انمي Fukigen na Mononokean Tsuzuki الموسم الثاني الحلقة 10

انمي Fukigen na Mononokean Tsuzuki الموسم الثاني الحلقة 10

Looks like you’ve done a lot of research, but you seem to be struggling. Have you, perhaps, found a lead? Anyway, my underlings reported to me that they heard shrill noises coming
from the document storeroom. It seems this mundane world
plank is responsible. Welcome
to the
Festival Mystery 10 “The Messenger” Snooze
Stop Break time’s over. Abeno-san said he’d come to school by noon. Ashiyan! It’s time. Break Room!! Coming. Abeno-san! Abenon’s here. Trick or treat! Huh? You’re finally here. We’ve been waiting for you, Abeno. Who is he?! It’s Saga Modobashi Festival He was late for the school festival. Is he working in secret
without telling me again? Don’t worry. We got a costume for you, too. Time to get changed. You’re not getting away, Abeno. Abenon, Abenon. I’ll ask him later. Used Bookstore Magic Club Spot the Trick Darts
¥100 Per Play Class 1-2 is running a Halloween café! Come check it out! Trick or treat… Abeno-san, we’re supposed to be advertising. You need to speak up. Shut up, witch. I’ll harvest your soul. Sorry, Mr. Reaper. This morose-to-the-max grim reaper
shouldn’t be interacting with customers. Where are his yokai customer service skills? Welcome! Our menu includes pumpkin smoothies,
pumpkin fondue, and fried pumpkin! I recommend the pumpkin coriander pie! Could we not have picked more standard items? Would you like some pumpkin?
It prevents colds and keeps you warm! A café promoted for its health benefits by
a witch and grim reaper is beyond suspect. Stop complaining about my advertising
when you’re supposed to be helping! You wanna fight?! That witch and reaper are battling! Is it a kendo club performance? Stop fighting. I’m confiscating your weapons. Class 1-2’s doing a Halloween café, huh? You should stop by. Okay. Are you walking around by yourself, Zenko? No, there’s two of us. Yesterday, I accidentally
mentioned the festival… No! No, no, no! I wanna play! He’s throwing such a violent tantrum. I wanna go to the haunted house! It’s so cute. I wanna eat ice cream! Take me with you, Zenko! No. You’ll get in trouble with Abeno if
you go to school without permission. Haruitsuki’s scary when he’s angry. Did he give up? I’ll help you clean, Zenko. In that case, can you sweep the walkway? Sure. Not a single speck of dust
escapes his tail broom. Tail Broom Since I’m being a good boy, I can go
to the cultural festival, right? You still can’t. What?! No, no! I’m gonna make a cotton candy
bigger than myself and roll it! I wanna swim in a pool of ice cream! I wanna chase the ghosts out of the
haunted house and scare the humans! That’s exactly why you can’t go. That prankster Yahiko came to
this school-turned-playground? So you brought him. Should I not have? So where is Yahiko? Well… we were just separated in the crowd. He’s lost? He wouldn’t get lost. If he wanted to find Zenko, he’d be able to find her
by her smell or presence. But he came to school suppressing his
presence so neither I nor Ashiya would notice. He’s a fugitive who came with every
intention of goofing off on his own. There’s no way nothing will happen! We need to catch Yahiko! There’s a place Yahiko wanted to go. Where? Bloodcurdling Hospital Ward
Bloody Ghosts Tonight Here. A haunted house, huh? Next… three patients… please… come inside. Stop! I was super moved at the end. Yeah. A happy ending at a haunted
house is such a buzzkill. Did you guys even look for Yahiko? Did you see Yahiko? He hadn’t transformed himself into anything. Where else would Yahiko go? Soft Serve Ice Cream Welcome. One ice cream, please. Here you go. What?! The tip disappeared? Why? Hooray! Cultural festivals are fun! There are so many tasty sweets! That crêpe is flying! There are so many places to play, too! It’s not fair for humans to have all the fun! Where should I go next? You’re… I sense Fuzzy sending me a signal. Did he find Yahiko? We were right to call the hairball. Yahiko is wherever Fuzzy is! Let’s go, Ashiya. Don’t let him escape. Yes, sir! Let go! I can’t play like this! Ashiya? H-Haruitsuki… Naughty. I’m sorry. Haruitsuki, let’s play! What? You don’t seem very remorseful. Thanks to Yahiko running around wild… Some darts suddenly flew at the
board and earned a high score! I jammed with a ghost drummer! The brush started moving on its own and drew a bright red
shape on a blank canvas! Go back to the temple before
you cause any more commotion. What?! I don’t wanna! Go home. No! No, no, no, no, no! Yahiko’s even more willful than normal today. No, no, no, no, no! No, no, no, no, no! I wasn’t going to bring him, but… Fine. I won’t go to the cultural festival. I hate cultural festivals. Yahiko? Humans are mean. It’s not fair that humans
get to have all the fun. We live in the mundane world, too. Why do we have to hide quietly? Yahiko… I don’t care anymore. I’ll hang out in Okina’s forest tomorrow. What do you want for your snack tomorrow? Kinako mochi and hot cocoa! I don’t have kinako mochi or hot cocoa. Aw… Then what should I have instead? But tomorrow, there’ll be crêpes,
ice cream, and cotton candy. Let’s go to the cultural festival together. I didn’t really think about it. It’s not fair, huh? Yahiko, let’s go home. You shouldn’t cause trouble
for Abeno and Ashiya. Abeno-san? Fine. I’ll play with you. But not here. Let’s go someplace where
there are no people. Okay! Let’s go to Okina’s place! I’ll go get changed. You head there. Okay! Let’s race to see who’s faster,
me or the Mononokean! See you later! Abeno, are you finished
working at the festival? My job involves yokai, so yokai come first. This human bullhorn should be able to
handle promoting the café by himself. Leave it to me! Can I take a picture of you
guys as a witch and reaper? Sure! No. I win. Shucks. I ran as fast as I could. Want to play? I’m tired. I’m taking a break. Yahiko. Do you know a human named “Ashiya Sakae”? Ashiya? I know him. It’s Ashiya, right? Not the five-year-old. Ashiya Sakae. Huh? I don’t get it. Ashiya, not Ashiya? Ashiya, not Ashiya? I phrased my question poorly. He was a human who could see yokai,
who most likely unofficially and secretly worked for the Mononokean. A man with blond hair and golden
eyes who worked with Aoi. But he may have dyed his hair
and worn color contacts. We can’t rely on his appearance. Sixteen years ago… By your sense of time,
it should be about sixty years. He died for some reason, the year Ashiya was born. Which means the father Ashiya
met when he was three… Maybe you mean him. Him? If you play with me until I’m satisfied, I’ll transform into him. Trick or treat! Class 1-2 is running a Halloween café! Come check it out. Trick or treat. Isn’t that costume too big for you? No. I feel bad that Yahiko
ruined the festival for you. I should at least fill in for Abeno. He was even enjoying dressing up for once. He’d want me to tell you he wasn’t
having fun being a grim reaper. But… Despite what he thinks, it suited him. Yeah. A reaper… Back then… Back then, since he showed
up in the white snow, he looked like Santa Claus to me. But now that I think about it, he looked less like Santa
Claus and more like a grim reaper. Trick or treat. Trick or treat! Haruitsuki, let’s play hide-and-seek again! Isn’t three hours enough? What? It’ll be dark soon. Zenko will be worried. Fine. I’m going home. Didn’t you promise you’d do something first? Promise? Oh, right. I’m supposed to transform into him. Ta-da! He looked something like this. Welcome back. So you weren’t at school. I was playing with Yahiko in the forest. That human… That’s Ashiya Sakae, Ashiya’s father. A school uniform? When I went to play with
Aoi, this guy was there. I think he said his name, but I forgot it. Do you know if he died? No idea. I don’t bother to keep
track of whether humans who don’t play with me are still alive. Hey, I remember now! When I asked him who he was, he said he was an employee
of the Mononokean. Ashiya Sakae was an employee? I searched all the records,
but I didn’t find any account of him. So they hid it from the Legislator
and the Mononokean itself? Komon-sama came while you were gone. Komon-dono? Komon-sama came while you were gone. Komon-dono was here? Yes. He’s finally able to hire us. Got it. Several Days Later Fuzzy! Mononokean, you put the
exit in the wrong spot. Oh, really? Should I have
put it farther to the right? You can do it, Fuzzy! Almost there! Almost there! That’s it! You’re almost there! Huh? Was that… Fuzzy! Abeno-san! A bird took Fuzzy! Fuzzy is… Fuzzy is… That was no ordinary bird. Huh? That was probably… Once again, I’m opening a door
to Komon-dono’s residence. Komon-san? Today’s client. We’re in the right place this time, right? Yeah. It’s a cliff. You’ll die if you fall. Now you tell me! These cries… Pardon the intrusion. Abeno-san! You shouldn’t make such
bold moves at the top of a cliff! Hairball, you okay? Looks like some of your hair’s
been plucked to build a nest. But you’re okay. Hey! How could you?! Fuzzy’s beautiful hair! Hey! Don’t push me! I’ll fall! What happened, fellas? What? There are humans at my doorstep. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Remember what I told you. Humans can’t see or hear us. Watch this. I’ll drive them away by
throwing the chestnuts I picked at them. Komon-dono! Huh? It’s good to see you again! I’m Abeno of the Mononokean! What? The Mononokean? That yokai is our client? Abeno of the Mononokean? Right! I recognize that blond hair. You’re the human employee
of the Mononokean, Itsuki. Yes. Abeno-san, an employee? I handled the request you made that one time. This job is from when
Abeno-san was an employee. Which means… when Aoi-san was the master. Itsuki, I appreciate you remembering
the request I made that day. Now that’s a problem.
They can’t be exorcised, huh? We can’t exorcise them because they’re too weak to acclimate
to the environment in the Underworld. Then it can’t be helped. Now that I’ve taken them in,
I can’t abandon them. I’ll take care of them until they’re
strong enough to be exorcised. What should we do, Aoi? That’s fine, but be careful you
don’t take too good care of them. Please contact us again once
they’re ready to be exorcised. Let’s return to the Mononokean, Itsuki. Okay. Next Time: “The Return” This time we’ve been hired
to exorcise quintuplets, but for some reason, one of them can’t fly. Next time, “The Return.” It seems like there’s some reason for it.

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