맛있게 먹으며 살빼는 음식 2019 막판 벼락치기 다이어트 | WHAT I EAT TO LOSE WEIGHT | healthy & realistic

맛있게 먹으며 살빼는 음식 2019 막판 벼락치기 다이어트 | WHAT I EAT TO LOSE WEIGHT | healthy & realistic

Hi everyone.It’s me Suya. Today, I’m going to show you what I eat to lose weight To be honest, I have never been a skinny type It is my genes and also if you have been following me on my instagram you all know I like finding new items and trying them out. There is no way I can be skinny LOL I know pretty well I should be thankful for being able to at least maintain my current body and there are sometimes I realize I should work on my fitness and these are the foods I eat during that time Since I like eating, even when I’m on a diet, I can’t think about starving myself or one-food diet So the items I am going to show you today are all good on its own even when you are not on diet Since you are not feeling like you are sacrificing or restricting something, you can sustain this healthy diet for a longer period of time They are delicious and even better, they help you lose weight. So good to be true! Since I have been sharing so many sweet stuff in the past and probably contributed to some extra fat in your belly I got you covered with these healthy yet delicious meal ideas If you have any questions or if you have any other healthy food suggestions for me, please leave them down in the comment section. Ok then, let’s start! When craving spicy food A healthier version of Korean spicy noodles (bibimmyeon) It is made out of Konjak noodles so it is very low in calories (the noodle itself is 0 cal) I have tried so many different Konjak noodles in the past so did not expect too much but this was actually really good I think the secret is this It is not just Konjak noodles but they also added chickpeas That’s probably why the color is not too transparent either I love hot and spicy food (which is not your normal food for losing weight) so this has been a lifesaver for me They come with 2 servings and come with a noodle and sweet and spicy sauce inside There is no need to cook you just have to wash and eat so it is good for busy people One serving is only 170 calories Amaaaaazing! Just this alone is probably not too filling and not good in terms of nutrition so like adding some figs and spring mix Other Konjak noodles I tried in the past such as Japanese shirataki noodles and Miracle noodles They had very strong and distinct smell so I had to rinse it really hard and I had to stir fry them in the pan to get rid of that smell (which by the way still lingers…) This one however, did not need those extra steps They just tasted like any regular noodles made out of flour They have Radish Kimchi, non-spicy version as well They are even lower in calories and it is good to go back and forth when you are tired of the spicy version But for me, I prefer the spicy version a little more Since figs are no longer widely available due to short season Just grab whatever is in your fridge. Here I used apple, kiwi, tomato, and peppers and they were really good! Can vegetable be yummy? Next is roasted vegetables from Trader Joe’s I don’t like eating vegetables This is all pre-made for you I eat about half of this package each time that’s only 80 calories. Nothing special though, so even if you don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby you can easily make this at home using your oven It’s already seasoned and cooked so you just have to microwave Since I eat less carbs and try not to eat rice during my diet I like adding my fave runny sunny side up fried eggs This egg pan is a must-buy. So easy to make runny fried eggs add Sriracha sauce if it is too plain Chicken breast is too dry ! Chicken breasts are popular go-to for anyone on a diet but I don’t like eating them because they are too dry and bland When I visited Korea last year, I first got introduced to this dish in Jeju Island It’s this chicken shabu shabu. It was so good I instantly fell in love! If you want to try this at home Freezing them first will make it a little easier to thinly slice the chicken breast Shabu shabu is a good dish to eat tons of vegetables As long as you don’t eat too much rice with it, you can add some nice dipping sauce It is a perfect healthy meal I like to having these days Natto – not stinky version I have been aware of Natto’s great benefits However, I didn’t like it in the past because of its unique stinky smell and the visual aspect of it if you know what I mean… I found this one recently at Hmart though It is made by one of my trusted Korean company called Pulmuone The packaging said “not smelly” which drew me to it and it was true! It didn’t smell funky and it tasted so good and savory It comes with soy sauce and mustard inside so just take them out of freezer and have them as a snack They are rich in protein and good for female reduce cholesterol and many other benefits… Green smoothie for busy people Next is a green smoothie packet from Costco. (Other stores such as Walmart and online health markets carry as well if you are interested) It is made with bunch of super greens and organic fruit ingredients So it is good way to incoprporate fruits and vegetables in your diet Great antioxidant so it helps with your skin and prevents aging. What a great item! All ingredients are organically grown It is difficult and expensive to buy all these separate organic ingredients one by one on your own This is so simple and handy You can see there are tons of different ingredients Starting with wheat grass, spirulina, chlorella, broccoli, acai, rosehip, flaxseed, Maca, etc I wouldn’t say they are super delicious like desserts They just taste like a green smoothie from a juice shop. (Also include probiotics which will help you go to bathroom) They include raspberry and acai so So I just drink them easily like just a water Bye bye diet coke You’ve probably heard about cutting out soda if you want to lose weight It is easy in concept For people like me who are addicted to diet coke, it is not easy to just let go completely And when you are eating certain food like meat for example, you really crave that nice refreshing soda! That’s when I started drinking this instead. It is a sparkling water mixed with fruit vinegar It is sweet and sour and this vinegar is really good for your body as well It helps with digestion and constipation They come in many different flavors but my favorites are green apple/ grape/ grapefruit flavors I also heard this is great as Cocktail-soju I think I will give it a try this holiday What was your new year resolution this year? Did you have “losing weight” on your list as well? I know we only have about 2 weeks left but let’s not give up Go, you !


  1. 곤약면 한번도 먹어본적 없는데 정말 다이어트에 괜찮겠어요. 요즘 운동도 게을리해서 걱정이었는데 여기에도 있으면 사봐야겠네요. 탄산수는 저도 즐겨 마셔요. 오늘도 피자랑 마셨어요 😉

  2. 슬림누들 매번 볼때마다 고민하다가 안샀는데…담에 한인마트가면 사야겠어요 😃혹시 무화과 어디서 사셨는지 알수있을까요? 저도 사고싶은데..근처마트 여러군데 가도 못봐서요…🤔

  3. 요즘 곤약면 곤약밥 많이 나오던데 맛이 궁금하네요^^ 닭가슴살 샤부샤부도 아이디어 정말 좋네요~~꼭 다이어트 아니여도 다 먹어보고싶은 음식들이에요~~

  4. 곤약면 저도 냄새 때문에 괴로운데 이거 한번 찾아봐야겠네요오:) 시라타키 욕아님ㅋㅋ 웃겨요 ㅋㅋ 좋은 정보 감사해요:)

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  7. 저희동네 한인마트엔 없네요 ㅠㅠ 아쉽.. ㅜㅜ 곤약면 저도 냄새를 느끼는 편이라 손이 안가거든요 ㅜㅜ 나중에라도 들어오면 먹어봐야겠어요 ㅋㅋ

  8. 말만하고 먹느라 포기하는 다이어트인데..저도 이번주 장볼때 슬림누들 사봐야겠어요ㅋㅋㅋ😍😍😍

  9. 수야님 드시는거 전부 다 제 스타일이에요
    특히 곤약면은 한번도 안먹어봤는데
    한국마트가면 잘 봐야겠어요~
    건강하게 잘 드시는거 너무 좋아보여요!
    고급식단정보 잘 알고갑니다🙂

  10. 저녁 약속 많은 연말에 꼭 필요한 영상이네요!! 구독 꾹 누르고 좋은 정보 많이 얻어가요! 👍👍

  11. 칼로리를 적게 먹어야 좋은거 같긴 하네요 ㅎ.. 근데 생나또는…전 잘 못먹겠더라고요 ㅎㅎㅎ

  12. 슬림누들 1인분이 170칼로리라니♥️ 비빔면에 무화과 신선한데용~? / 반숙 후라이팬! 꿀템 같아 보여요♥️ / 닭샤브샤브도 처음봐요. 오오 소고기로만 먹어봤는데 정말로 굿아이디어!!
    영상 제작은 오래 걸리실텐데… 보는 저는 왜 이렇게 금방 끝나죠?😅
    가까운 지역이란 이유로 정이 팍팍 가는 수야님ㅎㅎ,♥️ 꿀피부 비결 알았어요.ㅎㅎ공유해주셔서 감사해요~ 잘 봤어요😘♥️

  13. 트레이더조에서 나온 구운채소들 간편하니 괜찮아보이네요~
    닭샤브도 진짜 맛날것같아요ㅠㅠ 저는 이거 먹다보면 맛있어서 다이어트는 다시 없던일로 될것같아요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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