10 Strange Dollar Store Items! w/ Matthias

10 Strange Dollar Store Items! w/ Matthias

oh my god I don’t think every must own oh he tried to eat the pit, haha! that’s strong! That’s how white this guy is! chat loudly and this is I’m a kind Matthias, Matthias, he’s a pretty cool dude definitely go check him out because we are doing 20 strange japanese dollar store items and i said 20 yes 310 here and then 10 over on the side of this channel believe me they’re strange they’re stange item number one Brian Brian Brian here and he is the mystery hand that appears wow that’s not my hand who’s my hand guys totally different color I’m I’m I’m gonna do with the bag hahaha item number one is a beautiful chicken cat oh it was four dollars dollars I thought you think about this doesn’t always get this up the dollar store they tricked me for I thought it was only going to be three hundred yen which is which I guess before that my nice is going to look that up ok Google how many dollars is 300 yen two dogs who does they doubled the price on me dude double the price on you because you’re American since he doesn’t know what you means we’re gonna charge him double exactly look how fashionable this is I’m gonna say it matches down there what are these what are these all these are the wing oh I can fly mmm I got their ears a person looks got a chicken of you and one of these the peak is just a fun thing if you play you know what these should have been he should have been the leg if I wear this school tomorrow cuz I still in high school yeah what do you think everyone will give me a high five high five maybe to the face oh roasted! do that anyway so who’s all right that was fun oh yeah you gotta wear yeah that’s a dollar for a full car dude you get massive amounts of you know my audience isn’t hateful my audience is amazeballz hang out with you guys for the first 30 minutes of every uploads to be sure to turn on that Bell symbol you can come chat with me in the comments section next brought item number two horror glasses why that horror I thought these were going to be funny glasses tell me now I’m gonna be scared Laura block is because the eye pop out the top of people are like I believe that you won’t be fooled by that I mean that guy’s face it hole that is pretty scary with you this is not a toy this is not a toy come on let’s try these babies on dog don’t you hate it when that happen I hate that you open the thing and this happens powerful yeah I powered right through that Howard through that good to go wow you look excited to try these on oh I thought that was metal or plastic very safe both points for the safetyness wait a second what it really even been out they don’t even put them time on time on high haha good goes between they go really well with the Hat don’t then you can see actually i can because it’s sagging a little bit mrs. acting wow you look really good dude am I deformed wow that is not a toy come on Sam those are pretty horrible more than you do only with one eye though Oh side of my pic you that’s why this is not a tough you’re gonna hurt yourself ah I’ve got a protective hat to protect my face oh well eyes are on I give it a halfway thumbs up because you’re kind of fun for like ten minutes I give it 10 minutes geez you’re easily entertained are you had a thumbs down I’m bored now I know who you look they’re cubed they are wafer with vanilla why is it black I feel like I’m gonna get some black licorice wait or maybe it’s like Oreo flavors whoa careful with your eyeball there all right okies really Oh does smell delicious oh that’s good chocolatey chocolatey wait why do you say chocolate your smell was jeopardy but smells vanilla excuse me I mix up my flavors okay great great smell little chocolate yeah re oh it actually pulled up vanilla I just implanted that thought in his head I’m gonna be honest with you does not taste good too dry for my face it’s just the most bland wafer I’ve ever take it actually tastes a little bit like a really bland protein shake you’re right it only does yeah that’s not like the wafers I’ve tried does things like a protein shake you right (sneeze) are you allergic to waver yeah I guess so next auto pou oh nevermind notes a big out by Brian next item is Magic no with shovel do to grow 600 you can make a snowman out of it no yeah you can build a miniature snowman oh really yeah not even there’s a picture of a baby frost out oh it doesn’t like babies they don’t have enough money to buy this product for no babies grow six hundred percent non-toxic so we can’t even open a packet of magic snow it’s spelled magic wrong it’s called it with a J that’s how they close it here how I didn’t notice it hahaha gotta look at all the details Chad they spell it wrong and step one but then they spill it right instead oh yeah hahaha thanks Ken let’s open this up make him some ice then it’s a ice water this is complicated sup guy cool let’s do this easy to get the cap off get a shovel snow that you get you gotta be over three years old they accidentally made it upside down though now don’t carry this around your pocket then you get pulled over by the cops don’t know cop just add water just make I’ll drink your coke okay! the cops like magic snow that’s what they’re calling a day huh we get a shovel dude it’s like not even it’s like not even like a scoop are you ready to make some snow see I got a lot of shoveling skills till they lived in Minnesota I did this a lot I never had to show us now I think that’s what that’s bill debate yeah sure act that and they’re weird happy to snow growing chad. digital slowest most everyone I’m gonna do a lot more whoa was getting bigger oh look in touch wow that really doesn’t can but it really offended a lot it was just a tiny little container I’m impressed with how much RAM got here oh there we go was out better than I thought it was yeah pretty fun look how much hours of enjoyment we’re having here that’s a lot and they all came in this little tiny container I’m saying we can build a snowman yes because one ball let me let me handle your ball real quick here get it perfectly shaped you know now have you ever made a snowman before yeah all right cool you need three distinct balls okay how they do it in LA and we have two little bit buttons tomorrow Mike there does anyone have a miniature carrot yeah you do Oh crowd stood wow that’s pretty cool everywhere like little snakes or worms now we have a man you don’t know what this is is non-toxic but you don’t want to eat it out fun I like that for the next item oh my gosh Brian what did you give us food instant booms stop crew it says bomba sixty oh my sixty saw I would love to know what this other stuff says to instant booms is this for men it just shows a guy is that a guy looks like a guy yeah the dollar store this with a pedometer in the kids section by all the toys that is so strange step one put it there step to close your shirt what steps 30 let them expand oh is it like a pump let’s try out it was at a snake oh it’s a colored taller step 3 play with them what you think so guys way people that speak Japanese or that can hunt that can read this please tell us in the comments what do these characters mean all of a sudden was step 3 he suddenly has a headband is there a headband in the box yeah why what’s the significance of the headband okay okay they’re essentially balloons how old is the sticker okay I guess we’ll try it oh there’s something cited when you squeeze it it expand oh it’s like a little inflatable rafts someone will be like what’s done in your shirt and yes in jump okay all right I’m really spell right let’s do that everyone called gerber but we’re not gerber we’re showing this for science we did not invent this that’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen and only a dollar why would you like let’s try and think innocent right for a second let’s try and think that there’s no perversion here there’s nothing creepy about it how can we how was the most innocent explanation for why these exist got it like maybe it means young a young girl i haven’t had to wants to be like mom sure I was going to go with your out on a boat and it sinks and you need a flotation device the marketer decided balloons the inventor was like I want a flotation device to state live his life saving device got turned into fake balloons all right let’s try it out all right guys we’re going to put these odd things on there’s a sticky yeah do it do it okay you know that there’s not some sort of like explosive powder in there that’s not going to just burn this kind of a window oh yeah okay let’s see what the guys think of my my new Japanese invention here it was a relief from the jab pan dollar store Mike I’m going to ask you to go ahead and give it a pinch oh nice heart that’s hard oh come on you come on in me or Jimmy John are you know my guys like I wish I could work there a nice hard what’s going on here so we gotta does we gotta does let’s try the other one oh there we go you hear that pop I used to that wasn’t your actual no fun orbital eq like I’m period yeah why is wrong I of its supposed to inflate yeah there’s nothing okay sorry guys that the judge bums down for this one poor still expanding I petting I did it in its expand my bias got it I’m able to you that you oh no I can still hear this whoa expanding it so wheeler for age of my 30 enough because you got that really strong hands get a five-way shock don’t get turned on guys being a real tada I know mind boggles at the Japanese dollar store for one dollar in the toy section Salim went bigger Wow okay okay I reverse my previous statement these are actually pretty cool I’m really cold oh let me think oh but yeah look that was way bigger the valley alright we’ve removed the balloons we are going to pop them to thats oh yeah okay got it baking soda and vinegar does it smell my bro next item Bravo thanks Brian completely upside down yeah it was you can tell I don’t know it’s a corn cob snack Carl cheese flavor have you ever had Carl Tom Carl cheese dude calm please i love it yeah he makes the best cheese that wow that is a lot of ingredients I guys I made in 1958 it’s really aged cheese an interesting shape to hold it down here in the shape of the youth all right ready you split the burp app speeding it up put the his burps on it first and then eat it all I thought you’re going to Barb and I was like waiting for the flavor to kick all that all happen to my head I think I kind of leaked out some cheese that’s pretty good quite a feat buffer oh yeah knock off a bit cheese puffs like a knock off to you yep hell I get very Airy Harry this is the weirdest way to decide something airy and fluffy ok lumpy ok this is amusing this player is gonna scream it’s starting to taste like styrofoam a little bit now all right that was a lot of hungry yeah we haven’t eaten lunch yet as you can tell oh look another what though I have to eat it now put it by the boot I really like this guy on the package though you’ve got a really cool style of mustache going on and let the inside of his mouth is all red for the eight so many of these next item or 40 what is this it looks like a boomerang it looks like a helicopter helicopter boomerang you gotta be two hundred thirty-two years old and yeah see that’s not that’s nothing but all the other product you’re reading that other than one of the balloons where’s the balloon product is it does this mean that this is their number one item the balloon product is their number one item this is there 232 number item all right that is definitely storing bedok strange like that’s our top selling point this could be their top selling toy you don’t I mean other than just displaying it all of me right like some king toy right everyone in japan knows about it but we’re just like innocent i know i can’t believe he does that oh my gosh I’d be too embarrassed to buy that yeah back to our helicopter boomerang he does that we’re didn’t think he’ll a copter helicopter helicopter helicopter but i like to say he’ll say bagged a minute store alright god hey nice water everyone from minnesota nose bag is the right way to say bag making her that is the curved side is basically to your left I’m it’s aa aa I’m gonna curve moving on but that’s only if you’re right-handed ah it will not fly if the words are facing to the right side words these are words okay that’s the work out here on the infra helicopter sighs when you sold the helicopter up right between 12 and one o’clock toss it or word in a smooth and strong motion release with a snap of the wrist practice with different strengths as really important to get your desired pattern and then you read all of that and then you read all of that you dude parental oh you know what your parents watching da da me immediately discontinue use if it becomes deformed but again not for children under 3 so if you’re under the three just don’t go to the dollar store you’re not going to have a lot of fun I think you know if you’re under three you don’t have much control over where they’re going if you’re under three don’t jump in the car and drive yourself to the dollar store okay age limit seven years old and above but then it says not to use if your industry better their little confused there on that one all right let’s give this a try get in there again yeah oh it can be so fun look well we got the boomerang helicopter now I’m left handed so I’m going to hold it this way with the words on the inside twelve o’clock ish wow that was a failure oh that one upside down to the words go upside down better on the process how’s the bad stuff down that no good this side next product go ahead and read that Mathias please I can’t without being braces it says pickled plum right there come on man that’s some American Speech pickled plum click up close what you say click a problem like on the wall either soft and cold we are they plumb they are oh they are actually plum yeah what they go boys do you think they were I thought there was like a candy well there’s straight up this is a real deal man right from the forest chocolate let’s eat this all eat it on your behalf oh oh what happened oh hey whoa that’s a strong smell here we go oh oh small York remedies No wow it’s punchy oh my god my like eyes are watering out this is all were you crunching ahead I don’t think I’d to read the stone come before you try to eat a bit that is strong know why these days imagine a pickle imagine what my brother’s throw bad now Oh imagine a pickle take that that strong flavor and multiply by 100 jam like 100 pickle into this tiny little failure not great are you straight up not know there’s a bit no I knew there was I didn’t actually bite into it you see a bit around it that is how crunchy the shell is as part of a nutshell of skin AKA shell is we do get out for work I’m AKA shell the ardor on this plug it is harbor let’s get like a green ninja turtle armor on this thing it’s good till 2017 driver good it is do that Oh what your is a cottage by point even though okay go screw with your head one one bite into this and I think it’s like this or 90 second time oh yeah i think i’ll try my best to not breathe on you Oh again way over there looking at me infected okay how’d you talk should I go miss my mouth out Disney behind you don’t keep trying to deny to be winter still one there it’s sealed in its armor though so it’s okay no wonder people in Japan are so skinny uh-huh just like I normally don’t get gag you like that but Maggie I will direct my breath in this direction away from you guys next I don’t we’s said rocket for outdoors guys you can’t sorry we need to go outdoors their house is to play brother what you should have saved those plump for laughs insert the rocket into the main unit that’s what she said house waiting for you to care pull the pump and press out with force stop looking at me dude give me another high too high too high cube it does stink in here dude I don’t think it’s my breath though no it’s your dress I don’t know if it’s is Brett might hold on hold on if you downstairs guys have no idea how gross that smells right now whatever made stir fry downstairs and I was it it’s comin guys they just blame my bad breath which I have good breath I’m the food that’s being cooked downstairs piss poor thing sugar done photo okay good alright let’s sit this out all right I’m stoked for this so I believe you just lengthen the shaft like so push down when you push with force into the main unit all right here we go let’s back up where are you ready sorry micaiah size are you so worth a dollar or not worth the dollar I’d say I said turn it I said I love it it’s kind of a fan as well o ye go gentle strokes ska build up the pressure and really hahaha let’s go with item number next time here we have some microfiber slippers but not only do they double as slippers but as cleaning the floor mop I think this is the microfiber part i honestly think this is super uncomfortable so yeah I’d rather wear this part nice and soft thumbs up for all those all that money three dollars dude hello how many yet is that wonder 411 yeah good man orange juice ok Google how many dollars is 450 m and M thank you a good math skills. You were wrong! Let’s try these babies on okay guys we are going to put on the flippers and see how well it cleans the floor is actually you already have on looks like you’re wearing fishnet stockings don’t have nobody all right I don’t want to clean the graph you know so get to work dude weightlessly the bet you think about it do you do this but it’s not amazing I give this product a thumbs up I like to endorse these to put my name right now we have 10 more crazy weird Japanese items from the dollar store over on the thigh of those Chad go ahead and click right here make sure to subscribe to Matthias he does awesome videos just like this all the time they’re really fun I hang out with you guys in the comments section below for the first 30 minutes so make sure to have that belt notification symbol turned on baba’s i think i’m going to be down there commenting with you hanging out I’ll see you real soon really


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