Блинчики с Творогом и Изюмом (налистники) pancakes with cottage cheese (Eng, Spa, Fra Subtitle)

Блинчики с Творогом и Изюмом (налистники) pancakes with cottage cheese (Eng, Spa, Fra Subtitle)

Hello, dear friends! Today
prepare pancakes with cottage cheese and raisins this is one of the most favorite dishes for adults and children, which is prepared for Breakfast first, we will bake thin, tender pancakes with milk, and then wrap the filling in them you can now see the composition of the components on the screen, see it also under the video in the description, and we will start preparing the dough will be kneaded on one egg, add a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of sugar and mix with a whisk continuing to mix, pour warm milk, I warmed it to about 35-40 degrees while we pour out only a glass pour in gradually sift the flour I will add it in two parts mix the flour until the lumps disappear and pour in a second glass of milk this milk is also warmed up pour out parts and
stir the dough we got is liquid, do not let it frighten you, pancakes will be well fried well they will turn over now pour in the oil and mix until the oil circles disappear our dough is ready and now we go to the stove to fry pancakes, the dough does not need to be infused heat the pan well and grease it with oil you don’t need a lot of oil, just go through the bottom and walls with a silicone brush like this mix the dough and mix it every time before a new filling type a ladle of dough and pour it into the pan with a thin layer pancakes are thin, so they do not need to be kept on the stove for a very long time it will be fried for a maximum of 40 seconds, then we turn it over and fry it on the other side for 25-30 seconds readiness is determined because the tips of the pancake will begin to depart from the wall and also on the surface you will not see the batter-this means the pancake is ready and it can be turned over pancakes are thin with a lot of holes this is how the finished pancake should look on the other side we pick it up with a spatula and spread it on a plate if you want to have a lot of holes on your pancakes, you can grease the pan with oil every time if this is not necessary, then the oil should be lubricated only the first time I got 8 very thin pancakes, now we give them the opportunity to cool down a little, and in the meantime, let’s do the filling my cottage cheese is grainy, so I’ll punch it and make it pasty I add sugar, vanilla and sour cream to it and now I punch the mixture with a blender add raisins to the cottage cheese I washed the raisins, then let them dry and dried them with paper towels the filling is ready and now we will wrap it in pancakes spread a spoonful of cottage cheese on the edge distribute it then tuck two edges and collapse this way we wrap all the pancakes pancakes are ready and now go to the stove, we will fry in a frying pan in butter warm the pan and send the butter here you can cream, you can melted lay out the pancakes, after one side is browned, turn over to the second side and fry on it pancakes can be served with sour cream, it will be very tasty and who likes, eat with jam, condensed milk or honey, in any serving they will be good be sure to cook and eat with
pleasure friends, how do you make pancakes with cottage cheese? share your recipes in the comments and if you like our recipe, we will be happy to like it and of course subscribe, if you are not with us yet Margarita was with you today, until we meet again, so long!


  1. Как аппетитненько, да и в деле думаю ничуть не хуже. Завтра же испробуем Ваш рецепт на вкус.

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