100% Orange Juice Sora & Sham (Cuties) Character Song: Ultimate Weapon Girl

100% Orange Juice Sora & Sham (Cuties) Character Song: Ultimate Weapon Girl

Sham “Hi, everyone! It’s me, Sham! Thank you so much for coming to our live!” Sora “I’m… Sora… Thank you for coming. L-like this?” Sham “You’re doing great, Sora! You’re cute and adorable! But let’s try to be a little more cheerful, okay?” Sora “Cheerful…? Um… I’m not sure if I can do that…” Sham “You can do it. You’re cute, and I’m cute. Together, we’re deadly cute!” I want to stay cute and chipper I don’t mind the thing on my cheek I just smile soft and sweet See, you just got the butterflies I’m an ultimate weapon girl, invincible and adorable. Best masticating juicer  I’ll send you all my love with this magical song And make your heart race and flutter Twinkling star heart, it can’t stop, look! I want your eyes fixed on me Keep your hands on my soft, girly love Let’s walk together as far as we can! (Ultimate weapon girl) Yay, yay, oh, yay, girl! How did I end up here? Singing, dancing, acting cute, why me too? Well, my heart’s a-throbbing hard I’m nervous, will it all work out? I’m shivering with the jitters The magical song, is it coming out right? I’m putting all my heart and soul into this I hope it will reach your heart Twinkling starlight, it must keep going, look! Everybody’s gazing at me My heart’s beating fast in a frenzy If I hold hands with you, how far will you take me? Sora “I don’t know if I’m doing this properly.” Sham “Don’t worry, Sora! You’re the cutest in the whole wide world!” Sora “But I’m not as radiant as you, Sham.” Sham “Yes, you are! The both of us are! Look!” Sora “Huh? …What are all those tiny lights?” Sham “Each one of them represents the heart of someone who thinks we’re cute!” Sham “So let’s sing together at the top of our voices! best citrus juicer We’re the best! We’re the strongest and the cutest!” Twinkling star heart, it can’t stop, look! We want your eyes fixed on us Keep your hands on our soft, girly love Let’s go together as far as we can “Come on, let’s go!” Twinkling starlight, it must not stop, look! Everybody’s gazing at us Excited heart of love Let’s all hold hands and run as far as we can! (Ultimate weapon girl) Yay, yay, oh, yay, girl!


  1. This is seriously the most precious thing. Makes me wanna hug 'em. Wait, I can do that to one….. (grabs Sora plushie and hugs it)

  2. Okay so who else has diabetes now?

    Seriously tho, this just sounds so perfect. Thanks Fruitbat Factory for this beautiful song <3

  3. This is absolutely a top tier vocal song! It also filled my heart with determination.

    Thanks a lot for making my life so awesome and joyful like Nintendo and ZUN have done. Such top tier team, yet too underrated. Gamers should be playing for fun and life is meant to be enjoyed.

    sniff Man, I still pretty much miss Satoru Iwata. sniff

  4. シャム最高!最高!最高にかわいい!最高!シャムにボイスをありがとう!

  5. This is such a nice song, but you aren't really thinking of this ingame when you're running away screaming to not get all your stars siphoned out while standing close by.

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