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Welcome, Viewers. Today we will be discussing a health problem which ails all age groups, from the young generation to old ones Everyone suffers from this problem in varying degrees. Which is Stomach Problem Stomach problems signal that your digestion the process of digesting food is not optimal. This is one ailment that affects a newborn to a 90 year old person. Using a slide show as our medium, we shall explain how a person contracts illnesses despite being fit and healthy. Our stomach is akin to an engine where the mouth throat, food pipe, the stomach, then the small intestine and large intestine, rectum and anus all combined are the part of an organ system responsible for the digestive process. Even if one organ is affected, it can become a harbinger of many diseases. Ayurveda says that ‘’ Sarvesham ev roganam, nidanam kupitah malah ’’ Every toxin/waste in your system is responsible for diseases in your body. We will discuss this issue via a slide show and attempt to educate you regarding this topic so that you may understand daily stomach problems and cure them in a proper manner. The slide show will show you the processes taking place inside the human body and the crux of all digestive problems. This is our slide show ‘Gastritis vs Constipation’ Gastritis is a English word. Everyone knows that gas, acidity, acid reflux, bloating, growling noises from the Stomach v/s Constipation We do believe that enabling to pass stool means constipation but that is not correct. If we go for motions for 4 to 5 times then also we don’t know the real meaning of constipation There are 3-4 questions regards to this. Why it happens? How it happens? What are its effects? These mean why and how Constipation or Gastritis happen, also what are bad effects of them on our body. Next Slide Now, the reason i am going to tell why, how these happen and what are the effects of them. In relation to that, From start i am going to say ‘’ Shuddho deha…manah ch yasya s jeevtee varsh shatam.’’ Ayurvedic scriptures say that if you are cleansed from within then you may lead a disease free life. We are leading this ‘cleanse movement’ since many years. ‘Bowel Cleanse’, You can see three bottles behind me. Labeled as 1, 2 and 3. In bottom its written “Diwali Manao” with “Bowel Cleanse” You have the numbers there also you can call us and know anything about bowel cleanse or our treatment. Bowel Cleanse Bowel is from mouth to rectum and cleanse means its cleansing. The length of Digestive system can be around 27 ft in a 5 ft person. In a 6 ft person it could be around 30 ft, it is around 5 times more than of person’s height. The size of the digestive system depends on a persons height. Digestive system is five times the size of a human being’s height. It is necessity of us to cleanse our digestive system for better health of our body. Next Slide Understand the anatomy first, Anatomy means the composition of body I am showing you with the help of my mouse This is your mouth and in under this its cavity The mouth cavity which leads to the food pipe and then the stomach. In between start voice of Agus which we call as food pipe. In below that there stomach lies. We generally call in between part of chest and thigh’s as stomach. No, The stomach has the capacity to hold one to one and a half litres of food content. You can see it. One more thing we should understand, later i will tell you why. The food pipe coiling below the stomach. In top stomach is little bit different Here you can clearly see in colored picture, this is your stomach and food pipe connects with stomach in below. A little bit ahead of this your stomach gets connected with a thinner tube. You should watch both pictures and mouse. The food pipe coiling below the stomach is called deudynm from where the small intestine begins. And here below that you can see your small intestine coming from behind in your stomach. You can see here also a brown colored and that is called as small intestine. Now After that you can see this large intestine. Small intestine ends and where it connects with large intestine, there is a little part called as appendix. This one here in colored picture, This is appendix which lies between small and large intestines. And appendix functions are very important People say “take out appendix there are no problems after that” Surgeons do surgery as well. Person without appendix will always suffer from stomach problems. These are my information’s, the things i tell in middle one should carefully listen and understand. Further, here in color picture you can see this green colored part which is our large intestine. Large intestine covers small intestine from 3 sides. Coming from bottom from left side in bottom the part we see in blue color is our rectum. Rectum And in last bottom a hole from where we pass our stools, that is called as anal. Now you can see in this B/W picture this widest is your largest intestine There besides parts are called as ascending colon, transfers colon , descending colon and then in bottom there lies rectum and anal. So, in this 26 ft , 28 ft or 30 ft digestive system which varies depending on the height of person. We need to understand that and there after understanding it we will easily understand various things Next Slide Now here we will discuss about colon or say large intestine. Here you can see, this in picture of body this is your large intestine and here in small intestine lies appendix which starts and large intestine is a little wider. Small intestine is thinner and large intestine is wider in length. You can see this, if we look from inside this looks so much clean. This is your sigmoid colon. This is decending colon. This is acending colon. and this is transverse colon. Will tell you all about every body parts in easy language. Now if there are wound like this, it is then ulcerative colitis. The people who have swelling and thereafter wounds in colon that is called as ulcerative colitis. Because of which in their motions they get bloods as well as loose motions. Have bad smells at the time of motion passage, bacteria also spreads. So, there after by so many things your colon gets wounded from inside. Which is called as wounds in intestines. That large intestine is wounded. After we go for endoscopy, so we are told that we have wound in our intestine. Next Slide Now i will tell you very important thing about your digestive system. The people who are suffering from gas and acidity. and feel satiation, also don’t have regular motions. They feel irregularities in their stomach. Don’t get proper sleep at night and feel restlessness. Many types of Nuisance we feel in our body This is acidic This is pH Spectrum There is pH value of our body ( Potential of Hydrogen ) Which we are showing you through colors. Alkaline or acidity If our body is of acidic pH, Then we could suffer from various dis-eases. In acidic pH your spectrum The color picture you see, firstly its light brown. Then yellow. Then reddish yellow. and then red, which suggests danger below 7 7 is normal. and the below it gets to 7 then your body could get ulcer, cancer or tumor. The more acidic value increases there are more chances of getting more dangerous diseases. In between 7 and 8 is optimum, which is said to be normal pH value. If your pH value is anywhere in between 7 and 8, then we should be having less amount of health problems. Next Slide Now, Generally everyone from elderly to new born babies everyone faces any of these problems. Burning in the stomach ferocious burning Like there is fire in our stomach. Here in upwards, inside the stomach This is outside stomach. As it is from outside, the burning we feel is around naval. But when we feel burning in stomach, then it is around on the left side of our stomach and throat

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