10 Times Joe Bastianich Actually LIKED THE FOOD!

10 Times Joe Bastianich Actually LIKED THE FOOD!

Everyone says Gordon Ramsay is ruthless on
television. But on MasterChef, American restaurateur,
winemaker, author, and television personality Joe Bastianich makes Ramsay look like a lovable
caring angel! Joe has become a household name for his role
on the hit reality TV show. His signature persona has always been that
of a cool, poker-faced restaurateur who could kill anyone with his acerbic, and sometimes
wounding comments. Once in a while, however, as if breaking out
of character, he’d give the home chefs and their dishes a compliment, maybe even two. Curious to know what these dishes are? Stay tuned! Tracy’s Truffled Halibut Masterchef has been one of the most-watched
American reality TV shows for the past eight years. It’s the most intense culinary competition
on earth for talented home cooks. The prize? Cash, a cookbook contract, and of course,
the coveted title of Masterchef! But before earning their place in history,
the home cooks must endure heartbreak, fierce competition, time constraints, and three culinary
judges who could be really generous with their praises and merciless at the same time. If you think Gordon Ramsay takes top prize
for nasty, restaurateur Joe Bastianich takes second. There is no pleasing this guy! But once in a while, he quits the mean card
and genuinely likes a dish. When he does, he isn’t stingy with the praises
either. Take Tracy’s truffled halibut. What does the winemaker and author (who just
happens to own 30 restaurants worldwide) think about it? Her “excellent fish” which was “perfectly
cooked” and “very well done”, could very well be the Masterchef trophy. Earlier on, she botched her chances with cupcakes,
but looks like this perfectly cooked fish is her ticket to the finals! Profiteroles with Lemon Vanilla Cream By now, the home chefs know that the key to
enduring the long trek to the finals is to impress both Gordon and Joe. The Mystery Box Challenge for Season 2 Episode
5 had the home chefs preparing a dish using only Mystery Box ingredients. One home chef impressed
the judges. With Christian as the frontrunner, he was
now in control of the Elimination Challenge. The theme? Christian chose French cuisine. With one hour on the clock, how would these
home cooks fare? French cooking is generally respected as the
backbone of many cuisines in the Western world. The influence it has over so many cooking
techniques is legendary. In fact, savory and sweet as the dishes may
seem, it can be a little intimidating for beginners to learn. But one dish managed to catch Joe’s sweet
side. Giuseppe Morisco’s Profiteroles with Lemon
Vanilla Cream! His baking was spot on and for a multi-awarded
Italian restaurateur to praise a fellow Italian for excellent French cooking? Well, that sounds like a winner to us! Frank’s Apple Pie Masterchef contestants know that the words
“good job”, “excellent”, and “well done”, are compliments that are not taken
lightly. These simple words of positive feedback can
spell the difference between getting to the next round or having to give up your apron. But when Joe Bastianich says… then you might
as well have won the gold. The pressure test for this episode is to bake
an apple pie – a seemingly easy pastry that is all too easy to mess up! Apple pie is the most American of desserts. Stunning crust, immaculately firm, crisp base
underneath, and delicious apples in the center. The perfect one offers a balance of sweet
and tart – as well as apples that don’t break down. To be honest, Frank’s Apple Pie didn’t
look like much. But his creative twist of adding walnuts and
pecans to the flour added so much flavor and character. Chef Gordon loved it… and not only that,
he also thought that Frank’s apple pie was. As for Joe, he thought that Frank’s apple
pie had a lot of. Thai Crab Trio with Curry and Rice, Crab Cake,
and Salad When you’re one of the lucky few plucked
from a thousand hopefuls, your confidence level goes up a hundred notches. But then once in, you also know that the challenges
won’t be easy. With two seasons done, the third season is
no exception to the fierce competition and rivalry in the kitchen. Everyone is a talented home cook. Everyone wants a shot at earning the Masterchef
title. And at one point or another, no one escapes
the blistering tongues of Chef Ramsay and Joe. For this episode, Joe decided to break character
with home cook, Josh Marks. Josh Marks’ Thai Crab Trio with Curry and
Rice, Crab Cake and Salad, looked like a winner but was it? Joe found it quite spicy for his palate. But then. The dish “rises to the top”. Joe is quite tight-fisted with positive feedback,
but who minds? Certainly not us, and certainly not Josh! Broccoli Rabe Ravioli with Pecorino Cream
Sauce You know how failure, oftentimes, leads to
success? Well, that couldn’t be more evident than
the winner of Season 4’s Masterchef, Luca Manfe! Luca fell short of making it to the final
stages of season 3. But grit, determination, and the resolve to
do even better catapulted him to Masterchef fortune and fame! Hold on, we’re getting ahead of ourselves… Episode 2 of Season 4, was an episode to remember. We just love this guy! Imagine telling Gordon Ramsay to his face
how he broke everyone’s heart by not letting him into Season 3! Turns out, his Broccoli Rabe Ravioli with
Pecorino Cream Sauce will change all that! And when told that broccoli rabe stuffed in
pasta was risky, he simply said… Joe was first to scrutinize Luca’s dish. And Joe just gave Luca, probably the BEST
compliment of his life! That was enough to know that Joe actually
LIKED his dish! And yes… Luca’s win was well-deserved! Eggs Benedict Masterchef episodes would generally begin
with a team challenge. To be honest, team challenges are a great
way to get everyone’s nerves on fire! It’s time pressure, rivalry, and team building
that could either make your fellow home chef a friend or a foe! The losing team, of course, takes the pressure
test – another nerve-wracking challenge that drives even the most hardened home chefs
to tears! Season 4 Episode 7’s pressure test was a
classic – eggs benedict! Eggs Benedict is a classic breakfast meal
that looks effortless but actually requires serious skill and precision. Natasha almost crumbled under Joe’s blunt
comments. And at this point, Natasha, who was such a
strong contender, seemed to have lost her chances with Joe. It also seemed that there was no way to please
this guy! But then this happened. Krissi’s eggs benedict were divine. Joe thought that the muffin was crunchy, everything
was seasoned just right and simply perfect. That one word from Joe is more than enough
for these home chefs to keep fighting for the title! Breakfast Lasagna with Artichoke Heart Salad As the episodes of every Masterchef season
progress, the contestants simply want nothing more than a kind word from the judges – particularly
Gordon Ramsay and Joe. Those little words can make or break their
lifelong ambitions. And more often than not, they also spell the
difference between giving an apron back and advancing to the next level. Did Joe take his nasty level down even just
a tad? We think not! And we don’t think he ever will. But just when we thought that nothing ever
pleases this guy, this happened. Joe thought Elizabeth’s Lasagna was amazing! For Joe, the dish demonstrates great use of
bechamel ingredients from other products. Oh! And Joe’s praises didn’t end there. Imagine Restaurateur Joe whose palate knows
the best Italy has to offer, saying that! Well, somebody could have gone to Masterchef
heaven just about now! Caramelle with creamy tomato and pork sauce. Through Masterchef history, nothing gives
home cooks so much anxiety as much as eggs and stuffed pasta. Joe is Italian! And if that doesn’t make contestants shake
in their aprons, we don’t know what will! For the elimination test, the remaining home
cooks were tasked to create Chef Graham’s Caramelle. The perfect Caramelle looks like little bonbons,
twisted on the outside, filled with mozzarella, and finished with a simple tomato sauce. Who made it to Joe’s special list? That moment when Joe took his first bite could
really send shivers down these home cooks’ spines! Fortunately, Jaime clinched the perfect interpretation
of the dish! Joe thought it was great. The addition of sausage made the sauce richer. To be honest, it was the perfect homage to
Jaime’s father, Michael! But the best compliment hadn’t been said. What did Joe just say? He’d be happy to serve it at his restaurant?! That’s just as great as winning the Masterchef
title! Way to go, Jaime! Bowen’s Papardelle Standing in front of judges whom are culinary
geniuses in their own right, can be one of the most harrowing experiences in a home cook’s
career. Having your dish poked, prodded, judged, and
rejected after an hour of intense pressure is certainly not for the fainthearted. If you’ve gone through Chef Ramsay’s sarcastic
comments and Joe’s cynical remarks, but manage to emerge in one piece, you got some
kind of courage! Bowen, in particular, is one brave guy. The first in Masterchef history to not have
tried pasta in his life, he was tiptoeing on raw nerves – Joe’s raw nerves in particular! How can you not try pasta before joining the
Masterchef competition?! But Bowen’s dishes would pull a surprise. Two of his dishes did not make the cut with
Joe. His third pasta dish, however, saved him! Gordon and Aaron, on the other hand, felt
that apart from the pasta, everything else was good and well-seasoned. So what was the verdict? Bowen’s pasta saved him! Farhan’s Halibut Does Joe run out of praises for any dish? Nope! We don’t think so. Inside the Michelin star restaurateur’s
tough persona is someone who knows talent when he sees it. He knows great cuisine. He can distinguish dishes that could make
or break a good restaurant. Naturally, his thoughts and opinions matter
to all the home cooks on Masterchef! For this particular elimination challenge,
the remaining contestants had been given just 45 minutes to make a dish with halibut they
had just fileted. Whose halibut dish took home Joe’s commendation? For a minute there, we thought Joe would chop
Farhan’s head off! But this dish turned Joe into a poet! Who in the world describes sauce as provocative!? The fish was also a triumph – flaky, light,
and on another level! With those words coming from one of the toughest
people to please, Farhan just moved closer than ever to clinching that Masterchef title! We hope you like the video! Are there any moments where Joe Bastianich
loved the food on Masterchef that we missed? If you want to see more videos like this click
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