meal And are just feeling some pain in that area this would be the perfect sequence to help you feel [better] so Follow along with my video give it a try you feel better, and I hope it helps now So let’s get started Begin standing up with your feet parallel and just come into a forward fold with your torso Allowing your torso to relax over your legs for a bit more resistance you can bring your hands underneath your feet stepping on top of your palms and [just] keep breathing as you relax your torso over your legs You can also have a slight bend in your knees here as to not overly stretch your hamstrings, too quickly Continue to breathe inhaling through your nose and releasing it back out through your nose in the same way just [allow] your head to hang over and relax your entire back Breathe into your hamstrings You can now release your hands from underneath your feet and come to a wide legged position From here turn your right toes out [pointed] towards the short end of the mat and your left toes in about 45 degrees Align your right heel with your left arch and send your arms out to the side bend in your right knee making sure that your knee is Directly above your ankle and your knee is also in line with your second and third toe of your right foot. This is warrior, two Continue to breathe here as we aim to bring our right leg into a 90 degree angle [and] send energy out through both hands and opposing directions reaching your fingertips out Keep energy in your legs relax your shoulder muscles away from your ears and continue to breathe deeply You can now take your yoga block and place it a little bit closer to the [outer] edge of your right foot Coming [into] a gentle side angle pose. You can adjust your block height if needed and just Bring your right arm [down] onto the block and reach your left arm up and over your left ear Reaching on the diagonal [if] you need to adjust the [height] of your block that’s totally fine as well From here, we’re going to come straight into triangle pose, [so] keeping your torso down Straighten your right leg keeping your hand on the block and then reach your left arm up towards the ceiling looking upward While in triangle pose you can leave your hand on the block You can remove the block and place your hand on the floor or you can adjust the block to any height according to your flexibility Take one more deep inhale and exhale in triangle pose and then come out of the pose coming through warrior two so bend your right knee and Press into [the] floor with your feet as you lift your torso back up through warrior two Then straighten your leg bring your arms down and switch the block to your other foot coming in to the other side so to set up for the other side [just] align your left heel with your right arch bringing your right heel to 45 degrees and Your left heel all the way turned out Bring your arms out to the side and then coming straight into our warrior two on the left Bend that left knee and make sure your knee is [directly] above your left ankle Settle into your warrior two keeping your legs active and deeply inhale and exhale through your nose make sure that your block is right next to the outer edge of [your] left foot and At the right height coming into our side angle pose on the left side reach your torso over your left top die bringing your hand down to the block and then reach your right arm up and Over your right ear on the diagonal Creating one diagonal line from your fingertips all the [way] down your right side to the outer edge of [your] right foot Continue to breathe keeping your legs active and keep reaching that arm up and over Coming into our triangle pose on the left side keeping your torso down just slowly Straighten that left knee and bring your top arm up Reaching up towards the ceiling looking upward with your eyes and settling into your triangle pose Once again, if you need to adjust the height [of] your book or if you’d like to remove it completely you can do so now Also be sure not to lock [into] your left knee joint as you stay in your triangle pose Remain here in your triangle pose for a few deep and full inhales and exhales keeping your legs active To come out of your triangle pose Press into the floor with both of your feet and come through warrior two by bending your left knee bring your torso up and then straightening that left knee turning your feet parallel and Bringing your feet in towards the center Now coming into twisted triangle Pose or part Breda, Trikonasana Step your right. Foot forward of your left and turn your back foot in about [Forty-five] degrees, maybe a little less and align your heels with each other Bring your block to the inner edge of your right foot, and then keep your hips facing forward Bring your hands to your hips [and] with a straight back bend your torso forward Bringing your left arm down onto your block and then turning your [shoulders] towards your right leg Opening your shoulders wide [and] reaching your arm up towards the ceiling Keep your hips even as you twist your spine and also try not to lock [into] [your] joints. [I] Kept my block on the highest height, but if you’d like you can adjust the height of your block or remove it altogether depending on your personal flexibility continue to deepen your inhales and exhales finding length through your spine on each inhale and Twisting a little bit deeper if you can on each exhale to unwind from your twist [you] can bring your right arm down bring both hands back to your hips and then slowly bring your torso back up, right? Coming [into] the other side step your right leg backwards align your heels place your block on the inner edge of your left foot Bring your hands back to your hips and then slowly bend your torso over your left leg bringing your right arm down to your block and Twisting towards the left leg opening your shoulders and Lifting your left arm up towards the ceiling Remain here and continue to breathe deeply in through your nose finding length through your spine on your inhales on your exhales deep and the twist a little bit further and continue with this pattern To come out of poverty trikanasana bring your torso back to the center bring your hands back to your hips slowly bring your torso back to an upright position Come now to sitting on a blanket or a towel and stretch your legs forward keeping your feet flexed [sitting] up nice and tall Slowly folder torso over your straightened legs keeping as much length in your spine as possible you can take your index and your middle Fingers and wrap your toes if you can reach them if not, just keep your arms on your legs Stay here on your forward fold and continue to breathe Slowly and gently releasing the hamstrings and relaxing your spine over your legs and Now slowly bring your torso back to an upright position [coming] into a twist [bring] your right knee into your chest and Bring your left arm up Your right arm behind you and bring your left elbow to [your] right knee and gently twist towards the right side on Each inhale find line through your spine and on each exhale deep and your twist a little bit further Slowly unwind your twist and bring the bottom of your right foot to your left inner thigh Slowly walk your torso over your straightened leg you can grab your foot your ankle or your shin Relaxing your torso down keep as much length in your spine as you can then continue to breathe slowly bring your torso back to an upright position Bring your right leg back to a straightened position and then bend your left knee into your chest Bring your left arm behind you your right elbow to your left knee and gently twist towards the left finding length through each inhale Deeping that twist on each exhale Slowly unwinding [the] twist come back to center bring [the] bottom of your left foot to your right inner thigh and then gently Walk your torso down with your straight. Leg bring your hands to your foot your ankle or your shin Continuing to deepen your breath inhale and exhale through your nose as you relax your torso over your straight leg Bring your torso back to an upright position and come to lying on your back you might want to have a blanket or Something underneath your head as lying flat on your back when you have indigestion or heartburn might cause a little discomfort Bring your knees into your chest And grab both of your shins with your hands it just gently relaxed keeping your low back on the floor Coming into a gentle twist on the ground take your knees and bring them [over] to the left side of [your] body Bringing your spine into one straight line lift your head up and turn your gaze over your right shoulder [you] can bring your right arm out to the side or just keep it wherever it’s comfortable and just Gently breathe into this twist Coming into the other side Bring your knees over to the right so you might need to move your spine a little bit as well To keep your spine in one straight line as you twist Lifting your head and looking over at your left elbow Keeping your arm out to the side or wherever it’s comfortable as you just remain here Breathing deeply into this twist To come out of the twist just bring your knees back to the center bring your spine back into one straight line and then hug your knees into your chest one more time and Just breathe and relax Now coming into our final Shavasana meditation straighten your legs out and you can either leave your palms by your sides with your hands turned up towards the ceiling or you can place [your] palms on your Stomach and breathe into your hands breathing the pain away that you may still be feeling Drawing your attention back to your breath and just allowing each exhale To completely release and let go [of] any remaining pain that you have in that area Just allow yourself to relax deeper and deeper with each breath You can remain in this final meditation for as long [as] you’d like Thank you so much for watching and I hope you have a [wonderful] day Namaste


  1. Hi, I am getting ready to go to the hosp,I know i have a heartburn,i feel terrible pain, but i said to myself 15mins then iwill step out the door going to hosp,and suddenly i search yoga for heartburn at you tube,and i found this..idont know but seriously you help me a lot,its like magic all my pain gone.iset up an account for the first time in my life just to msg you that you really help me a lot today.Thank you very much..

  2. I've suffered with insomnia due to heartburn [where sometimes I don't sleep for days].  This is the best yoga sequence I have found so far.  After I did this routine I noticed my stomach and hips are out of alignment, and this is probably why I get heartburn in the first place……  I can't believe how effective this video is!  I had a bad case of heartburn, did the poses in this video and now its gone!  Thanks for helping me with this video!!  I'm going to master this routine and hopefully I can get back to "normal" again.

  3. Thank you Christina! I was having terrible heartburn, along with bad nausea (I'm emetophobic, so this is a big problem for me). This did the trick! 🙂

  4. She always says continue to breath, but while in yoga generally when we bend we have to control or breath
    So I am confused ???

  5. It helped me today. I'm glad this isn't fast and I can go along with you. I can feel a nice relief on my chest and I hope it will lessen. Will try this sequence again tomorrow!

  6. I've had terrible indigestion from my GERD medication and I think this did give me some relief. Thank you. My one thing is I think I actually got some heartburn doing the triangle. There may be a bit too much inversion for people with GERD.

  7. Hi, Thank you for sharing this. I also have a prolapsed disc (L5). Will these yoga postures be fine with the disc issue. Please advise.

  8. i’ve done this so many times & you help me every single time it’s such a great relaxing video & i always fall asleep at the end on my floor

  9. Public service announcement: For those who have a heartburn, you cannot do the first step of folding your torso because it will make the acid goes up from your gut to your mouth. Skip that part and do the rest.

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