11 Essential Tips on Gastric Acid Reflux Symptoms Relief, Remedies, and Treatment

Gastric Reflux is one of the most
commonly searched help concerns online it’s no wonder that according to the
American College of Gastroenterology more than 60 million people in the
United States experience gastric reflux symptoms, at least 25% of those people have symptoms of acid reflux at least once a week.
Although acid reflux is common you shouldn’t ignore the symptoms, in
this video we’re going to talk about some simple
diet and lifestyle changes that possibly help you control and get
temporary relief from your acid and gastric reflux symptoms. And
also incredibly at the end of this video we’re
going to give you a chance to win an adjustable bed from easy rest. Did you know that sleeping on an
adjustable bed may provide temporary relief from the symptoms of nighttime
heartburn and gastric reflux? We’ll tell you more about that at the end
of this video. Heartburn that wicked burning pain and discomfort that you feel in your chest
is one of the gastric reflux symptoms that people experience most often. One of the best acid reflux remedies
for heartburn is to control your diet, not just what
you eat but also how much you eat and when you eat as well. Eating fried, fatty, acidic or spicy
foods can often cause that painful feeling
of heartburn, the pain is caused by acid backing up out of your stomach and into your esophagus. When you experience gastric reflux take
a moment to think about what you ate that might be causing your painful
symptoms, if you can pinpoint the foods that trigger your reflux you’ll
be better able to get your gastric reflux under control. Many people find that
keeping a food diary is a helpful way to track trigger foods.
Many acid reflux sufferers find that eating your largest meal
earlier in the day hopes to control symptoms of gastric reflux. eating a big meal early in the day helps
because most to the meal is digested before you go to sleep, when you eat a big meal later in the day
and lie down to go to sleep with a full stomach you are increasing your chances of
having nighttime heartburn and acid reflux. Diet is a key factor in
acid reflux symptoms that many people but it’s not just what you eat it’s also
how much you eat that can cause you to have gastric
reflux problems, over eating is a contributing factor for heartburn
issues because of full stomach can cause stomach acids to over react and you know what that means,
Try to eat smaller meals more frequently again keeping away from fatty, fried, acidic and spicy foods and see if that doesn’t provide you some
heartburn relief. We hear statistics all the time about how many Americans are
overweight excess weight is often cited as a
contributor to gastric reflux problems so if you can lose some weight your
gastric reflux may improve, it’s common knowledge that
an increase in your physical activity and exercise on a regular basis should help you experience at least some
weight loss, these two together can help relieve gastric reflux symptoms
over time. So find a diet and exercise routine that
help you lose weight and gets you moving. Most gastric reflux
symptoms often occur after eating the wrong foods
or a large heavy meal but it can also surprise you in a
negative way if you happen to bend over or lift something heavy when bending or lifting always lift with
your legs not by being forward with your back keep
your torso upright and this may help keep stomach
acids where they belong. Another reason people seek gastric
reflux treatment and help is that the medications they are taking
for other ailments are causing them to suffer painful symptoms. Some medication such as painkillers
antihistamines sedatives antidepressants and asthma drugs can cause gastric reflux symptoms especially with prolonged use if this is
happening to you talk to your doctor. Gastric reflux can
strike at any time in your most vulnerable when you lay
down in a horizontal position which is how we all sleep in fact gastric
reflux symptoms are often experience at night and the pain can be worth because
gravity is not helping to keep the stomach acids down. Nighttime relief of gastric reflux
starts long before you go to bed with what you eat how much you eat and
when you eat but when the lights go out there is
still something you could do to find some relief. First of all don’t head straight for
bed right after eating a large meal, give yourself some time to digest your
meal while you’re sitting up, sit up for at least a couple of hours
before you lay down to go to sleep that may mean sitting in a chair for a while or you could prop yourself up with several pillows on your bed. Doctors tell their patients who suffer
from heartburn the elevate the head of the bed by propping the legs at the head
of the bed a dissenter blocks or at a pile of books this allows gravity to help prevent
reflux from happening but it is not very comfortable or
convenient for the person in the bed the most common complaint with this
suggestion is that people can’t keep themselves from sliding down the bed
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